How to Factory Reset A Vizio Smart TV? | Soft or Hard Reset

Vizio is an American Smart TV company that offers high-quality TV experiences to its users. They keep innovating and developing their technology to give so their customers experience the best tv service without any problem.

But there is nothing that always works flawlessly. we have often seen that people are facing some problems with Vizio tv like their TV freezing, showing a black screen, running slow, audio and video not working properly, wifi connectivity problems, and many more.

You can solve these problems by resetting your Vizio Smart TV. Today we discuss in this article how to perform a soft or hard factory reset in Smart TVs of the Vizio brand. So let’s discuss how to do a factory reset. But first take an overview of the topic, “Why do you need a factory reset?”.


With the evolution of technology, televisions are also changed and updated from time to time. Many features are added to make it more compatible with other devices. In the present scenario technology television added so many features and it will become Smart as other devices are introduced in the market.

Earlier television was only used for watching shows, movies, music, and news which means all the channels were supplied by the cable operator or DTH service provider. 

But as new Gadgets are introduced in the market everything becomes smart to make them compatible with these gadgets, our mobile phone used for only call purposes becomes used for the internet, gaming, and many more. 

So as the television also becomes smart and comes with various features like internet connectivity, and gaming, the application added is also present in the smart TVs. 

Now it is not only used for watching purposes it is now designed in such a way that it entertains the spectator in almost every possible way that its popularity doesn’t go down. That means smartphones and other devices don’t take their place. 

Smart TVs get access to the Internet connection, WIFI, and Hotspot and allow users to entertain with applications that are popular with them like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, etc. You can also get access to or browse the data or content stored on phones or other devices.

But as it offers so many services Smart TVs get sometimes become unresponsive or freeze the page. Why did it all happen?? 

It happens because it has some limitations and when you cross them some issues arise. So how to solve them and make our Smart TV function smoothly with no errors or bugs? As a fresh new tv and have no issues with it. 

For this, We have to reset our Smart TV. It may be a soft factory reset or maybe a hard factory reset. We have to do this to make our Smart TV bugs-free.

Today’s blog is on the article “How to Soft or Hard Factory Reset your Vizio Smart TV?”

How To Factory Reset A Vizio Smart TV?

Before doing this an important thing to remember is that your all accounts, passwords, applications installed by you, and all your external data are wiped out clean from your device. And no backup option is available to you. 

As in factory reset mode, its settings and configuration will be reset to their default. Its settings are pre-installed like they would be given by the Manufacturer.

How to do a soft reset Vizio smart tv?

Always go for the soft reset option because it’s an easy procedure as well as it fixes minor bugs. Also, it deletes only temporary files but sometimes it may lead to all your data being lost.

Step-1: Turn your Vizio smart tv on and remove the plug from its power supply, your Smart Tv gets deactivated.

Step-2: Now just wait for one minute or 50- 60 seconds.

Step-3: Plug the switch again into the power supply and turn your Smart Tv on.

Step-4: Wait for the Smart Tv to run and observe how it works.

This is how a SOFT Reset will be done. This may help your tv to clear some issues. If your Smart TV doesn’t work well then go for a Hard factory reset.

How to do Hard Factory Reset on your Vizio Smart TV?

Keep in mind that all your data will be lost after doing this. You have to re-enter all the information and re-enter the settings after the reset will be done.

There are two ways in which you can do a hard factory reset, let’s discuss the first

Method 1

Step-1: In a Smartcast TV hold and press the volume down button and input button for some time this button is on the side of the SMART TV

Step-2: After 15-20 seconds, a pop-up will come with a message that holds it for resetting the tv to its default settings.

Step-3: Now the reset process will start. After the reset is done your tv will turn back on and the setup process will start.

Above mentioned is the one way to do it, let’s discuss the second method

Method 2

Step-1: Turn the VIZIO SMART TV on, and press the menu button from the remote.

Step-2: Use the arrow buttons on the remote and go to the System option and press OK

Step-3: In the SYSTEM settings select RESET AND ADMIN and press OK.

Step-4: Now select the RESET TV to FACTORY DEFAULTS with the help of your remote and press OK.

Step-5: It will ask for the parental code if you set the parental code then enter the code which you set, Otherwise the default parental code is 0000 enter it.

Step-6: Select reset and press OK

Step-7: Wait for the TV to turn off and for the reset process to start.

Step-8: After the reset process has finished your TV will turn ON and the setup process will start.

That’s how we do the factory reset for your Vizio Smart TV. Now enjoy a bug-free and great responsive device without any disturbance in it.


In our daily life sometimes this electronic gadget (Smart TV) will irritate us by becoming unresponsive and with its other errors or other technical issues. 

So we have to do something to overcome this type of problem but we don’t know how. That’s why we came up with this article that tells how to reset the smart tv so we can overcome this problem. 

Many people know that a Factory reset will solve their device issue by resetting the settings to their default but don’t know how to perform this or many don’t know that a soft factory reset will also solve some minor issues problem without losing any data from your device, they directly move straight forward to the Hard Factory Reset option. 

If you have some other brands of Smart TV then also the reset option is similar to Vizio Smart TV you can do the same in this way. I hope you will now understand how to solve this type of issue.

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Is there a reset button on a Vizio TV?

You can reset your Vizio TV using the power button. Locate the power button on the back of the tv then press and hold for some seconds. After that Try to turn on your tv again.

How to know that Vizio TV needs an update?

If you need to update or want to know about the new updates available for your Vizio TV then pick up your remote, and click the Menu button. After that choose the system option and check for your updates.

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