How To Change The Color Of Text Message On Android?

Change The Color Of Text Message On Android

Before starting this article about How Do I Change The Color Of My Text Message On Android? I want to ask a question to all…

“Who doesn’t like customization?” 

Simply comment I Do or I Don’t. 

I’m sure everyone likes customization in every part of our life. 

When I was young I used to change or customize everything around me, like my PC, Laptop or mobile and all. 

That time I had a Nokia 1100 so I wasn’t completely able to do all customization and all. But to be honest I wanted to change everything.

But at that time not many options and functions were available but now in this generation. Where everyone using screen touch mobile they can charge whatever they want. 

Especially kids want to change text color when they chat with people of different types. 

But unfortunately, we don’t get inbuilt any software in our phone where we can change so we stuck like how to do it. No worries. 

So here in this article, I am going to tell you the ways to Change The Color Of My Text Message On Android?

But, before going further you need to understand there is no inbuilt option there in our phone, with help of these we can change the color of text messages on Android. 

But fortunately, we can use third-party apps where we can easily change the color of text messages. 

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So, Let’s begin to learn the process

How to change the color of text message on Android

To change the color of text messages on android, try one of these best apps available on the google play store:


Launch Handcent. Click on the star icon to open the menu. Click on settings> custom style and bubble settings. 

  1. You get two options here. One is the color bar and the second is transparency. Click on the outgoing bubble and move the color sidebar accordingly to your choice. Once you like the color stop there and as the same move transparent.
  2. Now click on the back button and choose “Incoming bubble color”  do this process twice to find the color behind the text. Press back twice to save the theme. 

Chomp SmS

  1. Launch Chomp SMS and click on the menu
  2. Click on settings then customized the look
  3. Like in earlier apps I show you simply click on incoming and outgoing bubble settings. Use the color (RED, GREEN, and BLUE) to pick your favorite color and now transparency. 
  4. Press the Back button twice to exit the option, there is an extra option you can get it may ask your file name when you click on save it.

Go SmS Pro

  1. Install Go SMS Pro app from the play store. Launch the app and click on the menu.
  2. Click on settings > Advanced TAB. > Conversation Customization.
  3. Same like earlier apps click on Incoming Background color or outgoing background color to change the bubble color. Choose color and transparency as we did in previous apps.
  4. Click on the back button twice to get back in the settings menu. Now you will an option “SAVE”
  5. Choose New and type a new name for your theme. 
  6. Click Save. 

Note: All the apps which I told you can download them from Google Play Store. 

So here is the full process about it. I have given 3 app ideas with help of any of them you can change the color of the text message in android. 

I hope you liked this article regarding How Do I Change The Color Of My Text Message On Android?

If so you can share this article with the needed one. If you have any questions or suggestions you can ask me in the comment section. 

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