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How To Allocate More RAM To A Game On Windows 10 PC?

Today, we came up with an interesting topic “How to allocate RAM to a Game in Windows 10?”

It happens to us that we install some application, program, or game and are unable to run it because of the lack of insufficient RAM in our device (computer) that’s why we came up with this article.

We can not change our PC for the RAM but there are some alternative ways to allocate more RAM to the device.

There are many games such as Minecraft, GTA, and other high-quality games that have been renowned by game lovers for the preceding few years. This game is available for many platforms, including, Mac, and Windows.

As with other games, these take up your RAM. What becomes the issue is that such games use only 1 GB of RAM by default or even more.

Fortunately, you have to allocate more extra RAM for a better game experience. here is how to allocate more RAM to such games.

Let’s move to the solution:

Does Allocating More RAM Runs The Game More Smoothly?

The short answer is YES !! Generally, games need more RAM to run smoothly, therefore you have noticed that lack of ram causes the game to lag, hang, and all.

Even Ram plays a vital role to run any software to run perfectly. Your RAM divides into parts for every program you run.

But you can use the below method to allocate more RAM to a particular game.

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Allocate More RAM To A Game In Windows 10

There are multiple ways to Allocate More RAM To A Game. So we will talk about each process and will share it with you step by step, which will make it easy for you to choose the easiest one for your convenience.

You can try any of them, because all work perfectly, as all are tested by our technical support.

Use Task Manager To Allocate More RAM To A Game

As some programs need some more extra memory than others to perform, for doing this you can use the Task Manager to allocate extra memory to the specific processes happening in your computer to increase the performance.

For doing this follow the steps mentioned below:

Step-1. Open your Task Manager by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” or you can right-click on the button near the time and date, and a list of options will open. Now click on Task Manager.

Step-2. After the Task Manager window opens, go to “Processes” by clicking on it.

Step-3. Now right-click on the unwanted program running here and click on End process to close the program. It will allow free space for the other programs running on the PC

Step-4. Now go to the services here and you will see here the services may you don’t need, for stopping the services, right-click on the service which you don’t need.

It will also free the memory which helps to run the other program better.

Step-5. You can also set priority to the programs for which you want to allocate more space and run faster. But it’s only possible when our CPU is 100 %, otherwise, it will not affect any program or settings.

For setting Priority, the task manager go to process. Then right-click on the program in which you want to set priority. And then choose set priority now set as per your choice.

Increase RAM Using Performance Option.

First of all, right-click on This PC ICON. Now go to properties, here you can see your installed memory, which means RAM.

  • Now go to the start menu, then click on settings
  • Go to system, then select storage system.
  • Now click on This PC, wait for some time, then click on system and reserve. Now you can see your virtual memory.

Step-1: Go to File Explorer, right-click on it, then Properties, Now click on advance system settings.

Step-2: Your System Properties Window opens, now go to the advance tab, now click on Settings in the Performance section.

Step-3: Now the Performance Option will open, now go to the advance tab, click on change, and untick the automatic option.

Step-4: Now click on custom size here you can set the maximum size in MB. You can increase the size of virtual memory. It has to be no less than 1.5 times and no more than 3 times the amount of RAM on your PC.

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Make RAM more Usable.

Step-1: Click on the Start button, and type MSConfig in the Search programs & files box. And then click on MSConfig from the Programs list.

Step-2: From the System Configuration window, click on Advanced options from the Boot tab.

Step-3: Clear the maximum check box, so that it becomes more efficient, click on OK.

Step-4: Restart the PC.

Increase RAM from BIOS Setting

Step-1: Shut down your computer.

Step-2: Restart the pc during the restarting process initially happens. Then press the boot key repeatedly from your keyboard to open the Boot Menu.

Step-3: When BIOS Menu opens you can set your share memory size.

Now check whether your Game runs or not.

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So above mentioned are the ways to allocate more RAM to a game in Windows 10. You can also add a new RAM to your PC for allocating more RAM.

The games are very high quality nowadays, also the sizes of these games are very big. That’s why they use so much space on the computer.

But then also the PC is unable to run the game because of the graphics issue or some other issues like RAM.

So, we came up with this article in which we explain the multiple ways from which you can allocate more RAM to a game in your Windows.

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