How To Make Saddle Minecraft? [Step By Step]

How To Make Saddle Minecraft
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If you are a Minecraft game lover and looking for How To Make Saddle Minecraft, then in this article we are going to share every step for this.

Minecraft is one of the most popular and amazing games in the history of gaming. This game is available on various platforms like Java edition pc, Windows 10, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and many more.

This is a game you can play alone or if you have the game in a smartphone edition then you can enjoy this game with your friends. 

The control of the game is super easy and understandable. So it makes it easy for the player to control the game. You have to visit the map, fight with monsters and find the treasure from the different types of locations.

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What Is Minecraft & How To Make Saddle Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game, where players get a three-dimensional world to explore. Players have the option for various types of blocks. Either has to break blocks or create blocks. Minecraft comes in two modes, where the first one is the Creative mode and the other one is Survival mode. 

In the survival mode, players have the option to find their own building, food and they have to deal with monsters and blocklike mobs.

As a player, you can play it by yourself or if you have a smartphone version then Minecraft allows you to play online with multiplayer, where you can find players online, or you can play with your friend. 

There are no option in the game to make saddle, but for making saddle, you have to follow other features, which are described below.

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How To Make Saddle Minecraft?

Saddles are one of the common features of the game. Once you get the Saddle it allows you to ride on the horses, pings. Well, if you are looking to make Saddle Minecraft then let us tell you something. 

Making Saddles in Minecraft is not possible now. This feature was available in the earlier days but the creator of the game removed this feature.

But don’t worry and don’t get upset. This doesn’t mean at all, you can’t have the saddles in the game, Yes still you have the option to get it. There are ways for making saddles. Which we will find out below.

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Saddle Location:

As we mentioned above currently, you can’t make Saddles in Minecraft with a table or furnace, but you can find the saddle in the game. You have to explore the different locations and find out. 

There are some specific locations in the game, there are high chances to get saddles compared to other locations. We will take you to the locations, if you go and search carefully you can get a saddle for sure. Let’s find out the locations on the map for finding Saddles in the Minecraft game. 

In the number 1 and number 2 options, we are sharing the percentage chance to get the saddle.

1. Java Editions:

Nether Fortress – chest (35.5%), Dungeon – chest (29.3), Desert Temple – chest (22.5%),

Village – Tanner’s chest (19.3%), Weaponsmith’s chest (17.2%), Chest in Savanna house (12.6%), Stronghold – Altar chest (7.8%)

2. Bedrock Editions:

Nether Fortress – chest (35.9%), Dungeon – chest (28.3%), Village – Tanner’s chest (17.3), Weaponsmith’s chest (16.2%), End City – chest (13.3%), Jungle Temple – chest (12.8%), Chest in Savannah house (11.3).

Above location and percentage of number just chances of finding saddles on that location. We are not about to find saddles there for sure. You can consider visiting more places in the game and you can find the saddles in unexpected areas. 

The more you explore the game, the more chances you create for finding one.

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The Minecraft game has a feature of fishing, you can try this also for finding the saddle, well, chances are comparatively low for finding the saddles there, but as a player, you should always try to find the odd one.

This is the enjoyment of the game. The chances are around 5% only in this scenario but who knows you got here. Once you find a saddle while fishing, the saddle will automatically be added to your inventory. 

Trading With Villagers

If you are on the Bedrock editions then there are higher chances to get a saddle while trading with the villages in the leatherworkers. In the java editions, chances are low. 

Saddle Drop:

The scenario of saddle drop is less, but keep in mind this is the game, if the thing goes in your way you can find Saddle drop. There are a few chances you can have a saddle in saddle drop.

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Chest in the Dungeon:

There are high chances you find a saddle when you look in a chest while exploring a dungeon.

Generally, Dungeons are found underground. So first of all find dungeons, and look inside the chest, they are less with different items. Simply open the chest and find out what is inside. There are more than 50% chances you will find a saddle there, in case saddles are not there, for sure you will get some valuable items from there. 

Well, we shared multiple locations so you can explore the common places or locations where you can search for saddles in the game. The more time you will spend, the more chances are to get saddles, as making saddles is not possible in the game, so you can explore more locations.

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Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. You can play this game on various devices like Java edition pc, Windows 10, PS3, PS4, and many more. This game is available in a couple of variants. 

The most popular and rare part of this is saddles. You have to collect them to ride the horse but players don’t find the right way to make saddles. In this post, we tried our best for How To Make Saddle Minecraft. 

The game itself has stopped players from making saddles but there are some other ways for doing this which we explained and shared step by step in this post. We hope this post helped you in this matter. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding How To Make Saddle Minecraft, you can leave us a comment below.  

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