How Much Does a Windshield Repair Cost?

How Much Does A Windshield Repair Cost
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In this article, I am going to discuss how much does a windshield repair cost? The first thing we need to understand is – What the windshield is made up of.

It is not made up of regular glass else it would break easily without any impact. 

Rather, An ordinary laminated glass is used, it’s a mixture of normal glass and tempered glass which is manufactured through heating and then rapidly cooling.

This heating and cooling process makes the glass 10x tougher than the regular one, thus making it more resistant to breaking.

This glass consists of different layers which require a crack to spread all over the windshield to break it fully. This means that it keeps you safe from an unexpected collision in case the debris breaks through the first layer of the glass.

Even if glass breaks, very small tiny cubes-like pieces that have sharp edges rather than sharp blade-like with regular glass. 

Driving without a windshield can lead to a major collision and worst can cost you your life or cause any major injury to other passengers inside the vehicle. 

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Replacement Cost & How Prices Vary? – How Much Does a Windshield Repair Cost?

The people who are looking for the cost to replace windshield glass. A lot of people think that if I have a Honda Civic it should be cheaper or if I have a Ford Explorer should be cheaper.

But that’s not the thing to worry about. Why are the guys charging you cheaper and others are charging more as the replacement cost? 

Everything depends upon the installation. What they do, things they do, and how they do it. A lot of people cut corners, a lot of installers will give you a cheaper price and they will not buy a new molding and try to use the old one. 

They will try to use cheap glue, some use secret 2-20 which is the cheapest glue you could get which takes 24 hours to cure. It’s all about safety, what if you have kids in the car and a rock flies at you, it won’t stand the hit. 90% of the installers do it that way, and that’s the wrong way.

That’s why the prices can vary a bit. So what exactly goes into the price of replacing your windshield or auto glass and how does that affect the cost of the replacements? 

First, it’s important to know that unless you live in an area with high rates of auto vandalism or wildly changing weather. It’s unlikely that you’ll replace your windshield more than once every seven years.

That is the anticipated life span of properly installed good quality auto glass. But when you find yourself needing to replace your windshield. 

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The cost will be determined by the following factors – 

  • Make, Model, and age of your car. Some cars have bigger windshields and windows than others while others have special glass needs because of how the vehicle is designed.
  • Glass positioning type, the windshield is laminated so that it stays intact even when damaged. While your vehicle’s other glass is tempered to give it added strength and prevent dangerous shards from forming when broken. You might be thinking that the windshield would be the most expensive piece of glass but it’s the cheapest. Simply because it’s the most common and is manufactured in much higher quantities.
  • The type of auto glass used to replace the damaged windshield or windows. There are three types of glass that an installer can use – Dealer, OEM, and OEE. If you have the choice, OEM is the best kind of glass to select for your vehicle. It is made to the same specs as the original dealer glass but cost less than dealer glass does. 
  • On the other hand, the cheapest class is OEE. However, cheap may sound good. The problem with OEE glass is that it’s not always fully up to the same specs as the original dealer glass installed in your vehicle. Many dealers will not accept leased vehicles that have OEE glass in this instance you do get what you pay for. 
  • Add-on services depend on what shop you decide to get your vehicle’s glass replaced as they could charge you additionally for mobile services or they could have special offers that are contingent on you buying additional products and services that you don’t need.

Low Replacement Cost – How Much Does a Windshield Repair Cost?

Insurance plays an important part in most of the scenarios, it is the same here. If you have got your windshield covered, some insurance companies can wave off the deductible and will pay for the windshield. 

This can lower the cost of your windshield and helps you to get the best quality installed. The replacement can be according to your specific contract whether your windshield is covered, needs a repair, or complete replacement. 

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Is The Replacement Up to The  Mark? – How Much Does a Windshield Repair Cost?

It is best to go with Glass America, it’s a reputable company with certified and insured installers. The best type of glass is OEM, go for this if you want to achieve the best results.

Trust the businesses that meet the following professional standards:

  • Should use products that meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)
  • Trained and certified technicians should be hired
  • Carry proper insurance

If done by a reputable company, Windshield replacement, even without insurance, can be great. Commonly, small chips lead to larger cracks and may require complete replacement. 


However, the conclusion is – that it’s quite difficult to find out the how much does a Windshield Repair Cost? because every installer has a different price and installation charges. Depending upon what glues they use, what glass are they installing and other factors may vary the cost.

I have mentioned above some of the best Windshields that can be the best options for your vehicle. Ensure safety first. As I mentioned above, everything depends upon the installation. Your one wise decision can make it or break it. Choose wisely. Drive safe.

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