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Before we hop into some sites like Thingiverse, let’s know something in brief about Thingiverse. Thingiverse was created by MakerBot, years and years ago and it was the first real 3d printing file repository.

Originally it wasn’t even for 3d printing. You could get laser cutting files and anything you could use to download and then make stuff. 

Later, it quickly became known as the go-to place for STL models for 3d printing. These days it’s owned by Stratasys which bought MakerBot and now it’s the biggest by far place to get STL files but its sociability is poor.

It’s almost impossible to find exactly what, just because of the sheer volume of models and the fact that the navigation wasn’t ever improved. 

The quality of models is also pretty low as compared to other sites’ models. Which we are going to discuss later in this post. There’s no quality control, everyone can upload just anything to it which is hard to tell if the model is suitable for 3d printing or if it works well or not.

That was much about Thingiverse but it’s sad. Anyway, moving on, let’s see some sites like Thingiverse which are a lot more advanced and provide great features and quality models.

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#1 MyMiniFactory – Best Sites Like Thingiverse

Myminifactory, the whole thing is “guaranteed printable”, I don’t know if they still say that. These models are tested. So you’re going to get a much better user experience when you download models from here vs the Russian Roulette of Thingiverse. It’s one the awesome sites like Thingiverse 

Myminifactory has exploded in very little time with so many models available here. What I like is – the models from the scan the world initiative where people go to museums around the world, sites 3d scan things like statues and artifacts and make them available for free to download and print. 

It recently expanded off two paid files. This means you can buy models on Myminifactory. If you’re a 3d designer you can upload and pay a certain fee to sell your 3d printed models.

Overall you can find really good models in heaps of different categories. It’s very easy to search and very easy to find interesting categories. Model quality in general is very good.

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#2 YouMagine

Another one of the best sites like Thingiverse is YouMagine. It’s somewhat like Thingiverse which is owned by Ultimaker. It’s essentially the same thing, it’s not as big as Thingiverse and the model quality is generally a bit higher. 

Few designers use YouMagine exclusively because it’s got such a good sort of open-source following. The creative commons license is very well respected here.

YouMagine has some cool models inside. It’s just not as big as Myminifactory. Not as big as Thingiverse. 

In terms of price, I don’t think anything on YouMagine is all free. As I mentioned, the whole idea is open-source designs so you’re not going to pay anything for YouMagine.

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#3 Cults3d – Best Sites Like Thingiverse

Cults3d is a french founder 3d file repository where you can find incredibly high-quality models that are free and paid. It’s on #3 in the list of sites like Thingiverse. You can also sell your models on the website or you can buy high-quality files and you can also find very good 3d printable files that are free. 

The thing I like about Cults3d is that there is a very high aesthetic level so a lot of models on this site are very well designed in terms of their aesthetics.

They look very good if you’re going to print demo models. A lot of designers find their homes here because they get financial support here. 

You’ll find a good mix of free and paid models. In terms of searching, it’s very easy to organize categories here like art, fashion, jewelry, and many more. They also do contests as well which is a great way of bringing lots of new models in.

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#4 Smithsonian

The Smithsonian is still active. Unfortunately like the NASA STL repository did slow down significantly after 2015 with only one model a year sometimes but Smithsonian

still has heaps of things that you can view and in many cases download and 3d print. 

The whole idea behind this is that they can 3d scan and incredibly fragile artifacts because the Smithsonian has a lot of artifacts in their possession that allows you to 3d print and share it with people in a way that they can touch and explore. 

The cool thing about the Smithsonian models is it has got an STL file for 3d printing which wrapped and prepared to be 3d printable without any issues. There is no cost to these models, you can download a 3d but their terms are very specific. 

They are for non-commercial use but only for personal use and therefore educational purposes. You cannot print and sell them that’s against their terms of service

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To conclude: these were 4 alternatives to Thingiverse. Hopefully, you like this post. Other sites that I have not mentioned that you prefer working with. Let me know down in the comments below and I’ll add it to this blog. 

All these sites are really great if you are looking for something related to 3d printing and models and offer really high quality of 3d models in comparison to Thingiverse. Check out these guys and have fun. Abide by the rules always. Cheers!

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