Does Netflix Have A Student Discount? [ Latest Update ]

Netflix Student Discount

I am a college student I love to watch movies and TV shows in my free time, and Netflix has become my go-to streaming service. However, as a student, I always looking for ways to save money, so I wonder if Netflix offers a student discount.

I decided to search online for the latest updates on whether Netflix has a student discount. After some research, I gather some information that does Netflix have a student discount.

In this article, I will discuss doses Netflix has a student discount on not.

“No” Netflix Student Discount? Try these tips to save money on your subscription

Netflix does not have a discount. There are some ways in which you can cut the cost for Netflix. And we have mentioned some of them below:

#1 Get 30 Days free Netflix trial (It’s only for eligible customers)

Step-1: First, you need to click on the option of Try us free. 

Step-2: At the point when you do, another page opens where they request that you make a record. 

Step-3: After that, you need to make your Account on Netflix. And then click on the Continue key. 

Step-4: Then, you will go to another page with the message that you will appreciate the primary month free. So join with your email and secret phrase. Also, Click on the option of Continue. 

Step-5: Then, set up your Payment. 

Step-6: Additionally, now, Netflix will advise you that it will give 3 days’ notification before the free preliminary closures. That they acknowledge Credit or Debit cards and PayPal

Step-7: Then, you need to select your installment strategy and inch more like a Netflix understudy markdown. 

Step-8: Then, enter your name and family name, and card number.

Step-9: After that, you need to go to Netflix puts you on the superior arrangement which you can change later on the off chance that you need. 

Step-10: Then, check the case to consent to the terms of use of the assistance. 

Step-11: Then, you need to click (to Say I concur) and afterward click Start Membership. 

Step-12: At the point when you do that, your enrollment begins consequently and you can sign in to see your Membership page and every one of the advantages joined to it. 

Step-13: That is the means by which to get a Netflix understudy markdown.

#2 Pause Netflix plan when not needed

The best thing you could do it Netflix is to pause your subscription plan. You can download movies and shows that you want to see during the 30-day trial version and then pause the plan. And can entertain yourself by watching those downloads later.

And if you don’t have any money you can cancel the plan or subscribe to it later when you have enough money.

#3 Split your Netflix subscription with friends

As a student, you must have a group of friends who want a Netflix subscription. So you can purchase a Netflix subscription and then share it with all of your friends to cut the cost. Share your Netflix password among your friends and split the bill.

As we know that netflix does not give any student discount but by simply splitting the bills you can stream Netflix as much as you want at a very low cost.

#4 Use gift cards and vouchers

You can get Netflix at a discounted price by using gift cards and vouchers. This is one of the great features that Netflix allows you to pay the subscription bill using gift cards. You can redeem these to pay Netflix bills.

Netflix did not give you these vouchers for free, you have to buy some services first, otherwise, you did not get any gift voucher or discount coupon. Here is how to do so.

  • Go to the manage profiles and scroll down.
  • Now you will see the option to change the payment method. Here you can use AMEX gift card vouchers coupon or Google play cards.
  • Use the coupon number you have and pay your upcoming bill with that.
  • Using this way you do not have to pay cash to get a Netflix subscription.
  • You can purchase a Netflix gift card at a cheap rate but make sure you check the expiry date before getting these gift cards.

#5 Choose the basic Netflix Subscription plan

Netflix offers you 3 subscription plans: basic, standard, and premium. If you are only one or two members, you do not need to share the screen at the same time. I would recommend you go for the basic plan.

It will save you $72 at the end of the year. The only difference will be in quality. To make sure you choose the correct plan for yourself. To change your plan follow the steps shown below:

  • Go to the right panel of your Netflix account and choose change plan.
  • Now change your plan to basic. That’s it you will be saving a lot more money than earlier in the upcoming months.

Some Alternatives to Netflix offering Student Discount 

There are many platforms that offer student discounts such as Verizon, GymShark, Spotify, etc. While Netflix doesn’t offer you any discount for understudy projects or choices, you can think about tracking down a couple of good choices among Netflix alternatives. Some streaming services give you student discounts so that college students can enjoy their services, these are as follows:

1. Amazon Prime Video

It very well maybe probably be the most ideal way for Netflix on the off chance that you wonder – does Netflix have an understudy rebate? 

Probably the best help that gives you admittance to limitless spilling of TV programs and other substances, the assistance takes your experience to a higher level.

Amazon Prime Video gives you admittance to Amazon Prime Student for a half year free of charge

This is an uncommon program intended for understudies. And the free preliminary gives you admittance to the greatest number of a half-year free preliminary. 

The understudy program can be dropped whenever. The understudy program incorporates the alternative of limitless gushing of films, melodies, and TV shows. 

To get an Amazon Prime Video understudy markdown and a free preliminary, you should approach the .edu email address. In the event that you don’t have a .edu email address, it would be a smart thought to give verification of school enlistment.

2. HBO NOW Student Account

HBO NOW Student Account can be extraordinary compared to other Netflix channels for understudies. Also, HBO gives you admittance to a couple of incredible alternatives for extraordinary TV shows. 

A standout amongst other TV real-time features, HBO is an extraordinary path for understudies searching for Netflix understudy limits. 

Ensure that you can demonstrate that you are enrolled as an understudy at any of the Title IV degree foundations. 

Nonetheless, there is one extraordinary choice you can get without picking a $ 5.0 rebate a month. You can go for a free 30-day preliminary. 

You recollect that while picking a free 30-day preliminary, you need to give your installment subtleties. 

At the point when the 30-day time for testing has terminated, you will be consequently charged. It very well might be important to drop your 29-day membership on the off chance that you would prefer not to proceed with administrations.

You can read our complete article on HBO Max to find out if HBO max also has any Student discounts.

3. Youtube Premium Student Discount

As you surely understand now, Netflix’s understudy limits are a finished fantasy. You can think about a YouTube Premium understudy rebate, and you will appreciate the administration without advertisements.

This help offers a 40% markdown for all understudies. The SheerID check includes guarantees the wellbeing and yearly reestablishment of the profile as suggested for the next year or class, guaranteeing information security and the degree of dropping of administrations.

Will Netflix offer a Student Discount in the Near Future?

As of March 2023, there are no plans, announcements, or indications from the part of Netflix indicating a student discount plan. Don’t worry we are keeping an eye on the latest Netflix announcements by checking through their website and all social media platforms. We will update you as soon as we hear any good news of netflix student discount. So save or bookmark this article for your future reference.

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Final Words

In this post, we provided information on how to get the netflix student discount. We should express, that Netflix doesn’t offer a markdown to understudies. Netflix did not give any discount as everyone had to subscription amount.

However, with a little inventiveness, you can appreciate a rebate by utilizing the 30 days free preliminaries and by 4 understudies paying for the top-notch plan and sharing the screen to watch their number one films and shows.

And we hope that the information will helpful for you. According to the above instructions given, you will not have any problem in reaching your result, but if there is any problem.

So you can give us information about it. Ask your query in the comment box given below, we assure you that we will solve your query as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After reading this article, some questions pop up in your mind:

Is there any possibility to get Netflix cheaper?

Yes, you can try other options like you don’t want to pay monthly charges, so Netflix also offers you some things that you can watch without paying full price.

You can also share your Netflix password with your friends so that you can split the bill among your friends.

Can you use your gift vouchers for Netflix?

It is also a way to reduce your bill. You can use your gift vouchers and coupon codes. But you will not get these vouchers for free, you have to buy their services so that you get these vouchers on offer.

Are there any alternatives to Netflix?

There are many options to watch Netflix alternatives like Amazon Prime Video, Youtube Premium, Hulu, and HBO Now. Some of these alternatives will also give you a student discount too.

Can you share your Netflix password, Is it legal?

Netflix allows you to share your password, but only to your household. You can not share it individually with anyone.

Does Netflix give a free trial?

Yes, Netflix gives one-month free trial services to eligible customers.

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