4 Ways To Get Cashback On Amazon? – Save Big On Every Purchase

Get Cashback On Amazon
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Whenever you hear the word Amazon the online store comes to your mind not the river from South America or Amazon forest from Brazil. Even when a user types Amazon on the Google search bar it will show a website link for amazon.com. Cashback on Amazon purchases is the new trending and every amazon buyer is searching for that.

So basically Amazon is one of the top online shopping brands in today’s era. It isn’t only an online platform to buy different products but also from now you can have a lot of other stuff with it like stream videos, listen to Prime music, read books, etc.

But all of this needs money in your pocket. Amazon charges you for all this stuff and what today’s uses think is to save money and utilize it properly. One of the great ways to save money is to get cashback.

Whenever you get cashback with an Amazon purchase you not only get happy to purchase the product but also so the cashback you get makes you happier. So in this article, we will see how to get cashback with Amazon purchases.

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How to get cashback on Amazon Purchase?

Get Cashback with Amazon Purchase

There are several ways in which you can get cash back with Amazon purchases like by using cashback websites, or using Amazon cards, or using offers provided by Amazon, etc. In this article, we will try to cover the various ways in which you can cashback while shopping on Amazon.

1. Use a credit card for a huge discount or cashback on amazon purchase

You receive many great options if you are a credit cardholder. The same happens when you are shopping at Amazon. There are various offers if you use bank credit cards to make your Amazon purchase.

Cashback On Credit Card Purchase

All you need to do is simply connect your credit card with Amazon and pay for your purchase with your credit card. You can save up a big amount by using these credit cards. There are different offers on different products but generally, you get a 5 to 10% discount on your huge purchase.

You can receive even more discounts or better deals when the holiday shopping season of the year arrives. For example Bank of America, cash rewards credit card gives you 3% cashback if you choose to pay from it on online shopping, dining, travel, drugstores, gas stations, etc.

So you will get 3 percent cash rewards from Amazon too. A credit card doesn’t need to give you the facility. It is also possible that Amazon gives you an offer to use a specific credit card. You just need to use this specific credit card to receive the offer.

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2. Use Amazon’s cards to win cashback on amazon purchase

To get cashback on your Amazon purchase you can use Amazon reward cards to help you save a big amount of money. You have a couple of options if you want to choose between Amazon credit cards. Like Amazon reward visa signature card.

This will be a very good choice for you if you are not a prime member of Amazon. As it allows you to receive a 3% back when you shop at Amazon and Wholefoods markets. You will also get some other discounts at places like restaurants, gas stations, drug stores, and even on other purchases.

Another card that you might choose to have is Amazon prime rewards visa signature card. You will get offers at similar places where you are getting Amazon reward visa signature but the amount of discount you will get will increase. You will get 5% back if you purchase at Amazon.

3. Cashback websites

You will get money if you spend money. Yes, this is the concept of any cashback website for cashback applications. If you make any purchase from any online store using these websites you will get a number of your purchases back because you used those websites. One such site is “TopCashback“.

All you need to do is sign up for a free account and complete your purchase using this website to get a cashback. It is similar to using a coupon but here you get money after the Purchase has been completed. This website offers a lot of retailers which includes Amazon in providing you exclusive cashback offers for those specific retailers.

Choose the product and the retailer and purchase. There is also an application for this where you can find coupons, in-store coupons, and instant account access. You can download the application on your iPhone or Android phone.

Another site that helps you get cashback is Rakuten.com. You might not recognize this name because it was earlier known by eBates then it was rebranded and took its new name. To earn cashback all you need to do is have a free sign-up with your Gmail or Facebook link.

Users also get a signup bonus where they can receive free Amazon gift cards or other coupons. There are over 2500 stores from where you can get cashback using this site. You can get up to 40% back on your purchase. These sites get a Commission from the retail stores. Using this website you can also get cashback from Amazon.

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4. Use Amazon warehouse to save money

Amazon warehouse is a place where you can save money. It is similar to when you purchase at BookStores, second-hand furniture stores, vintage clothing shops, etc. It is a place where you can purchase return and slightly used products that are in pretty good condition but not new.

The products available here are refurbished products that are good in condition and acceptable to the other users. You can find all kinds of here products like video games, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

You can easily save up to 20% while using Amazon warehouse. But when you purchase from here you always take up some risk. Because used products are not always as good as brand new products.

Additional tips to get cashback on every purchase with Amazon

We have additional tips for you if you are a student or can use a government assistant discount. Students are privileged by most of the sites as they do not earn right now and need financial help.

To the undergraduate and graduate students, Amazon gives 6 months free Prime membership and after that 6 months, a free trial will just have to pay $59 per year or $6.49 each month. All the students should know about this and take advantage of the policy.

Those who are enrolled in some form of Government assistant program can apply for a discount on their Prime membership. You only need a valid EBT number or Medicaid card and your cost will be reduced to $5.99 each month.

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In the end:

Hope you found this article useful and now you know the various ways how to get cashback on an Amazon purchase. There are certainly other ways to like getting a discounted Amazon gift card.

You can save up your money while spending money by choosing the various options discussed above. You can either use credit cards or various websites to save up your money and get different offers. Keep reading, keep growing.

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