Does Amazon Wrap Gifts? – Important Fact To Know

Does Amazon Wrap Gifts

Who doesn’t want a gift with good-looking wrapping? It draws the customer’s attention and that’s why Amazon started wrapping gifts service to its customers.

During the festive season, we purchased a lot of gifts for our children, friends, and relatives and we don’t have much time to wrap those gifts. wrapping a gift is an additional task for us and some of us may not be good to properly pack our gifts.

Now, the one thing we can do is take advantage of Amazon’s gift-wrapping service. We can just simply do our shopping and apply this service to get a beautifully wrapped gift. It cost us a little but it is totally worth it because it saves you lots of time that you can enjoy with your friends instead of wrapping gifts.

Doing last-minute shopping without the worry of good packaging and even sending the package directly to the receiver isn’t is amazing service by Amazon. Amazon gift wraps will wrap your gifts according to your choice. So, enjoy your holidays without worrying about How to wrap gifts?

Amazon Wrap Gifts Service – Everything you need to know

Amazon Wrap Gifts Service

Things that come along with Amazon gift wrap service.

  • Wrapping, boxing, or a bag that is acceptable for the object.
  • Ribbon for decoration.
  • On the top of the packaging is a printed card with personal messages provided by you.

Amazon gift wrap only wraps gifts for the selected vendors not everyone is eligible for this. Some products cannot be packed due to abnormal size, weight, or shape. These things are often sent in the original package. If available, select the Fulfill by Amazon check box on the checkout page to hide the content. This option comes at no additional cost.

Once you have entered your mailing address, you will see the price of the gift wrap with updated details. Keep in mind that the cost of an object depends on its size and shape.

How Much Does Gift Wrapping on Amazon Cost?

Gift wrapping is available for an additional $3 to $6 at the time of ordering. In addition, it depends entirely on the size and shape of the material you are packing. You can also choose from a variety of gift boxes and bags available on the site.

What’s The Difference Between Amazon Gift Wrap And Amazon Boxes?

Gift wrapping on Amazon is very similar to gift wrapping in other stores. Prices vary depending on the type of material to be wrapped, the size of the item, and the shipping address. It’s worth noting that Amazon has its own line of gift boxes, but it’s more expensive than using a standard box.

Is There A Way To Wrap An Order Without Having It Hand-Delivered?

Yes, you can. just follow this. And you are good to go.

Sign in to your Amazon account to access the Accounts section. From there, select the Order button and click the box next to the item you want to send to select it. Click Wrapping Options to see the Give this item option, where you can add your personal message.

You can now decide whether to hand over the item (see prices above) and choose from a variety of colors and types of paper, ribbons, and gift tags.

What If I Want To Use My Own Wrapping Paper? Can I Send Gifts Unwrapped?

Of course, you can also use your own wrapping paper. When placing an order, select the “Unwrap gift before delivery” option to ensure that the recipient receives the gift exactly as you sent it.

However, keep in mind that Amazon charges for gift wrapping. If you use Amazon-recommended paper, you will be charged $3.50 for each order, but paper from other retailers will cost you around $5 to $6.

Can I Send Gifts In An Amazon Box?

You can bring your items for free by putting them in a standard-sized box or by purchasing a container from the Amazon website. However, shipping costs are estimated at $78 for boxes and up to $10 for containers with delivery. Therefore, it may be cheaper to send the gift item in its original packaging.

Benefits of Amazon Wrap Gifts

There are several benefits to using Amazon’s gift-wrapping service for your purchases:

  1. Convenience: Amazon’s gift wrapping service offers convenience, as you can have your gifts wrapped and ready to give without the need for additional time, effort, or materials on your part. It saves you the hassle of finding wrapping paper, tape, and bows.
  2. Professional Appearance: Amazon’s gift wrapping is done by trained professionals, ensuring a neat and attractive presentation. The gift wrap is typically of high quality and provides a polished look, making your gift stand out.
  3. Time-Saving: By opting for Amazon’s gift-wrapping service, you save time that you would otherwise spend wrapping gifts yourself. This is particularly helpful during busy holiday seasons or when you have multiple gifts to wrap.
  4. Surprise and Delight: Gift wrapping adds an element of surprise and anticipation for the recipient. It enhances the overall gifting experience and makes the gift-opening moment more enjoyable.
  5. Personal Touch: Amazon offers customization options with gift wrapping, such as adding personalized messages or gift tags. This allows you to add a personal touch to the gift, making it more meaningful and special.
  6. Gifts Shipped Directly: If you’re sending gifts directly to the recipient’s address, Amazon’s gift wrapping service ensures that the gift arrives beautifully wrapped and ready to be opened. It eliminates the need for you to ship the gift to yourself and then re-wrap it before sending it out.
  7. Options for Different Occasions: Amazon offers various gift wrap designs suitable for different occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, weddings, and more. You can choose a design that matches the occasion or the recipient’s preferences.

What To Do If I Want To Return a Gift From Amazon Gift Wrap?

Returning Christmas gifts can be so tedious. More often we get end up with the things that we no longer need or no longer want. But what to do in this? If you have received such a gift from Amazon gift wrap then what to do? Do not worry just follow these steps.

Steps to return these unwanted gifts to Amazon and turn them into something you can actually want to use.

1. Find your gift on Amazon, Then go to Amazon Return Center

2. If you have an account, please sign in to your account.

3. Then enter the 17-digit order number of the item you want to return.

4. Once you have entered your order number then enter the number of items you want to return and why you want to return them. Then select a shipping option. Click on your return options and how you want to receive your return label.

5. Go back to Amazon Hub Locker and select almost the same shipping options, or print the label if you don’t have a printer and return your approval. Pack and send returns

6. You need to put the Return Merchandise Authorization in the package with the gift, label it on the outside of the box and mail it.

7. When Amazon receives your return, you will receive a refund in the form of an Amazon Gift Card. This card is added directly to your account and is ready to use for anything you can actually use.

Final Thoughts!

When you don’t have time to wrap the gift yourself, Amazon gift wrap comes in handy. Just spend some extra dollars and your wrapped gift is ready to deliver.

You can make gifts directly delivered to your friend, family member, or co-worker instead of getting the parcel first shipped to you. You can even return the package if you don’t like it.

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Is there a problem sending Amazon Gifts without an address?

To opt for this you must be an Amazon Prime member. Make sure to have the recipient’s email address or mobile number ready. After this use the mobile app to ship gifts without a specific shipping address.

How to Receive Amazon Gifts?

To receive an Amazon gift, click on Amazon text or email notifications, then tap View and receive gifts. Tap your gift to open it and watch the animation revealing your gift.

Once you have effectively opened the gift wrap, you can receive it and enter your address or redeem it for an Amazon Gift Card. Select Receive Gifts and enter your shipping address.

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