Best Fiction books You Should Never Miss To Read

Best Fiction books You Should Never Miss
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A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies”, a very true saying by Geoge. RR. Martin. Reading fiction books can make you travel to another world while sitting in your own comfortable place.

When you start reading about anything, a new door is open where another beautiful world exists. It allows you to manifest your imagination in so many different ways. 

It changes your mind and makes you feel more relaxed, books are so handy and versatile and you can just read a book by sitting on your bed or while traveling the amazing places around.

Books have the power to shape your mentality, to make you, and to create you into a new you. It just not only helps you increase your mental health but also takes you out of stress and anxiety. Yes, reading is proven to be one of the most effective methods to get rid of your stress.

Reading is bliss!!. It expands your mind and makes you capable of discovering new things to understand life and people more easily. You learn from the experience of others, and this is the most beautiful thing about reading.

Besides all this, Gifting a book to a woman is one of the best gifts to impress her, just choose the right one as per her preferences and she will always keep thinking that you are really a thoughtful person.

Books can also make you travel in ancient times so it enriches your knowledge about some interesting stories and facts, it also improves your vocabulary and improves your grammar.

Books are also sources of pure and clean entertainment. There is no better companion than books, and that is true as books never complain and never ask anything in return from you. Reading a good book before bed gives a most enthralling, and peaceful experience.

Let us go through various benefits we can get from reading to motivate yourself and to inspire others.

  • Reading improves mental well-being.
  • It helps in increasing the power of the words.
  • It improves your thinking ability.
  • Reading improves your imagination.
  • It broadens your mind so that you can see beyond things.
  • Reading books can you good communicator
  • It makes you feel more confident
  • Reading imparts moral value.
  • It fills you with knowledge.
  • It improves your overall personality.

There are varieties of book genres available in the market such as fiction, non-fiction, novel, narrative, biographies, poetics, thriller, humor, fantasies, etc.

Each of these genres has its quality and features. You can choose any of these books to read. Today in the modern era, where we have access to everything at just a finger click.

Reading and accessing online books is a delightful experience. Also, various apps provide an audiobook facility where you can listen to books peacefully. Here is the collection of my list of best fiction books for you.

We have some amazing collections of the best fiction books for you to read.


About Book

This famous fiction is written by R. K Narayan. It is based on the fictional village of Malgudi situated in south India. This book contains small chapters, each of which depicts the various aspects of life.

I personally love this book that is why I putting it on the top of my list of best fiction books. You can feel the essence of various human emotions. This author has gracefully embraced the uniqueness of each character.

This book is preferred for those who enjoy reading strange stories. Reading this book requires patience. It requires deep concentration and focus to know the plot. Preferably for the people that enjoy reading different and interesting stories. 

Each chapter of this book has a unique taste and style. Some of them can make you laugh while others can make you emotional. This is the elegance of this book. Once you will start reading this novel, there is no going back.

Preferred for:

This book is a complete package in terms of entertainment. It is full of comedy, adventure, drama, and emotions. Anyone can read this book, it equally interests grownups and kids.

Each chapter of this book is filled up with interesting turns and twists. This book is surely going to be your favorite one. People who enjoy reading unique, but grounded stories must read this book at least once. Each chapter has a different storyline, which keeps you engaged in reading.


Ruskin Bond is the author of this fiction book, the story revolves around a boy named Rusty, an orphaned teenager who was living with his English Guardian in Dehradun.

Rusty is an Anglo-Indian boy, who has nobody to call a family. This story describes the sadness and loneliness of a boy. His battles, with his emotions and life, are what gave him wings to fly. And when you start reading the novel, you will come across the emotions of a young lonely teenager.

The guardian imposed very harsh rules on him, frustrated by which Rusty ran away from home. far away from all the sad and lonely life, Rusty started living together with his Indian friends.

He discovered his happiness within the Indian culture. He was delighted by Hindu festivals, and therefore, the simple beautiful life of the Indian people. This tale represents the gorgeous bond of friendship and love.

Preferred for:

Highly recommended for the people that have an interest in reading about the enthralling story of affection and friendship. Perfect for teens, this book goes to offer you an exquisite experience. Well, this book may be a perfect book to read for all ages. It surely opens your mind.


About Novel

The Midnight’s Children is a great novel by author Salman Rushdie which deals with the transition of India from British rule to independence and the Indian Partition. It shed some light on the historical events along with the fictional elements. This uniquely written fiction book is something that you will surely appreciate.

This book glorifies the political condition of India that has affected the life of Saleem (one of the characters of the novel) who was bestowed with an extraordinary talent. Now, how his talent affected him is the major part of the novel.

Preferred for:

This novel is going to take you into another world, you will be amazed to read about the colorful Indian background in the 20th century. India at the time of partition is depicted here in this tale.

This wonderful novel is suggested for the people who are interested in Historical events. There is no age bar for this novel, people of all ages can read this, But all they require is tolerance and interest. Eventually, only you will realize the depth of the story.


About Novel

A very well-written novel by Vikram Seth Based on India in the 1950s.This novel centers on the efforts of Mrs. Roopa Mehra to find the perfect suitable boy for her younger daughter Lata, a 19-year-old talented student at the local Brahmpur University.

In the list of my top 10 best fiction books, “A SUITABLE BOY” hold the 4th position. The book revolves around the marriage confusion of Lata, about whom she should marry.

Lata belongs to a Hindu family but fell in love with a Muslim boy. Here comes the big twist in the story as her mother always wanted her to marry a “suitable boy”. But in the end what forced Lata to marry someone good enough but not with the one she was in love with.

Preferred for:

The people that wanted to explore the 1950 India. How people react to Hindu -Muslim relations at that point. The novel is sort of interesting for those that are fascinated about the marriage, customs, and religions of old India.

People of all ages can read this book and surely this novel inspires you to read, and explore more.


About Novel

This beautiful novel has the 5th position on the list of best fiction books all the time and was written by Ravinder Singh.

A pure soulful romance that shows not all, love stories meant to possess a cheerful ending. The story revolves around the two main characters Ravi and Khushi. The two came in touch with one another through a virtual connection. Both even convinced their parents, but at some point, an event happened that made Ravin’s life devastated. What happened?

Well, this is often the twist that when everything was going smoothly in their life, destiny had another plan for them.

Preferred for:

People who enjoy reading love stories. Perfect for teenagers and youths. Anyone can read this book. The amazing novel is unquestionably getting to impress you.


About Book

Fiction by Author Durjoy Dutta. This novel may be a psychological thriller about a boy who meets with an accident alongside a girl named Shreyasi. After awakening from a coma, he only remembers Shreyasi.

But Shreyasi wasn’t found anywhere, she was neither found dead nor alive. What happened to her nobody knows. The face and thoughts of Shreyasi haunt Daman. After this Daman starts to write little stories about Shreyasi on Facebook, and after this, there’s an entirely new twist, as he was being stalked by an anonymous girl.

This novel is fascinating also as an unusual romance with suspense. It keeps you completely engaged. The book is quite famous among the youngsters that’s the reason why its in our list of Best Fiction books

Preferred for:

People who wanted to examine unusual love stories. Perfect for people that wanted to try something new. This novel is filled with drama, love, mess, and twist. One should not miss reading this novel.


About Novel

Set in Burma, during the British invasion of 1885, this masterly novel by Amitav Ghosh tells the story of Rajkumar, a bomber lifted on the tides of political and social chaos, who goes on to make an empire within the Burmese teak forest.

When soldiers force the royalty out of the Glass Palace and into exile, Rajkumar befriends Dolly, a girl within the court of the Burmese Queen, whose love will shape his life. He cannot forget her, and years later, as an upscale man, he goes in search of her. 

Preferred for:

It is recommended for people who enjoy reading historical incidents. This book contains a bit of political and social chaos. Very interesting and very inspiring novel. I’m placing this in the 7th position on my personal best fiction books list.


About Novel

One of the most famous novel by Jane Austen.

The novel that involves education, marriage, and money, is appreciated and loved by most readers. It is a classic tale filled with comedy, humor during the Regency era in Great Britain.

The story revolves around Mr. Bennett, the father of five daughters. As the property can be entailed from male heir to male heir, his family was poverty-stricken. One daughter of the family has to work hard to earn bread and butter for the family which is a motivation that drives the plot.

The novel revolves around the importance of marrying for love, not for money or social prestige, despite the communal pressure to form a wealthy match. Reading this masterpiece by Jane Austen is a complete joy.

Preferred for:

Anyone who is interested in fiction books can read this novel. A simple novel with a good piece of entertainment. The plot of the story is extremely engaging, especially for teens. It is something that you simply are surely getting to refer others to read.


About Book

This book is another marvelous book by Preeti Shenoy that focuses on family relations and friendship in today’s era.

This beautiful story centers on the connection between the father and the son, therefore. Ayan was sent to the village by his father as he lost his job. He was sent to take care of his grandfather.

During his stay, he realized the strategic story of his father’s past life. The story sets a great example of love and companionship.

Preferred for:

In this enthralling novel, the author has beautifully expressed the family relation and the value of friendship in life. Fiction books can impact one’s mind in a beautiful way. Based on true relations this is suitable for all ages to make them understand the values of life.


About Novel

One of the finest novels written by Chetan Bhagat. This novel is based on the life stories of three friends. The plot of this novel revolves around friendship, cricket, and business. There are turns in the novel.

The three friends in the story Omi, Ish, and Govind have their dreams and desires. Omi was someone who just wanted to be with his friends Whereas Govind had big dreams and wanted to make money.

Ish, however, was training Ali in cricket. To fulfill their wish they have to face all religious, political conflicts, and the mistakes they made. Will they be able to succeed despite so many obstacles in their way?

Well, this novel is very interesting and surely going to take place on your bookshelf.

Preferred for:

This amazing novel is suitable for all ages and holds the 10th position in my list of best fiction books of all time. Well described and well-written, this book offers you an exciting experience.

This novel is all about friendship, politics, relations, and dreams. it’s a must-read novel.


About book 

J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter makes you travel into the world of magic. It is a series of 7 books. This is one of my most favorite books.

The story starts with an orphan kid named Harry Potter who is not loved by his relatives and how his life changes after his introduction of magic. He goes to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and learns that he is the chosen one and his adventures for life begin.

I personally can read this book again and again, this is the advantage of reading this one that you will not feel the dull moment, you are going to enjoy Harry’s life and magic around.

There are different scenarios in each book but everyone is connected with each other and by the end of this book you will fall in love and would want to read more. If you have never read Harry Potter – you are missing out on something great.

Preferred for:

I think everyone should at least read this book once in a lifetime, this book series has so much to offer to you no matter what age you are. You will just get your personal escape to the witchcraft & wizard world.

You will feel the connection to the characters as soon as you start reading this, this is a lot more than just a story about witchcraft and wizard. Just give this book series a time to start and you won’t be able to stop.


Amish Tripathi has introduced us to a story that after reading you just crave for more. He wrote the amazing fictional life story of the great Indian lord shiva, also known as MAHADEV.

There are three books in this book series – “The Immortals of Meluha“, “The Secret of the Nagas“, and  “The Oath of the Vayuputras“.  The story is history and mythology-based fiction, so you can also relate to the story in real life while wandering in your own fiction world. 

Amish has written it in such a charming way that it will leave you astonished about his writing method. He is such an amazing storyteller who is also creating awareness about ethical values in society through his writing.

If you are Indian, you will find all the familiar characters in this book from stories you must have heard in your childhood from your grandparents. At the end of the book, you will start feeling that shiva is a friend of yours while knowing that he is the most fierce warrior and the great god of the all-time.

Preferred for:

Everyone, everyone, and everyone. Yes, I have not gone mad you must read this book. The way the author has shared his philosophical approach to the readers is phenomenal, once you start reading this one you will feel more connected to it.  

Amish has established the idea in my mind, that there could be another possibility of life and situations than we think of what actually is.

Yes! There are so many unimaginable things in this world and this book makes you travel through all the ancient India – culturally, geographically, religiously, traditionally, and in many more marvelous ways. If you have not started it yet, then what are you waiting for?


Reading can change your life and reading some of the fiction books can make your experience out of life. It can add flavors to your life. It makes you a better person. Books have the power to make you feel distressed.

It does not only entertain you but fills you with lots of knowledge and wisdom. Books are surely your life companion.

We have given you a list of famous and best fictional books you can choose and read, you will surely enjoy the taste of every book we have given. These novels by brilliant authors can inspire you and give you the vision to look at things from different visions.

“Every book has something to offer you, take it and enjoy it” HAPPY READINGS!!

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