15+ Best Safe ROM Download Sites

If you love to play games on your PC, Console, or Mobile, I am pretty much sure you have heard about ROM. Or you may have faced the issue that the ROM or computer isn’t responding. Right? In this article, I am going to share the 20 Best Safe ROM Download Sites.

So why does this happen when we play a game on our device? Let me tell you this is happening because our ROM which is installed in the hardware stops working so this problem occurs.

So there is no solution to this problem? Yes of course there are some solutions available on the internet for running smooth games on your console. but the process and the source are very important.

As we all know that downloading from a non-trusted site or a non-secure site may harm our device. We never know which file has a virus inside it so it’s a very critical task to find some good and genuine sites to download ROM.

No worries I have brought you a genuine and trusted website from where you can download ROM for your device.

But before going further I want to make sure what kind of ROM you download and from where you are doing it.

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Guideline For Download Rom Safely?

There is a number of websites and apps available on the internet for downloading anything. Right? But do you actually know if the website or app is safe to download something into your system? So don’t trust blindly.

Before downloading not only ROM but also anything from the internet follows the point I mentioned below.

  • Whenever you try to download any ROM from the internet make sure the download should be in the format of a .zip file.
  • Always say no to these websites which offer you a ROM file with the extension of .exe. Exe stands for the executable which may occur some viruses which will harm your system for sure.
  • Never download anything from those websites which are not secure. Always try to avoid them.
  • Avoid those sites which ask for your personal information.

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List of 15+ Best Safe ROM Download Sites

Now below I will share 18 trusted and genuine websites from where you can download ROM for your device. These sites are absolutely trusted and genuine.

1. Gamulator

Gamulator is one of the best sites for downloading ROMs because on this site you get various types of ROMs available for your device. Simply go to the site and search by your model number and simply download.

Not only ROMs but also you can download direct games from the website. You can download ROMs for your PCs, Tablets, and Consoles. This is an absolutely safe site to download.

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2. CD Romance

If you have GameCube, GBA, GBC, and GB the CD Romance is for you. You get updated ROMs. you don’t find any scarcity of ROMs here.

You may find games too but some short descriptions like the release date of the game, versions of the ROMs, and Jurney of the game.

3. Dope Room

The dope Room site is the kind of website you will love after visiting here. Because you get here 1,70000 ROMS for 170 consols. This website has plenty of ROMs for various games so if you find it difficult to find your desired ROMs visit this site once.

The best thing about this site is you can find cheat-code also on Dope Room Site.

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4. ROM Hustler

Rom Hustler is something that will help you to find the best ROM for you within a second. All you have to do is simply search the model number of your desired device and it will find the best one for you.

Once you find it, simply download it by seeing a customer rating and the best suitable for you. It’s a completely trustable site with no need to worry about malware or any virus attack.

5. Retrostic

One next website is for those who are Retro fans. On this site, you get 83028 ROMs for more than 51 Consoles and 383 emulators.

This site takes you to an older age because you will find all the games which you used to play in your childhood. You can download any ROMs for Retro games. No hidden links and any fake links. Simply find the desired game and click on download.

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6. Cool Room

Cool Room.au is a great site for Rom downloaders. Once you land on this site you find the default game there simply click on that and download the ROM. Along with that, you can find the image of every game so it will be easy for you to understand the game and you can read the basic info also.

In case you don’t find your desired game there then you can simply click on search and type the model no so it will find it for you. And the best thing about this website is that you can translate the language accordingly.

7. Old Computer Room

The Old Computer room site is a great and secure site for ROMs. When you land on the site a simple interface comes up where you can easily find the desired file or you can click on search and type the keyword of your need.

Once you enter the keyword it shows you the related available files with user rating, size, and date modified so it makes it pretty simple for you to understand which one is best for you.

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8. Emuparadise

Emuparadise is also one of the most famous and oldest sites. Users love this site because of its user-friendly interface. Here you can find ROMs and ISO Files of the games. Simply click on popular ROMS and download the one you need.

In case you didn’t find it as per your requirement you can type the keyword and search for it. Once the file you find click on download and it’s done.

It’s a 100% secure site for ROMs and IOS files of the game.

9. Emulator Zone

Emulator zone is a great place for safe downloading ROMs for Wiiu Wii, GameCube, Nintendo 6, Super Nintendo, and many more you can get here. Sony users also get can ROM from here because it has the sony ROM also.

When you open the site you find plenty of options top of the corner like home, RSS, and ROM blog.

Simply click on ROM and you can see the size of the file and rating which is given by the users who download the file simply select the file and download it as per your need.

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10. ClassicGames.me

If you are looking for some games which are not found on the internet so you can give this site a try. It is one of the best sites for old games or ROMs.

You can find all the older games here and ROMs too. You can find GB GBC, Flash, and MS-DOS here. Once you open the site you can see multiple games on the home screen. By clicking it you will be open to that game only.

The best part of this website is if you don’t want to download any game on your console pc or mobile then simply you can open them in the browser and play there online.

11. The EYE

The EYE is also an option for ROMs. The interface of the website is quite user-friendly. You don’t get plenty of popups to adS here.

Once you enter the website you find options like Index of Public ROMs. This means you find here ROMs in an alphabetical manner so it makes it easy for its user to download by seeing the first letter of the ROM.

Choose as per your need and where you can see the modified date and size of the file. You can give it a try.

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12. MyAbandonware

Looking for some old games then I will prefer this site. Here you can find all the old and popular games which were around 1978 to 2010.

You can play Pacman, Arkanoid, Tetris, Galaxian, Alter Ego, Prince Of Persia, King’s quest, and many more games here.

If you are not sure about the game then this website gives you an option where you can find the game by its Name, Publisher, Developer, and theme.

13. EagleForce

This is also a great site for downloading ROMS. but before going further I would like to tell you this is a South Korean site and if you don’t know the South Korean language then you can face some issues understanding this website this site was last updated in 2016.

You don’t get many options on-site except downloading the ROMs. But overall if I speak it’s a very good site. You can simply download ROMs with its drop-down option. And it’s a very safe site to download. And have always a place in the list of Best Safe ROM Download Sites.

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14. WoWrom

Wowrom is a safe and secure site. You can download from here multiple things like Roms, iOS of games, Bios, and many more. This website is a simple site where you can easily find the download option which is categorized.

When you land on the homepage of the site you find menus there like Roms/Games/IOS that obviously drop so there are multiple options included.

The thing that makes it different from other sites is the features it provides to its users. You can find game music, and game magazines too.

15. ROMsmania

If you have played games in your earlier days then I am pretty much sure you must have heard about Super Mario. Our next website is also known as Super Mario just because of the interface it gives to its users.

When you open this site you have a big screen super Mario games feature image. If I say about its interface anyone can easily find his desired file from here.

GBA ROMs, GBC ROMs, NDS ROMs, and many more are on the list which you can download from this site. This site is trustable because of the old site and can’t ditch its users.

So if you are looking to download ROMs then you can try this game. The best thing about this site is you can play your favorite old games online here without downloading them.

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16. ROMs World

The ROMs world is also a great choice for ROMs finders. Because if you still wish to play your favorite childhood game then this site is the solution for you.

You can get several platforms for them you can download ROMs like Playstation, PSX, PSP, Nintendo DS, and many more list along with that this site gives you an option where you can find top ROMs by just clicking on TOP ROMS.

You can download iso files from here. So this should be the best solution for you.

17. RomUlation

RomUlation is an awesome site with an awesome user-friendly interface. If you want to download anything from this site. But you have to create an account that is free.

Right after creating an account, you get 10000 points. These points will be used when you download something from this site. Let’s suppose if you want to download a file whose size is around 200MB then 200 points will be deducted from your account.

Click on search and type your desired keyword and you get the result.

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18. ROM Nation

Last but not least website from the list of Best Safe ROM Download Sites is ROM Nation. This website has a great interface that helps its users to understand easily. Some famous games you can find here on ROM Nation like The King Of Fighters, Metal Slug3, and others super Mario, etc.

When you open this site you don’t need to sign up you can check your needed file, All the file is mentioned with file size and rating given by the users if the file is available then create an account and download it.

I am sure after reading this article some questions come to your mind about ROMs. Right? Therefore I picked some common questions.

FAQs Relate ROM Download

Is it legal to download ROM?

Answer: Yes, it’s legal to download the ROM if you are owning a copy of the game.

Is Custom ROM safe?

Answer: Yes, custom ROM is safe as long as you download it from a trusted and secure site. You can download from any of the sites which are completely safe and secure.

From Which Site I Should Download The ROM?

Answer: There are plenty of websites with help of them you can download ROM, a few of them I mentioned above. You can consider them before downloading ROM

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Gamers need ROM so there are a number of websites available on the internet but most of them are not secure so I found some of the best, safe, and most secure sites. In this article, I provided you best and most secure ROM Download Sites.

You can download your desired ROM and IOS from these sites. I hope you liked the article. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this you can leave a comment below.

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