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7 Best Viral Video Sites like TopBuzz

TopBuzz was a popular platform for users to discover and share viral content. However, TopBuzz is no longer available. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 7 best sites like TopBuzz in 2023. These sites are great alternatives for users who are looking to discover and share viral content.

We’ll provide you with an overview of each site, including its features, user interface, and content categories. We’ll also explain how to use these sites to discover and share viral content and we’ll help you decide which one is best for you.

These sites offer a variety of content categories, including news, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle. You can also customize your feed based on your interests and preferences.

If you don’t want to hide the bookmark of these sites, take your entertainment game to the next level.

By reading this article, you’ll be able to discover new platforms to find and share viral content. So, if you’re looking for alternatives to TopBuzz, read on. Our guide will help you find the best sites like TopBuzz in 2023.

About TopBuzz (Best Viral Video Site)

What is TopBuzz? TopBuzz is a media news outlet that originated in Beijing and to be honest, there is not much to find out about them.

They are not coming forward with information about their company. So even if you take a look at their legal terms and conditions, You will not find much information about them. 

TopBuzz is not an MCN Network and I know a lot of people think that they are. But they are not. So they will not offer you any kind of advantage, access to content creator platforms, or anything like that.

On the other hand, they are also offering you a monetization option. However, they do not reveal how they monetize your videos. 


The biggest threat for you as a YouTuber is that they give you the option to automatically import all the content you have created on YouTube and not check whether you own the content.

So here’s the first really bad thing about TopBuzz, in my opinion. They state that they have some kind of verification process to check whether you own the content. But, to be honest, I didn’t notice any such stuff when I set it up. 

Then they imported all your content into TopBuzz. You get an overview of all your content when you start to browse through it.

You will realize that they cut off about 75% of your descriptions from your videos. If you are an experienced YouTube content creator.  I don’t need to tell you that you’re losing a huge part of your description. 

However, that’s a bad thing because nobody can opt our audience to your website, Amazon affiliate links, or whatever you’re using to monetize your content.

TopBuzz has really big potential if you want to build up another income stream because you can post your articles, your videos, and just about everything else that you want to create. So, you have the option to create unique content for TopBuzz. 


They can even take off your content after a while, as I have experienced a few times back. But, you have to face the fact that the content you’re trading there will have a short lifetime. Whereas on YouTube, most of your videos have a long lifespan, and sometimes.

So, that was too much about TopBuzz. Now, let’s see some of the best sites, like TopBuzz.

7 Best Viral Video Sites like TopBuzz

7 best alternative apps for TopBuzz

So let’s look at some pretty similar sites like TopBuzz. 

Each one of us today likes viral news. It’s something that’s hot and trending at a particular time. 

So let’s dive deep and see sites/apps similar to TopBuzz’s

#1 Reddit

reddit- viral app like topbuzz

One of the 7 best Viral Video sites, like TopBuzz, is Reddit. With Reddit, you can access specific targeted audiences.

People who are interested in specific topics and live in target locations. It is a great place for us to talk in terms of technology and the market. Reddit is a community-based aggregator of content just like TopBuzz.

In other words, it’s an asocial platform where you can submit posts and get “upvotes” or “Downvotes” based on their likability.

If your post gets lots of “Upvotes” the Reddit algorithm tries to push that post higher so that more people can see it. And if your post gets too many “Downvotes” Reddit gradually falls off the post and disappears.

To use Reddit you don’t need to provide much of your information except your username and email address.

This limited information makes you anonymous. Reddit always keeps track of your activities, despite you being anonymous which includes a list of your comments, submission, and tally of your karma, and with this, we have kept it in the 7 best viral video sites like TopBuzz.

It also displays how much Reddit gold you have bought, the subreddit you manage, and your trophy case of achievements. The ability to stay anonymous has not changed, while users have to accept the new profile.

#2 BuzzFeed

Buzzfeed-best viral sites like topbuzz

BuzzFeed another app is similar to TopBuzz. BuzzFeed technically started in 2006 as an algorithm to find articles from across the web with virality. To them, it wasn’t until 2011 that they started to produce their infamous listicles.

These were low-effort but easily consumable articles that could be shared on sites like Facebook and drive a ton of new traffic.

The following year they began to slowly ramp up their video division to make content similar as their articles are another among the 7 best Viral Video Sites like TopBuzz.

Eventually, the videos became more popular than the articles and would dominate the recommended tab on YouTube. BuzzFeed mostly receives its traffic by creating content that is shared on social media.

You can change your preferences to see what articles they are showing me at any time. So overall it’s one of the good apps like TopBuzz. As a user, I can rate each article and comment. So if you haven’t tried this one out yet. Go ahead and try now.

#3 Flipboard

flipboard- best viral sites like topbuzz

Flipboard has honestly game-changed the way that I consume and I believe this has to be in the list of 7 Best Viral Video Sites like TopBuzz.

Daily news media and it’s just been an awesome way to flip through the content like a magazine and get my daily dose of news. Flipboard has honestly everything that I need to stay ahead of my current affairs in just a very fun way to stay relevant and informed.

So definitely do check out this app now. You can flip it through as if you’re on social media and it’s just such an easy-to-use beautiful interface.

So for example, if I have selected “workouts” you will be able to see the other hashtags that are associated with the word workouts. What they do is that they just collect a bunch of stories for us to look at and you can see the latest news on the go.

you can see that all the news that they have uploaded is supercurrent. With Flipboard, you can create your own boards and magazines for yourself to browse later.

You will be able to connect your Twitter account with Flipboard which makes it very convenient if you want to follow other profiles that you’ve already been following. 

#4 News Republic

NewsRepublic-viral sites like topbuzz

As the name says, the News Republic is a news app that shows you the latest news which includes international news, political, economic, sports, entertainment, etc on your smartphone. Well-designed and responsive apps like TopBuzz.

Another of the 7 Best Viral Video Sites like TopBuzz which presents information, attractive design, and visual interface are some great highlights of the News Republic App.

You will be amazed at its detailed categories, cloud tags for finding items, or thumbnail that has made it user-friendly. Just select the category for which you want to get the news. You are all set.

The News Republic app allows you to share your articles, save and read them later.  There is no fake content/video on this site. This site can be a TopBuzz alternative.

With its authenticity, it provides you seamlessly and 100% free content throughout with its wide categories to offer such as weather, what’s trending, fashion, and a lot more. It saves your precious time by fetching the specific content you are searching for.

#5 News Break

News break site

Founded by a Chinese media veteran, who worked formerly in the Yahoo lab in Beijing, Jeff Zheng. News Break is looking to fill the gap and connect Americans by letting us know what is happening actually.

News Break is not as presentable as its name. Having a default color of Red and black – these two colors aren’t apt for easy reading.

Secondly, the scrolling movement of the app is sticky and pages take too long to load I have kept it on #5 in the list of 7 Best Viral Video Sites like TopBuzz.

It has a sidebar on the left which provides you the clear visibility of their top channels like Politics, Sports, Lifestyle, and Economy is few to mention. You can add the location for which you want to get the news.

Newsbreak also provides a mobile app for both Android and iOS. On the top right corner, you can find Creator, Publisher, and Advertiser options. Just at its right, there is the option for notifications, a mobile app, and log-in.

Use it as per your need. News Break is America’s number 1 News App and one of the best apps like Topbuzz.

The app has been positively rated with 4.4 stars on Android with 113k views and 4.8 stars on iOS with 185k reviews. If you are looking for a genuine and latest update, I recommend you try this app.

# 6 Fast News

fast news

6th position in the list of 7 Best Viral Video Sites like TopBuzz is Fast News. It is an RSS feed reader, unlike other feature-full news apps.

This is the best app for daily readers as it doesn’t have to do much on the screen. Fetches you the news directly and immediately without waiting any time. Though this app is in its beta state of Version 3.2 which has updated its interface lately.

This app is well-optimized for low bandwidth usage and high download speed, which makes it easy to differentiate between two different articles.

It’s fast and responsive, you can use it on the go whenever you want, allows you to compare articles from different newspapers The biggest advantage is it doesn’t run ads on the app.

Countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, India, Germany, and many more are supported.

Frontpage is the most crucial element for newspapers with all the latest news, gossip, entertainment, and more to be seen.  Though it’s free, there is no official support you may be provided. 

However, they will try to answer your question but they don’t guarantee it. I had used this app just because of its lightning-fast features and I recommend you try it if you have not tried it yet.

# 7 Dailyhunt


Dailyhunt is in 7th position in the list of 7 Best Viral Video Sites like TopBuzz that fulfills your need if you have been looking for a site that can share your video of the day.

I have included Dailyhunt in the list of sites that are similar to TopBuzz because it covers news on sports, information, and the latest news for almost every category and is of good quality.

Approx 3 Billion monthly pageviews that exclude the home screen. Formerly called Newshunt, Dailyhunt was created by an ex-Nokia employee in 2009.

The key insight about India was an advantageous factor that was gained in the early days which led this app favorable for Indians.

Running number #1 in 19 countries according to App Annie analytics from the Middle East to Asia and Eastern Europe to South America. It’s all about the survival of the fittest and how you can evolve to survive.

It is one of the best viral video sites like TopBuzz which can keep you updated with SMS alerts as well. Though many of us might have used it once in our lifetime it still keeps up with today’s competitive world. 

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The above-mentioned are the 7 best Viral Video Sites like TopBuzz that I have used and experienced every aspect of these apps. Although some have very simple interfaces while other apps have dynamic and responsive features.

But all these have one thing in common is that they all are great TopBuzz alternatives that can provide you with almost the same experience as TopBuzz. 

I hope that this comprehensive article has all answers to your questions. Don’t forget to try each one of these apps similar to TopBuzz. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn money from creating content on viral content sites?

Yes, some viral content sites offer monetization options for creators, such as revenue sharing, sponsored content, and advertising.

How can I find new and interesting viral content?

One way to discover new viral content is to follow popular social media accounts and hashtags. You can also browse viral content sites and subscribe to newsletters or social media accounts that curate viral content.

What types of content perform well on viral content sites?

Content that is emotional, relatable, informative, or entertaining tends to perform well on viral content sites. Examples include listicles, how-to guides, videos, and memes.

Are there any downsides to creating content for viral content sites?

One potential downside is the pressure to constantly produce content that will go viral, which can lead to burnout and stress. Additionally, some viral content sites have been criticized for promoting clickbait and low-quality content.

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