12 Best Sticker Maker Apps for Android and iPhone 2021

Best Sticker Maker Apps for Android and iPhone
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In this article, I am going to share with you these 12 Best Sticker Maker Apps for Android and iPhone 2021. Sometimes we are not in the mood to talk with some people on social media so what do we do?

We simply don’t want to send any text, instead, we send some Stickers or Emoji to make them understand our current mood. And you know what? People understand it very well.

Stickers are something, they can express our words and expressions or our emotion in the format of stickers.

We are living in technology words where in every field of our daily life we are surrounded by social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more on list. 

We love to communicate in text with our friends and family over different types of apps. Right?

So we send them stickers instead of text why? Because deep down inside we know stickers work far better than text to realize our current mood.

Yes, stickers have become so important in our online lifestyle.

WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, by default these companies provide us Stickers and emoji options within the app. But sometimes these stickers are not enough to express our feeling.

So we look for something more so I have brought 12 Best Sticker Maker Apps for Android and iPhone 2021. 

With help of these apps, you can choose as per your requirement. Some apps also allow you to make stickers of your own photo if you want to make it.

Below find the list of top Stickers Maker App for Android and iPhone 2021. 

Top 12 List of Sticker Maker Apps:

#1. Sticker For Chat

Stricker For Chat app

Sticker For Chat is one the best sticker maker app of 2021. With help of this app, you can create stickers of your own photos.

Also, this app has a function where you can share the sticker which you makeover social media platforms. 

You can add text emoji and all the features which are given in the app. This is a free app so you can download it from the app store. 


  1. Best app for WhatsApp stickers app
  2. You can share the image which was made by you. 
  3. Easy to use and with 4+ reviews


  1. Pop up ads shows on the screen
  2. Hang on the main screen while saving the photo

#2. Sticker Maker For WhatsApp

Sticker Maker For WhatsApp

As we can easily understand this app by its name. WhatsApp has its own variety of stickers and emojis. But some of us still want more than that.

So this app will help you to turn your own photo into stickers. 

You can add text, rotate the photo, resize the photo, and many more. Of course, after doing all this you can share on social media platforms too.

It’s free to download so you can grab it from the app store.  But this app is limited to iPhone users only so, android users can avoid it. 


  1. Magic eraser option. 
  2. You can import the image and customize them as you want. 


  1. After adding the text it automatically opens the camera. 
  2. Cropping the image may be a difficult task. 
  3. Ad showing on the main screen. 

#3. Sticker Maker By Xihan Qiao iPhone

Sticker Maker By Xihan Qiao iPhone

This is our next app for creating custom stickers.

Simply download it from the app store. Import the photo from the gallery and customize it as per your need. 

You can add text, change background, edit your exciting photo and you can share on social media. 


  1. Good app for beginners.
  2. Lots of cute emoji added within the app. 
  3. Can add photos from the gallery


  1. Inbuilt stickers not editable
  2. Too many ads

#4. Sticker studio- Sticker maker for whatsapp Android

Sticker studio app

If you want more customization on your stickers then this app will be best for you. You can download the app from the app store. You can create stickers for WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. 

The best thing about this app is you can import the photo from the gallery. As well as you can open your camera and take a snap and can import it into this app.

Simply use a double finger to zoom in and zoom out. You can add text, change the background and there are multiple filters available on this app.

Once you are done with the sticker you can share them on social media.


  1. Very the best app because of its interface. 
  2. 4.4 reviews with more than 10M downloads. 


  1. You can’t restore your backed-up file. 
  2. Once you add the text so not easy to move them from one place to other. 

#5. StickIt!- Photo sticker maker Android

StickIt! Sticker app

Download the app and import any photo you want to convert into stickers. There are lots of filter options so with help of them you can give your stickers an awesome look. 

You can add text, zoom in zoom out option available. Once you are done with editing, simply sign in with your email id and password and download them into your photo gallery for future use. You can directly share your stickers on other platforms also. 


  1. A small app so doesn’t need too much free space available on the phone. 
  2. Easy user interface. 


  1. Reviews say all about this app. 
  2. Too many popup ads come on the screen. 

#6. Sticker maker by Viko and co. Android

Sticker maker by Viko and co. Android

Of course, you can make stickers of your own photo but also you make memes and publish them. That’s why this app holds a position on my top list of Sticker Maker Apps.

Simply download the app from the app store and select the image you want to convert into stickers.

Lots of customization you get so with help of them give your stickers a professional look and share with your friends and amaz them. 


  1. You can make stickers within 1 or 2 minutes. 
  2. Remove the background of any photo. 


  1. You have to keep touching your finger to the screen but cropping the photo unless you have to start from the beginning 
  2. Unwanted plenty of ads with no X sign.

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#7. DIY Sticker Maker

DIY Sticker Maker app

DIY Sticker Maker app is an amazing tool for those who love to do some creativity and are willing to make their own stickers instead of using default stickers. This is a great app for stickers. 

Simply download the app from the play store and import your photo, you want to make stickers. Adding text, zooming in and out, and other functions available, So, you can give a great look at your creativity and share with the world on social media. 


  1. Rating is 4.4 on playstore. 
  2. Good customization. 
  3. Plenty of options for giving a professional look to your stickers. 


  1. So many ads on the screen. 
  2. Sometimes shows that stickers can’t be added on the WhatsApp

#8. Personal Sticker Maker

You can understand this app by just reading its name. Download the app and make stickers as you want. This app has all the basic features included that are generally required for sticker making. 

You can use this app for android and ios both by simply downloading the app from the app store.


  1. Even new users can use it because of its easy interface. 
  2. Plenty of options available for customization. 


  1. You can’t erase the part of the photo you don’t need because the eraser size is not too small. 
  2. Hang some time. 
  3. When you import the photo it is stuck on the screen. 

#9. Wemoji

Wemoji sticker app

Wemoji app is available for android and ios. You can get this app easily from the app store. You can add text change font in this app. 

The user interface is quite easy so you can customize it as per your need. You can create sticker packs and share them on Whatsapp with friends. You can make 3D stickers in this app. 


  1. Very easy to crop the photo.
  2. 4.6 reviews on the app store.


  1. Your stickers will disappear when you install the app.
  2. Sometimes it crashes itself. 

#10. Stickers-Make stickers


If you are an iPhone user then this app is only for you. Android users can’t access this app. Amazing app for iPhone users. In this app, you can create super cool stickers by yourself. 

Easily exportable the stickers which are made by you and can share them on different social media platforms. 


  1. Small app so don’t need much space in the phone.
  2. Userfriendly 


  1. Too many ads
  2. Need money for using some premium stickers.

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#11. Sticker.ly


Sticker.ly is one of my favorite apps for sticker making because it gives you more than 20000000 stickers. All you need to do is simply choose the stickers you want to create; it all depends on you. 

This app has plenty of preloaded stickers available. Choose them and customize them as per your need. 


  1.  Unlimited Sticker Pack.
  2. You can add all images of your favorites artist


  1. Can’t Remove Background properly 
  2. Something went wrong and an error showed on the screen sometimes. 

#12. Sticker Maker Studio

Sticker Maker Studio

Sticker Maker Studio is a great app but the only problem with this app, this app is limited to iPhone users only, and android use can avoid it.

You can add text and elements in this app and give an amazing look to your stickers. 


  1. Multiple options available
  2. Super easy to use


  1. Too many ads
  2. Only for iPhone users available

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There are tons of apps available for Sticker making. But, I found these top Best Sticker Maker Apps for Android and iPhone 2021 for users. You can try any of them, of course, there are some restricted androids and some iOS.

If you like this article please consider it to share with your friends. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this you can leave me a comment. Thank you.

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