What is Walmart Plus? | Membership & Benefits

What is Walmart Plus
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What is Walmart plus? It is a membership program that wrangles with the recently launched Best Buy Beta and with the likes of Amazon Prime. This service offers in-store and online benefits like fuel discounts from participating gas stations, in-store and online benefits. 

Membership to Walmart plus for a year will cost you $98 and $12.95 a month, which includes a free trial for 15 days. Post 15 days, you can either pay and continue your subscription or cancel it. Saving you more time and money.

Walmart Plus has earned a huge customer base just for its specific Walmart Plus Services since September 15, 2020. Though the actual subscriber number has not been made public yet, it is estimated to be around 7.4 – 8.4 million members since September 15, 2020.

Benefits of Walmart Plus

1. Free Shipping (No minimum threshold)

If you have subscribed to Walmart Plus, it provides free shipping and the item is shipped by Walmart ship either the next day or two-day shipping. You get a huge assortment of eligible items.

It allows third-party sellers to sell their products to ship their items through Walmart fulfillment Services (WFS). However, some oversized and freight items are excluded

There is a minimum order of $35 required for the delivery, and get your desired items shipped as and when you need – for Free! You need to have at least a total of  $35 in your cart, the shipping fee will be waived at the checkout page.

Save on Fuel

Walmart Plus membership offers you the saving of 5 cents per gallon on fuel at Murphy Stations and Walmart. Also, at Sam’s Club Fuel centers, Walmart Plus offers you access to member prices and as many as 2000+ convenient locations. Here you can find some participating fuel stations

Scan and Pay with Ease

Walmart Plus gives you the freedom to check out with your phone when you shop in-store. You just have to scan, pay and get on your way! It has some best features for in-store shopping that include streamlined store shopping, no waiting at the time of registry, and contact-free checkout.

It can save you 2.5 hours weekly on your groceries when you order with free delivery. This will save $84 on gas with the member prices on fuel at partner stations. 

Walmart Plus can be a great option for those who are looking for a hassle-free and contact-free shopping experience. Walmart Plus has launched its App, download it just in case you want a quick check-out using your phone.

The app even allows you to reserve the time slot for the delivery. Choose the time for the delivery whenever you are available at your home or if you want the delivery on a specific day.

Delivery Unlimited subscription was offered by the retailer at the same price, prior to the launching of Walmart Plus. It Included free delivery at no additional cost. Delivery Unlimited subscription members were automatically enrolled into Walmart Plus.

Should I Cancel My Membership?

Now, Walmart has a competing program of its own. I’ll showcase a secret tied to a Walmart program that they have never advertised and that’s barely been revealed which could actually affect your decision. 

When Amazon started selling more than just books in the late 1990s, it suddenly entered into a rivalry with the biggest name in retail. Walmart is now at the helm of American shopping for 58 years. Walmart employs more people than any other company does worldwide.

And 90 percent of Americans live within 10 miles of one Walmart’s more than 4700 U.S. stores. The shocking size of Walmart kind of escapes people. It’s renowned and the largest corporation in the world in terms of revenue.

When it comes to e-commerce, Amazon is the clear leader with 38.7 percent of the market share compared to Walmart’s 5.3 percent.

And with the global pandemic shifting shopper’s behavior for good, dominance online shopping is now paramount. 35 percent of Amazon sellers are selling on Walmart too. It sets Walmart to compete with Amazon in the next sensible step. 

Pros & Cons of Walmart Plus


At Walmart Plus, the perks available aren’t so diverse or robust as compared to those of Amazon Prime offers but the services are still good in comparison. 

You can experience a single cart experience. It allows you to add the eligible items you want to for pickup or delivery including groceries, household essentials, tech items, and more – for a one-trip delivery. Making it easier for some good reasons. You need to be sure that you’re home to receive the delivery.

One tip is all required, as the same delivery person is assigned to deliver all the purchases.

If you need any non-grocery item the same day, they can deliver more quickly through Walmart.com. There are up to 180,000 available items, customers expect their orders to get delivered the same day, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Walmart’s fuel-saving option can be a great attraction to the members who travel often.


As more and more sellers join their Marketplace, at the same time Walmart’s inventory is continuously growing. While Amazon Prime is a great resource for just everything a consumer could need.

Amazon Prime membership gives you access to Prime videos, Music, Gaming, Reading, Photo storage, and more. There are no digital media offered within the subscription.

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Here I have come to the conclusion that Walmart Plus subscription is worth it for those who are looking for same-day delivery or easy in-store shopping experiences. The subscription also allows you to set the delivery time of day you are available to take the delivery.

They also offer some biggest retailer days like black Friday, where you can get much more discounted items. So don’t miss any of the discounts in the future. Keep a check on Walmart’s website and the app, as they keep on adding new features and discounts.

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