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Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

If you are here to get the answer “does Walmart accept Apple pay or not” also, then you’ve landed in the right place.

In the present scenario, about 85% of people in the United States use smartphones to pay for their expenses and most of them are iPhone users. 

Using Apple pay is more convenient for them to shop or buy something. But unfortunately for us, we cannot use apple pay in Walmart. The company rejected the use of apple pay because of security issues and technical glitches.

If we want to shop or buy something at Walmart using the help of our iPhone, we need to make a credit card and purchase it and do all these things with a credit card and if we want to cook something then we need to bring out cash from our pocket which is not convenient for us.

About 30-35 percent of people in the United States use their phones to pay for their expenses, but unfortunately at Walmart, they cannot use apple pay. 

Reasons why apple pay is not accepted

If you think that this is a limitation because of security issues and technical glitches then you are not right about it. There are many security issues and technical glitches at Walmart’s end which are the reason behind the rejection of using apple pay. Other than this, When customers use Apple pay they do not have a record of customer data.

Walmart store

Even though apple pay is free to use, if you want to use it at Walmart then you need to download an extension ibotta ( we’ll discuss further in the guide) which is not very convenient, but it does make us feel uncomfortable because of the security issues at Walmart.

From 2008 onwards Walmart has been providing its customers with the use of credit cards for their shopping or buying things in Walmart stores. But in 2017 they announced that they won’t be accepting them anymore and we cannot shop in Walmart using our iPhones.

But, here is the alternative! Walmart pay…

Yes, You can use Walmart pay on your iPhone for shopping or buying anything in Walmart stores. It is very easy to use this application and it does not have any security issues at all.

It is a very useful application and it does not require you to make a credit card before using it.

Also, it does not have any technical glitches because its developers are busy making updates on this application so that their users will get highly satisfied with the performance of the application.

You can even use Walmart pay without a credit card or your debit card once you’ve entered the details. So, here I’m going to describe the steps of using Walmart pay for shopping!

How to use Walmart Pay?

To use Walmart pay, you need to have the official app. If you don’t already have the Walmart app, take these steps to get it so you can start paying at their checkouts with your iPhone.

  • On your iPhone, go to the Apple App Store and search for Walmart Pay.
  • Choose the Walmart Pay App and start the download.
  • Open the app and go to the Services panel once it’s been downloaded.
  • Set up Walmart Pay by tapping on Walmart Pay.
  • To register any card or cards you wish to use for purchases at Walmart, simply follow the simple steps on the page.
  • To pay for your purchases at the checkout, all you have to do is scan the QR code.

Other Alternative…

Another alternative you can use is the ibotta app. With this app, you can actually pay through Apple pay and no one will know about it. It’s worth mentioning that you can utilize your Apple Pay app at Walmart. You can utilize your Apple Pay app with both the ibotta app and extension.

 To utilize ibotta effectively, all you have to do is:

  • Install the ibotta app and the ibotta extension on your iPhone.
  • Open the app to pay.
  • Then, while paying using the ibotta app at the store or the extension on your computer at home, select Apple Pay.

Ibotta is a cashback rewards eCorp that gives you up to 2% cash back on every purchase you make. It is, however, only applicable for a certain amount of items and at a certain number of stores. You must first locate the items and deals on your phone before going shopping.

When you do utilize it, you can get instant cashback (by saving 2%), and all you have to do is show the cashier the QR code.

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Final Thoughts

I know, using apple pay is very beneficial to you as well as convenient. But unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t allow that at any cost. You can use the alternatives and help yourself.

Other than Walmart pay, you can use apple pay at other online and retail stores like Safe Mart, Wall greens, and Best buy and get unlimited offers and gift cards.

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