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Career Scope in Digital Marketing | Future is Here

Are you also confused about your future like what you want to do, or how can you change your career? So, you are at the right place. Here I am to solve your queries about your future career planning. What are you thinking about career scope in digital marketing?

Digital marketing explains a wonderful role in business, nowadays. Digital marketing is not like network marketing which will give you stress or tension and mind to complete tasks. Because of stress, you are always intentional so it’s time to get rid of stress.

I know it’s not easy for all of us to make the right decision without getting suggestions from our friends or family. You always need a mentor who will guide you further in your career. As your mentor, I am here to guide you and make your all doubts clear related to digital marketing.

10-20 years before people use big banners and hoarding to advertise their product or their service. Normally, we can see those hoardings and banners at the roadside. But the only thing is a matter that the visibility of these ads for your product.

What does Digital Marketing Actually Mean?

Before jumping to the scope of a digital marketing career, let’s clear the concept of digital marketing.

In simple words, we can say that digital marketing is one of the strategies of advertisement. Recall the traditional methods of advertisement, tv, radio, or poster banners.

With the growing popularity of the internet, the way of advertising also changed. With tons of searches, every single second the internet became the best place for advertisers.

And so what digital marketing deals with? With the use of the internet and search engines, we try to promote the products or services to the relevant target audience.

Well, digital marketing got a boom in India around 2008 when a mass number of people started using the internet.

With the mass of people, the search engine started getting a ton of searches. However digital marketing existed there since 1996, but it got its boom only around 2008. 

There are some particular skills that we are needed to do so. We will also see later the relevant skills that are needed for digital marketing.

We will also see what makes it one of the best career scopes in digital marketing.

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Digital marketing job scope – Career Scope in Digital Marketing

There are several numbers of fields that you might come across as a marketing professional.

  • Audio/Video production
  • Mobile Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Content marketing services
  • Web development
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Analytics

Don’t get confused by seeing that many options as a fresher you need not know all. As a fresher, you need to know two or three from this list.

I will suggest you focus on content writing and SEO as a beginner.

I suggested those because they are the backbone of the digital marketing strategy. Start with focusing on interactive content. Then move to focus on the SEO part. 

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Why is Digital Marketing So Much in Trend?

If you check online you might get this profession on the trending list. But why it has become so trendy?

The simple reason is the ease of work. This means some people are earning huge by sitting in their homes.

Also, it does not require many technical skills. People from every field are coming to this digital marketing.

Even some of the small kids are earning huge by just sitting at their homes. Also, it gives you the option to make your hobby your profession.

If writing is your passion then you passed the first hurdle of this scope. Although digital marketing is more than just writing.

Also, there is a great opportunity to earn just sitting from home.

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Skills Required for Digital Marketing – Career Scope in Digital Marketing

Although there are a lot of skills that might be required for landing a job. We are describing here some of the most required skills that are in demand.

1. Knowledge about the Search Engine

As the game starts from the search engine only it is good to have some knowledge about them.

Although there are several search engine options, we are just required to focus the google and bing. As the two are the most used search engine.

Among these two engines, Google is the most used search engine. Google alone serves 86.6 percent of the users. And rest is being used by Bing.

So it’s pretty obvious that we will focus on google but we can’t leave the rest percentage of bing searches.

3. SEO and SEM

Having these skills can be profitable for any business. And our goal is to make a particular business profitable. Also, these skills may land you a decent earning job.

Along with content writing skills, the SEO and SEM work is lucid. So if you are a fresher it is suggested to have skills in SEO and SEM.

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Survival of Fate During the Pandemic – Career Scope in Digital Marketing

We all know what happened to businesses during the pandemic. Many of the startups and also the big tech giants got submerged during this corona pandemic.

Digital marketing is the only business that survived during this unfortunate corona pandemic. It shows an overall 18 percent growth during this pandemic.

The overall sales of online businesses increase by 27 percent.

This shows how digital marketing survived this pandemic even when the big tech giants failed to do so.

Due to this covid phase, what happened is that many local markets also came to the online platform. Even the health and fitness industry is coming on the online platform.

And this brought a huge need for digital marketing professionals. So now you can imagine what are the chances of growing as a digital marketer. There Is a bright

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Current Career Scope in Digital Marketing

As of now, there is a huge career scope in digital marketing. As there is a lack of digital marketing professionals. There are a lot of job options in this field but many people are not aware of that.

Even there are people with lack proper skills. Also, there is a great demand for digital marketing professionals.

So if you have the proper skills you will do great in this field. Also, you can earn infinite by just working as a freelancer. No need of working for a 10 to 5 job.

Future Career Scope in Digital Marketing

As the demand for the internet grows day by day. Even the local markets are too coming online so definitely, so there will be a huge demand for digital marketing professionals.

The more advance and new algorithms of google search engines may arrive.

So if you are looking for a career scope in digital marketing, you are on the right path. All you need is to keep updated with the latest tools and technologies. 

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Paying in Digital Marketing

Although the payings depends on the quality of work one does. We are sharing here some of the approximated earnings of some roles per annum. 

Marketing Manager4,00000 – 10,00000
SEO manager3,00000 – 7,00000
SEM/PPC expert3,00000 – 5,00000
Web designer3,00000 – 6,00000
Social Media Manager3,50,000 – 7,00000
Content Writer2,50,000 – 5,00000

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Final Note

Apart from these skills one also needs to be creative in these fields. Sometimes your curiosity does a lot for you. The way you write, and the ways you present your views matters a lot.

If you are a person who has great writing skills you might love this field. But keep in mind that content writing is not the only thing it’s just one of those things. 

Train yourself as much as you. As there’s always an update in the technologies, you need to keep yourself updated.

This field allows you to earn right from your home. One needs to be familiar with the tools that have been used in this process.

Learn to play with google algorithms. Having a little knowledge of AI can work for you, but it’s not that mandatory. 

So this was our blog on career scope in digital marketing. We covered almost every aspect related to the career scope in digital marketing in India.

Digital marketing not only gives you a way to earn it also gives wings to your creativity.

Feel free to comment below. Hope this piece of knowledge might help you in landing your new job. Hope you enjoyed this blog for more such articles keep visiting us. 

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