How To Hide Bookmark Bar In Chrome?

All of us have articles that we want to save and at times we bookmark them to re-read them later.

But, you do not like others to see. What we have bookmarked. Especially if you are using your tablet or maybe a computer-bookmarked page is in a conspicuous place.

Even if you don’t want others to have a look at your bookmark If you don’t like others to see the bookmarks intrinsically all of your bookmarks are shown in the Chrome bar.

Spoiler Alert

So to deal with such a problem either you can disable or hide the bookmark option at your bar.

This way no one would be able to peek at your bookmarks. And you can rest assured when you give away your respective devices to someone for use.

In this article, we help with how you can hide your bookmark from your chrome bar. So without further ado let us get started.

What exactly is a bookmark bar?

A bookmark bar is an essential tool for your bookmarking. When you saved or bookmarked an article your respective article will be shown at the top of your chrome bar.

This way you would not have to look for your bookmarked pages anywhere.

The bookmark bar was designed while keeping mind two to keep the user satisfied. So that users can have an understandable experience.

But soon this bookmark bar has become a burden. When all of your recent bookmarks are exposed for others to see. Even if you don’t want them to see.

You might feel that your privacy has been invaded. So how to deal with this?

Read furthermore, to know more.

Hide Your Bookmark Bar In Google Chrome.

The most simple and straightforward approach to conceal your bookmark bar is to hide them.

Thus, Hiding your Bookmark Bar would suppress people’s curiosity to check your bookmarking.

How you can do it? Is mentioned in the steps below. Just follow up on all the written steps and you would be good to go.

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Technique 1:- Hide Your Bookmark Bar Using Your Keyboard

If you are someone who frequently uses their computer or laptop then. My friend this hack is for you.

The way you can hide or conceal your bookmark bar is simply by pressing a few keys on your respective keyboards.

Steps To Follow

  • Open up your “Chrome.”
  • Then press “Ctrl + shift + B” from your keyboard.
  • Once you have pressed the keys, your Bookmark Bar should be hidden from your Chrome Bar.

Wasn’t it simple? Let us see other methods by which you can conceal your bookmark bar.

Technique 2:- Hide Your Bookmark Bar Using the Setting option.

Sometimes the command doesn’t work in properly, or maybe your keyboard is not working. So what to do in such a scenario?

Do not fret, I have the answer to this question. Instead of using the keyboard keys, you can use the Chrome Settings option.

How to do this? Read more to know more.

1. Open up your Chrome Browser on your respective devices.

2. You can also use your mobile phone for this and switch your mobile phone Chrome to Desktop mode.

3. Now on the top right of your screen click on the three dots.

Hide Bookmark bar for chrome-1

4. Under that select the “Settings option.”

Hide Bookmark bar for chrome-2

5. Under that click on the “Setting Tab” and click “Appearance”.

As shown in the picture below.

Hide Bookmark bar for chrome-3

6. Once you can click on the Appearance option, you now be able to see the bookmark option.

The bookmark option is by default turned on. Turned it off.

Hide Bookmark bar for chrome-4

Once you have turned off the bookmark option. When you look up again at your chrome bar you can no longer view your bookmark there.

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Technique 3:- Hide Your Bookmark Bar Using Bookmark Option.

Instead of doing all of the steps, you can directly switch off or conceal your bookmark.

So how do you do this? Follow up on the steps mentioned and you would be good to go.

1. Open your chrome browser on your computer. Do make sure you are login into the Google account in which you want to disable the bookmark.

2. Once you have opened up chrome, click on the three dots given on the right corner of your screen.

Hide Bookmark bar for chrome-1

3. In that go to the “Bookmark option.”

Hide Bookmark bar for chrome-5

4. Tight next to the Bookmark option you will notice a drop-down menu. Click on it.

5. A option will pop up on your screen. Uncheck it.

That’s it you can see the bookmark bar has disappeared.

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How to unhide your bookmark bar on Google Chrome?

Now that you have managed to hide your bookmark bar on google chrome. But what if now you don’t have to hide it anymore?

Maybe you find it inconvenient due to your hidden bookmark bar.

So how do we unhide or view the bookmark bar again?

The process is quite simple. When at the time you have turned off the bookmark option, turn it back on.

And you can simply be able to view your bookmark bar on your google chrome.

In addition to that, you can either use the shortcut key to view your bookmark bar again.

Merely press the “Ctrl + shift + B” and you would be good to go.

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To Sum Up

In this article, we have explained in detail how you can use various ways to conceal or hide your bookmark bar easily.

I have cited how you can use the shortcut key and how using the bookmark option you can conceal your bookmark bar

I hope that this article was able to fulfill your desire to know how to hide your bookmark bar.

And if you still have any questions let us know in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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