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Discord For PS4 – How To Install Discord On PS4

Do you know, you can use Discord on PS4? There is a time when we are using Discord on our mobile or desktops. But now as you can see in the title of the post, you can install Discord on your PlayStation. Here is how to do it.

PC and Mobile gamers can easily stream their gameplay to voice chats on discord, but did you know that you can do the same thing with PS4 games? Despite Discord not having an obvious option to link your PS4 account. 

It’s possible and by doing so your PS4 game activity will be displayed on your profile exactly like it would be if you were playing a game on a PC. In this article, I will tell you how you can connect your Discord account with your PS4 profile.

Now there are two different ways you can use discord on your console. The first way I have heard of is going around the internet and youtube is a method – where you open up your web browser and you go to the Discord website, sign in and you can interact with the webpage. 

Unfortunately, that doesn’t allow you to use voice chat or even send messages effectively. There isn’t any good way to use Discord on your console or do a voice chat. Which is the feature most people want to use Discord. There isn’t any way we can use discord on our console itself. 

There is a way where we can listen to our discord chat audio while also listening to our PS4 audio and that’s the method I am going to be discussing in this article.

Accessories You Need To Get Discord For PS4

So for this to work, we need a male-to-male 3.5 cable, of course, a dual shock 4 controller with a working audio jack, and a windows 10 PC with an audio jack port. If your computer has one audio jack port, plug it into that one. 

Most modern machines have ports that allow for line-in microphones and headphones. So you should be able to get it to work if you have a more modern laptop or computer.

If you have multiple jack ports, say one for headphones and one for a microphone, be sure to plug the male end into the microphone port. 

If you have a computer with more audio jack ports like a blue, and orange and a black one, Be sure to plug this cable into the blue port. So once you have everything plugged in, there are a few settings we need to change on the PS4 side.

PS4 Settings To Get Discord For PS4

Let’s head up to PS4 settings, go down to devices from here, down to audio devices, and then be sure that you have that cable plugged in and switched over to the headphones connected to the controller.

Be sure it automatically did that and it’s selected to [Headphones Connected to Controller] option. 

Not the Tv or amplifier. Now go back on to the main audio devices menu. Make sure that the [Output to Headphones] option is set to [All Audio] and not to [Chat Audio].

You can always control the volume from [Volume Control (Headphones)] you can set it accordingly. So let’s get on the PC side to finish the rest of the setup.

How to Connect Discord on PS4?

The only way to get discord for PS4 is right here. All right, so over on the computer side, there are a few more settings you need to change in order for this to work. Go to the bottom right of your computer screen and click open the sound.

Installing Discord on PS4

You can also open this menu from the control panel if this option is not available down there. 

From there you need to head to recording. If you have either real tech or Windows device driver, you should see the [Line-in] option there.

If you don’t see it then right-click any of those and make sure that you have shown disabled devices as selected.

Now you will be able to see that line-in as a recording device and will recognize it as default.

Great! But unfortunately, the computer won’t actually play that audio back because it thinks it’s a microphone, and you are recording some audio. In order to change that,

  • Right-click onto that [line-in] option
  • Then head down to [Properties],
  • And in properties head over to the listen to tab.

Be sure that both listen to this device and your playback device both are selected. 

For eg, if you are using a speaker you can select speakers. But if you have a gaming headset plugged in, make sure to select your gaming headset. Just press apply once you have changed the settings and click ok.

Note: When I first tried this, I thought it didn’t work. I thought there was something wrong with my drivers or the audio cable. But I realized it just starts on a low volume.

So check for your speaker volume almost all the way in the properties. Double-check all the possible sounds and settings from your computer audio settings.

Another thing you can do is you can change your PS4 audio. You can turn the volume all the way up from your PS4 [Volume Control (Headphones)].

If everything you did was right during these steps. You will start hearing the menu sound from your PS4.

Great! Just open Discord and join whatever chat room you want and you have all of your audio going to one place out of your headset

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To conclude: That makes it really nice and convenient. Though the method is a little complicated and can take some debugging if there are some issues.

Check your volume if you can’t hear anything and be sure that you have everything selected and you have plugged your cable into the right audio port.

The other method that doesn’t allow you to use the voice chat or to even send messages is effective if you don’t have a keyboard attached to your console.

This has been tried and tested. Hope this will help. 

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