What Is Setup Wizard On Android Phone?

setup wizard on Android
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Well, you might have heard about the setup wizard on android devices. You may be curious, What is a Setup Wizard on Your Android Phone?

We use the google setup wizard tool whenever we perform a factory reset on an android device or whenever we buy a new android device.

But still, there is a lot of confusion regarding this simple yet very important application on your android phone. 

We are going to deal with each of those confusions of your mind in this particular blog. And guide you step-by-step to learn how to install setup Wizard on an android phone.

So if you were the one who used to search about “What Is installation Wizard On Android Phone” you will get all your answers here.

Well, we went through several blogs but we were not able to find those exact answers about the mobile phone setup wizard.

So finally here in this blog, we are going to describe the setup wizard meaning. So without wasting that much of your time let’s jump to see what the setup wizard means on android devices.

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Installation Of Setup wizard on android

An installation wizard is basically a tool that lets you manage your apps on the android device.

Well, all the installation and uninstallation processes are handled by the wizard on android devices. But, it’s not the only thing that a wizard on android does.

Well, the Setup wizard on Android also lets you install those custom ROMs on the device if you have a premium licensed to your device.

There are a lot of other works too that it needs to handle. It shows your application by dividing it into many categories. 

Well, on the premium licensed devices, the tool has some more functionalities that it needs to perform.

Like the tool, make it easier to restore all those apps back on the new device from your old device.

Apart from restoring apps it also lets you create multiple accounts on your android device as well.

Features of installation wizard on android

Listing down some of the features of the wizard android:

Features of setup wizard android - Infographic
  • Shows your apps by dividing them into particular categories.
  • If it’s premium licensed then it lets you restore the apps to the new device.
  • It lets you install custom ROM on the device if the tool is premium licensed.
  • Helps in managing multiple user accounts on your device.
  • Setup wizard let you categorized the Apps you installed on your device
  • Also, It helps you to restore your current Install Apps data

So, as we saw what a setup wizard really means, and also we saw the features of the wizard.

Now it’ time to see how to set up a wizard on the android device. 

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How To Run setup wizard on Android Phone?

How to Run setup wizard on Android

Well, whenever you buy a new phone and when you turn the phone on you see that the device asks you to set up some of the settings.

Also, not only on buying a new phone, whenever you factory reset your phone it asks for the same setting on turning the device on.

Well, that’s your device setup wizard. So in this section, we will see setting up a wizard on an android device. Just follow the steps given below:

1. The very first thing that the setup will ask is setting up the language, just choose your preferred language.

2. Now the option will come for the vision and hearing processes. For that simply go to the accessibility in the setting section and change the font options if you as per your desire.

3. Now you need to click on start and next to go to the next menu option. 

4. All you need is to connect with a network so for that select the network and enter the password to proceed. 

5. Now the license agreements will appear to read those agreements. (but we know no one does so. lolz )

6. Also, read the diagnostic and usage data information or simply press yes or on. Now choose next to move further.

7. Now set up your Google account and if you do not have a Gmail account simply create a new one right from that screen.

That’s all you are all set to use your brand new android device.

Well, in the newer versions of the android you can simply skip these steps you can set up those things later too.

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If You Want To Skip the Google Setup Wizard

Before the Process let me clear one thing to you, setup wizard Google is an inbuilt programming tool and it’s a part of Android OS. So you don’t have permission to skip the setup.

But if you already decided to not follow the procedure of the setup wizard then you can skip it only by using Honeywell provisioner.

But there is also something you need to understand first before using Honeywell provisioner for skipping the setup wizard procedure.

You can perform the process for Skip the Google Setup Wizard only to the Android phone with mobility hardware – 75e Android, CT50 Android, CT60 Android, CN51 Android, Android 4,6,7 OS, EDA50, CN75, and CK75.

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Steps to Skip Google Setup Wizard

1. Open the application named DeviceConfig.xml by retrieving it from your device and use EZConfig on your PC.

2. From the other Settings>GoogleStartupWizaqrd, Set the parameters at 0 that is required.

3. After That, You have to Print or Download the configuration barcode for File 1.

4. Now Perform a factory reset on your device and you can see that Google Setup Wizard will appear on your device screen.

5. Now scan the barcode that you printed or downloaded from file 1 and save Deviceconfig.xml in IPSM/ Honeywell/persist to activate the settings

6. Now You can see the Desktop on your device

7. Perform a factory reset again (make sure this time the option ‘Erase IPSM’ is unticked) it will skip the Google Setup Wizard because of Deviceconfig.xml that you have stored in IPSM/ Honeywell/ persist.

Now after the factory reset there are some questions that appear on your Device screen. Follow the steps to complete the process

  1. For the Language, just only  Press ‘Start.’
  2. And then you can see other questions about choosing WIFI. Press ‘Skip’> ‘Skip Anyway
  3. Press ‘Right Arrow’>’ Right arrow’ for Google & Location
  4. Again Press Right Arrow for Date & Time
  5. Press Right Arrow > then Right Arrow for This Device Belongs to option.
  6. For Google Services Option: ‘Press ‘Right Arrow’> ‘Finish’

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Sum it up

Well, that’s all about the installation wizard on android devices. Hope now you will have an idea about how to set up wizard android.

The best part of the wizard is that it lets you install the custom ROMs. But yes for that you will need to have a premium licensed wizard.

So this was the small piece of knowledge by us, the relate13. Hope this piece of knowledge will help you in setting up your new device.

For more such technology and gadget-related blogs keep visiting our website.

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