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How To Clear Clipboard On Android?

Have you ever thought that someone can steal your data or password via the clipboard given on your respective android phones? No? What if I tell you that data on your android phone can help the hacker access your temporary chats?

Yes, it’s possible. Very option we tend to use the clipboard option to copy paste text, password or even bank related details when sending it to someone.

But have to ever wondered if those data ever get cleared by their own? Then unfortunately no they don’t. You have to either clear them on your own or turn off the clipboard mode so that they are not save on your clipboard history.

Here are some off amazing ways which i myself have tried and tested to check their accuracy and to my surprise they work like wonders. So, what are we waiting for let us get started with our article to know different ways to clear your clipboard data.

Where do you find the clipboard on Android phones?

You cannot immediately access the data if you are using stock Android mobile devics.While on the other hand on Samsung smartphones, the clipboard directory’s data option allows you to retrieve the clipboard history.

Android clipboard

Even onboarding there you can’t access the file without rooting your phone but you can access the clipboard history on any Android phone by using the clipboard Manager app.

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Copy and paste on Android

If you are a new smartphone user, the copy and paste functionality is simpler than you think. Most people copy and paste the contents from the browser to another location.

If you want to do it, here’s how you do it. The copy and paste feature on smartphones are easier to use than you might believe if you’re just starting out.

The majority of individuals copy and paste web content from one place to another. Here’s how to do it if you want to.

Step 1: – To begin with, long-press the text you want to copy or trim. Drag the region you want to copy with the aid of the highlighter handles. Pick the copy option from the list.

Copy and paste clipboard

Step 2: – Once the text is copied, navigate where you want to paste it. Long press on the placeholder again. After copying the content, find the location where you want to paste it. The paste button will appear if you long-press the placeholder once more.

The full text that you copied will be pasted when you select the option to paste.

Clear Clipboard history using various ways

There is not a fix way in which you can clear your clipboard. We are showing you how one by one.

Method 1: – Erase clipboard temporarily

This is the simplest option to clear the current content of the clipboard by copying the new text on Android. To do this, simply follow the steps.

Google App

Step 1: – Go to any app which lets you copy content to clipboards like Google Chrome or any webpage.  For this we are using the Google app you can use anyone you want.

Copy the text

Step 2: – Just press long on a word and they content like Cut, copy, select all, and more will be shown on your screen. Select on the copy option. This will copy the new word and clear the previously copied content on the clipboard.

This is the easiest way to instantly delete the clipboard text. Although that doesn’t mean you cannot see which text you have copy before you still can for that use the next method mentions, and you would be good to go.

Method 2: – Clear clipboard history permanently

There are built-in features provided by Android to clear the clipboard history permanently. However, it completely depends on what Android version you have. 

Different Android versions have different functions and ways to clear the clipboard history. Here are the steps to do it on recent versions of Android. 

{NOTE: These steps are used on Android version 9}

Step 1: – Navigate to any app which lets you perform clipboard functions. For instance, Go to messaging apps.

Step 2: – Try to type anything / Put the cursor anywhere to type. As the keyboard appears, you will see a + or sign similar to it on the left side of the keyboard.

Step 3: – Click on the + or similar sign. From many options that appear, click on the clipboard option.

Step 4: – Delete the things you don’t want in your clipboard.

Wasn’t that easy-peasy? Now let us look at what steps need to be taken if your version is above 9 like android version 12 this is how you can clear your clipboard data easily.

Method 3: – Clear clipboard data permanently

The next method works for who wants to delete Clipboard data permanently. And also, for those who have Android phone version above 9.

Google app

Step 1: – First and the foremost step is open up any app which enables you to copy text. It can also be search engine apps like Chrome and Google. Both works perfectly fine.

Clipboard option

Steo 2: – Either give the blank space a long press or type a random word and when the option pops up select the option called Clipboard.

Click on Clipboard

Step 3: – Now the next step would be once you are done selecting the clipboard you would see that all of your copy text would be should. Now on the right hand comer you would notice a trash icon click on it.

Clear Clipboard

Step 4: – Once done with that the system would ask you again whether you want to delete or clear the existing data on the clipboard. Click on Yes or Ok.

Clear clipboard history

Step 5: – After you are done with that you would notice that all the copied text are no longer visible or found on the clipboard. This way you can permanently delete the data which you have copied on the clipboard.

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Method 4: – Clear clipboard text by Clipboard Manager app

Clipboard manager app

Clearing clipboard history via clipper clipboard manager is the easiest way to access clipboard history. Among the alternatives available, the clipper clipboard manager available on Google Play Store is one of the easiest to use.

Dow loading Clipboard Manager app

Step 1: – Go to Google Play Store and download the clipper clipboard Manager app. Install the app and Launch It. Whenever you copy any text or save it to the clipboard it will appear on the clipboard block inside the app.

Step 2: – On the top right corner of the screen press 3 dots of the clipboard snippet to open a menu with more options.

Step 3: – Here you will see, view, edit, share, or select text so you can paste it anywhere you like. Clipper clipboard manager gives you access to the clipboard history so you can delete anything.

However, when using clipboard Manager on Android you can only clear what you have recently saved on the clipboard.

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Method 5: – Disable the Clipboard option

Not every time it is possible for you to clear the clipboard text manually so here is the perfect method just for you if you don’t want to delete the text every time.

Step 1: – Open the app or any chrome browser. Then give it a long press till you see the copy, paste and clipboard option available shown on your screen.

Clipboard enable option

Step 2: – Now click on the Clipboard option and once you’re done that on the right-hand corner you would notice an icon which is in blue, and it is also turned on. All you need to do is click on the blue icon to disable the Clipboard option.

Once you are done with it, your clipboard should show message that only up to 20 texts can be copied would show on the clipboard and they would be deleted after 1 hour of time.

End Note:

It’s disappointing when you use a clipboard manager to just copy and paste the text and images.

It’s really disappointing when you use a clipboard manager to just copy and paste the text and images. But it is useful also when you have to send repetitive messages again and again to save time and effort.

It is essential to know how to clear out unnecessary chunk data once you don’t need it anymore. You can clear it easily by either the clipboard manager or different clipboard managing apps.

It is essential to know how to clear out unnecessary chunk data once you don’t need it anymore. You can clear it easily by either the clipboard manager or different clipboard managing apps.

Follow the guide and let us know if you find any difficulty in erasing! Until then, keep reading to know more~!!

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