How To Get iPhone Emojis On Android?

How To Get iPhone Emojis On Android
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Learn how to get iPhone emojis on android phones. Well, iPhone emojis are amazing, include emotions, faces, and character glyphs that are available in different categories. But many peoples out there are android lovers and wants to use iPhone emojis on their android phone. So we are here to help you with this.

Recently android has added emojis with the help of a third-party app. So you can install the app on your android and have the best iPhone emojis ever seen on android.

These emojis are up to date and you can use these emojis on android with no issue. There are different categories in the app which make it easy to find your desired emoji. Also, you can share these emojis with your friends through social media and text messages.

The iPhone has introduced a new way of making people more connected through emotions. Different emoji images include emotions like laughing, anger, love, sadness, or joy. These images can be used while chatting with friends or while sending messages to relatives and family members.

It is amazing for a device to fit in everything that you need. There are some sticker maker apps peoples used to create emoji’s and stricker. But sometimes it does not work as perfectly as it should do. So, let’s try and find out how you can get these different iPhone emojis on your android phone.

How to get iPhone emojis for android?

One of the most amazing features is that emojis are symbols on some devices, but unfortunately, you can’t use them on your gadget. If you want to use iPhone emojis on your Android smartphone, then follow some steps:

  1. To begin, install an app that allows you to install an iPhone emoji keyboard.
  2. Search for an Apple emoji keyboard in the Play Store on your smartphone.
  3. You’ll have a lot of alternatives when it comes to applications. Kika Emoji keyboard, Swift emoji keyboard, face emoji keyboard, and colour emoji keyboard are some of the most popular alternatives.
iPhone Emogi keyboard Apps
  1. When you’ve found an app that appeals to you, click on it.
  2. Start installing the app on your device by going to the app’s dashboard. 
  3. Then go to the settings app on your phone or tablet. 
  4. On your device, go to the keyboard settings
  5. The methods to get there may differ depending on whatever gadget you have. On most Android devices, you’ll have to choose your language and input.
iPhone Emogi for Android
  1. Then click on the emoji keyboard you just loaded.

 That’s all there is to it when it comes to getting iPhone emojis on your Android phone.

Another alternative

There are other ways also to get iPhone emojis on Android smartphones. But they are not as popular and flexible as the given method. However, you can try these too in order to get the emojis.

Using iPhone Emogi's on chat

Using a third-party app

There is a third-party app named Emoji Font 3 which you can install from third-party apps or from unknown sources.

The Google Play Store does not include Emoji Font 3. You’ll need to get it from a third-party store. You must allow the “Unknown sources” option on your phone in order to download programs from any third-party app store. Follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Select Security.
  • Select the “Unknown sources” option and check the box.
  • In the Unknown sources popup, tap OK. Allow programs from unknown sources to be installed.
  • Download Emoji Font 3.apk from Google Chrome on your phone.
  • Install the file when it has been downloaded to your phone. Install the 3rd emoji font app for iPhone.
  • After the installation is complete, navigate to your phone’s Settings.
  • Select Display from the menu.
  • Select Font Style from the drop-down menu. Emoji Font 3 is the new font style.
  • In the Font drop-down menu, choose Emoji Font 3 
  • In the Set font as Emoji Font 3 box, choose YES.

Install iPhone emoji font on your Android device.

  • Go to the Google Play Store and download Gboard, the Google Keyboard app.
  • Select ENABLE IN SETTINGS from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose Gboard as your default keyboard by checking the box next to the Gboard option.
  • Installing board on Android 15. In the Attention popup, tap OK.
  • Select INPUT METHOD from the drop-down menu.
  • Set Gboard as your primary keyboard. In the Select keyboard window, choose Gboard.
  • Finally, press the DONE button.

That is all there is to it. iPhone emojis are now available on Android phones. 11. In the Set typeface as Emoji Font 3? box, choose YES.

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Final Thoughts

Emoticons a.k.a. Emojis are a great way to express your feelings. Android and iPhone both feature these emojis to entertain and facilitate the users. However, the iPhone has a new and different UI interface when it comes to keyboard and emojis. 

So what are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comment box and your review of the article.

Happy reading!

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