How To Hide Bookmark Bar In Chrome?

How To Hide Bookmark Bar In Chrome
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If you don’t like the bookmarks bar in Chrome, you can disable or hide the bookmark bar in Google Chrome on any device. This article is going to be really helpful for you. Once you applied the setting then the bookmark bar will not show on the new tab.

If you want then you can make these changes permanent or temporary as per your choice. These changes will be beneficial for your to access these saved bookmarks if you are using bookmark manager for google chrome. And also you can save new bookmarks under your bookmark bar.

The bookmark bar in Chrome is hidden by default by the Google administration because it is a cause of little distractions.

What is a bookmarks bar?

The bookmarks bar is a really important feature that appears just below the browser of the box. It usually displays your favorite saved pages which can help you to navigate to a page with a single click.

These bookmarks can be used to access any web page quickly. In this way, you don’t have to type what you are searching for. If you bookmark a page it will become very easy to access the page wherever you need to look for your favorite pages saved under your bookmark bar.

How to hide the bookmark bar in Google Chrome?

If you really want to hide the bookmark bar in Chrome then you can follow these simple and easy methods given below.

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You can use this short key to hide your bookmark easily from your google chrome:

Ctrl + shift + B


1. Go to the Chrome Browser on your computer and click on the menu which is vertical dots at the top right of your screen.

Hide Bookmark bar for chrome-1

2. Now click on the Settings option.

Hide Bookmark bar for chrome-2

3. The settings window will pop up on your screen.

4. Now go to the Setting tab, Here you can see the appearance option. Click on it.

Hide Bookmark bar for chrome-3

5. On the appearance screen, you can see the Show bookmark option. Now turn it off.

Hide Bookmark bar for chrome-4

Bingooo! That’s it, You can see there is no more bookmark bar on your google chrome.

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1. Open the chrome browser on your computer.

2. Go to the Options menu ( 3 dots at your top left corner of the tab)

Hide Bookmark bar for chrome-1

3. You can see the Bookmark option in this menu, Place your arrow cursor on it.

Hide Bookmark bar for chrome-5

4. You can see another drop-down menu list will appear.

5. Tab on the Show bookmark option to uncheck it.

That’s it you can see the bookmark bar is disappeared now.

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How can you get the toolbar back on Google Chrome?

You had already disappeared from the Chrome bookmarks bar now what if you want it back on your Google Chrome.

Well, there is nothing you can do differently to show your bookmark bar on google chrome. Just follow the same steps that you applied to hide your bookmark bar.

Or you can simply press the short key given in the first method: “Ctrl + shift + B

That’s it, You can now see your bookmark bar again in chrome.

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Wrapping up

So, in the above content, you have got all the things that you need to know to hide the bookmark bar in google chrome. The bookmark toolbar is a really useful feature that is used to store the links which you want to save for future reference.

Above in this topic, you get all three methods to hide the bookmarks bar from Google Chrome. And also you get the method of how to show the bookmarks toolbar on Google Chrome.

I hope this content is really helpful to you. I will be glad to know if you share your experience in the comment section. If you have any queries related to this content ask them in the comment section given below. I will try to read your queries as soon as possible. Thank you

Keep smiling and keep shining.

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