7 Best Free Cut And Paste Apps For Android And IOS

Cut And Paste Apps
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Are you searching for Cut And Paste Apps? Well, here we are going to reveal the 7 Best Free Cut And Paste Apps for Android & iOS.

Anyways Who doesn’t like photography? Within everyone, there is a hidden photographer who loves to take photos of yourself or others. 

Well if you wanna make your photograph more creative try these best cut and paste Apps I’m mentioning below to take your creativeness to a different level.

Photography has become so common just because of the good camera quality on mobile phones. So everyone takes photos in daily life. 

There was a time we needed to capture a photo we had to call a professional photographer. They took photos and edited them with heavy software to look that good but now we have a smartphone where we can take photos anytime anywhere, Right? 

Not only that there are plenty of apps available on the Internet so with help of those apps we can edit our photos in professional ways and give them an awesome look. 

How many times it happened to you that you took a photo of yourself or any group picture, where someone didn’t look good but the rest of all was good. 

So the first thought that comes into our mind how it will be if we can replace the one’s face who is not looking good in the photo, instead of taking the photo again, Right?

So here in this article, I am going to share with you the 7 Best Free Cut And Paste Apps For Android And iOS.

You can simply download them from the app store and replace the faces you want. Or you can take them in a fun manner like you can replace faces with any animal, any superstar, or any celebrities. 

So below I will tell you about the 7 Best Free Cut And Paste Apps For Android And iOS with help of them you can cut paste the photos as per your requirement.

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Top 7 Free Cut And Paste Apps For Android And IOS

#1. Cut Paste Photos:

Cut Paste Photos works accordingly to his name. This app has a great ability to perform better in any condition. 

Yes, this app is amazing and most powerful because with the help of this app you can do multitasking. You can remove any background from any photos you want.

Sometimes we take photos but the background doesn’t match with the photo or we want to change it so in this app you can remove any existing background, or add a new one. Amazing isn’t it?

But this is the one feature I told you about this app, you can do many more things in this app. You can remove someone or can add someone into your photos.

For example, you have a photo with your friend, but now you want to replace his face with other friends, yes you can do it. 

There are hundreds of templates available with help of these you can simply crop the face you want to remove then upload the next face. You can download this app from the play store. 


1. All you have to do it’s simply open your file manager then open the image folder and select the image you want to cut

2. Now paste the photo where you want and the best thing you don’t need to worry about.
This app will do automatically


  • easy to use
  • Extremely Intuitive features such as cutting out different objects from a picture.
  • Thumbnail can be created too.


  • Difficult to navigate.
  • Ads pops up all the time.

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#2. Cupace:

Cupace is another super call app for photo editing. Yes if you have any group photos and you want to remove anyone’s face then this app will help you to do so.

What you all have to do is simply zoom the photo, and select the person’s face you want to remove.

Now there is a magnifying glass, so with help of this draw a line around unwanted objects and delete and import new faces and drop them there. All done for now.


1. Simply import the photo from your gallery and draw the bar to make the app understand you want to remove this part of the photo.

2. Once it’s done the crop one will automatically be saved into the app folder.

3. You can use that face anytime you want to. Because of this feature, you don’t need to cut your face every time you edit a new photo.


  • Easy to use.
  • Within 10 minutes with a steady finger for cutting you will be an expert.
  • User interface is supereb.


  • Too many ads
  • Sometime may be worst to cut the objects.

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#3. Magicut

Our next app is Magicut which is also a super amazing app. All you need to do is just download the app from the app store. 

You can replace faces from everywhere as we did in our earlier app but what things make it different from other apps?

Ya here is the answer. This comes with a super effective function with which you can cut only that part that is required. 

After cutting the part you want to simply paste your desired thing on that. That may be anything. 

You can add text, change the background, and remove your existing background. And believe me, after doing all the things when you import the photo which gives a realistic photo. Seems like the original one so goes and try this app.


1. With help of Magicut, you can do so many things which other apps don’t provide. You can add multiple images in a frame and not only that you can also remove the background of each and every photo and bring them in common background.

2. Yes of course you can add text, layers, emoji, colors, and many more with Magicut.

3. The tool which Magicut provides within the app helps you to remove anything from the photo, like the dark circus, any spot on the picture. You can give a professional look with the help of Magicut.


  • Auto scanning features.
  • Perfect for cutting and remove/add a background image.
  • Easy and useful for beginners also


  • When you try to save the picture, always shows to go to pro.

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#4. Auto Cut Out:

We are talking about Best Free Cut And Paste Apps For Android And iOS and I don’t add Auto Cut Out that is not fair. 

In every app, we add images to remove the background so now the question is what makes this app different from others, right?

Or I say if there is an app which auto cuts then how it will be?

So this is the best part about this app. You don’t need to select and crop and draw a line to cut the face from the photo. Ya, you heard it very right. 

This Auto Cut Out app helps you to remove your desired photo automatically. Yes of course then you may have some finishing issue. But no worries about this you can manually unwanted part by simply zooming on the photo. 

Of course you can add background and customize them as you want. 


1. In this app, you get more than 15 different types of themes and backgrounds. You can create a new collage from their inbuilt college theme.

2. Easily use text and stickers

3. Manually you can change the color size, font style, or you can make them transparent.


  • Rating On Google Play Store is great.
  • Stickers can be added.
  • Quality graphics and good locations.


  • So many ads.
  • Very messy with too much fuzziness.

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#5. Auto Photo Cut Paste:

Same as earlier apps this app also automatically does all the things for you. Just download from the app store and select the photo you want to edit. 

Then select the area by touching your mobile screen, it will automatically detect the area and will remove it. 

Of course, you can do it manually too. Simply import the image from your gallery for background.


  • In Auto Photo Cut Paste you can zoom in and zoom out.
  • You can use auto cut or manually cut the photo.
  • Undo, Redu, Restore
  • Color detection


  • Very easy to use, easy to understand, smooth to utilize.
  • Output is good for graphics works.
  • The cut process is precise and quick.
  • The image looks authentic after transfer.


  • Its may be difficult at the first to get used to using your finger.
  • Auto erase features doesn’t work properly.

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#6. Cut Paste Photo Seamless Editor With AI

All you get in this app requires a Cut Paste photo. Even if you are new to all these kinds of stuff then also this app will be helpful for you. 

Because it is super easy to use and provides you a user-friendly interface. You can choose auto contrast, brightness in this app.  You can manually delete the background or it has an option that will automatically do it for you. 

If something you don’t like is an automatic task then you can do that by yourself too.

This app works really smoothly and very fast so you can give it a try.


1. You can simply import photos from your phone gallery.

2. You can add any background you want from your phone or if you don’t have any background then you can add background.

3. This app has a special feature you can remove any photo’s face and simply paste it into another one.


  • Easily can cut the perfect portions of any photo.
  • Easy to interface that makes so easy for users to edit.
  • You can change the background of any picture.
  • Any characters can be cut easily.


  • Hard to navigate.
  • Too much ads.

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#7. Photolayers – Superimpose, Background Eraser

If you have a basic idea about photoshop then this amazing app will be for you. Because of its interface which works like photoshop.

You can work on layers here. With help of this app, you can make your photo background transparent too. 

For example, if you want to remove the background of your photo to transparent then you need to do so on other apps or websites. This app will do it for you within this app. 

If you work on this app and know all the features of this app then people surely will call you a professional photo editor. 

Along with that you can crop the face you want to remove then bring a new face on that. 

This is one of my favorites too.


1. This is a super app for all your photo problems.

2. You can work on layers like we do in photoshop. That is why its name is photo layers.

3. Edit, sharpener, the brightness you can do in this app

4. Zoom in Zoom out option available on this.

5. Cut any photo and work only on that layer, once you are done simply copy and paste on your desired photo.

6. There are multiple fonts available with help of these you can Add text, Stickers, and can edit as per your requirement.

This app has the ability to make you a good photo editor.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Multi-layer support.
  • The Tutorial is available for how to use this app.


  • Background erase option is a little shaky.

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There are various types of apps available for Cut Paste photo editing for android and iOS. Most of them provide you all the features which are required for Cut paste. But finding the right one and best one, can be tricky task for most of you.

Therefore we tried so many Cut And Paste Apps and short-listed 7 Best apps for the same.

Here above I provided my top 7 Best Free Cut And Paste Apps For Android And iOS with their highlighted features.

You can choose as per your knowledge and requirement. I hope this article will help you to understand about 7 Best Free Cut And Paste Apps For Android And iOS

If you find this useful then you can share this article with others.

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