8 Best Free Screensaver Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Free Screensaver Apps for Android
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Free Screensaver apps for Android Phones. Screen savers are something most people love to set on their phones.

The screensaver shows us our character, right? Sometimes on our phones, we don’t have many options for the screen saver.

Leave a comment below that does your phone have enough screensaver?

If you are a screensaver fan, like you want to set a screensaver on the phone with the customization and want to make your phone look attractive then you are on the right post. 

In this article, I am going to share with you 8 Best Free Screensaver apps for Android Phones and Tablets. Of course with Pros and Cons. 

That will be easy for you to find the best app for yourself

Remember, these are the free screensavers. You don’t need to pay a single penny for it. 

So without any further delay let’s get started.

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Best Free Screensaver Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Checkout our researched List of best Screensaver apps for Android phones and tablets also:

1. Wallrox Wallpaper

Wallrox wallpaper is one the greatest apps of all time that is why it keeps it on the top of the list. But yes of course there are more in the list along with Wallrox wallpaper that I will tell below. 

You get a wide range of screensaver and wallpaper on it with multiple categories. You can choose anyone you like and set it with no time. 

Set it up and the look of your phone or tabs will change completely. You can get this app for free from the app store. 


  • Best and stunning designs
  • Very user friendly and the content is amazing
  • Plenty of wallpaper available with different categories


  • Available only for Android not for iOS
  • Sometimes not able to set wallpaper on the lock screen

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2. 3D My Name Live Wallpaper – Free Screensaver apps for Android

You can understand by reading the name of this app, Right? 3D My Name Live Wallpaper is basically for those who love to make a wallpaper with their name. 

If you are one of those then you can go with this app, you get multiple options within the app like fonts, colors, text styles, and all.

Simply type your name, choose the font and design and export it and save it as wallpaper. 


  • Few ads pop up
  • Free of cost
  • Can change the text and take control over it


  • You can not change the cub and its glitchy
  • Does Not stay on the lock screen

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3. Galaxy Live Wallpaper – Free Screensaver apps for Android

Galaxy Live Wallpaper is also one of the great apps for wallpaper. Because here you can set a live wallpaper or screensaver on the phone. 

And the best part about this app is you can zoom in and zoom out to watch galaxies, stars, and many more. 


  • You can add music to the wallpaper
  • Set contrast, brightness as per your need
  • Relaxing music and the galaxy section are super amazing. 


  • There are some bugs
  • Music drain the battery very fast

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4. Live Wallpapers – 4K Wallpapers

Live wallpaper – 4K wallpapers provide you the best option for live wallpaper. In this app, you get 4K wallpapers with different types of categories. 

You get more than 35+ categories on it, so choose as per your interest and make it and set it as a wallpaper for lock screen or home screen.


  • Great wallpaper they fit on every phone
  • Less advertisement
  • Choose you like from an in-depth library, save it to your device


  • You may face some bugs on it
  • Some features are premium
  • The wave effect is not live

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5. Glitter Live Wallpaper

You get different types of categories in Glitter Live Wallpaper on this app. You can choose any of them as per your interest. 

Even you can choose live wallpaper for your smartphone or tablets. Simply choose and set it up for home screen or lock screen. 


  • Over 10M + download
  • You can use your picture
  • Lots of different scenes to choose from


  • Frequently ads
  • Sometimes app stopped working
  • Some wallpaper is premium

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6. Live Wallpapers, 3D Lock Screen, Ringtones – GRUBL

Live Wallpapers, 3D Lock Screen, Ringtones in the app you get various types of wallpaper. You can choose any of the categories and can set it on your lock screen as well as your home screen.

The best thing about this app is you can set wallpaper in 3D and 4D too. You can get this app from the app store for free.


  • Reviews are 156k on the play store with 5M+ download
  • When restarting the phone, the wallpaper doesn’t lag at all
  • So many wallpapers and ringtone added to the app


  • Preview of any wallpaper not available
  • Full of ads
  • No settings for videos.

7. Lucid – DayDream Screensaver

This is one of the greatest apps. Not only you can set the wallpaper and screensaver but also you can read the trending news on the App.

You can simply download the app from the app store and set wallpaper. 

It will automatically discontinue the wallpaper as soon as you connect your phone or tablet with the USB cable. 

You get 3 tabs on this app and can choose as you need. 

  • General Tab – In this tab, you can activate the application. 
  • Performance Tab – with the help of this tab you can change the look of the clock, date, and time format.
  • Modules – Additional modules and configuration. 


  • Plenty of customization option available
  • Calendar option available so upcoming events show even while the phone is charging.
  • Good selections of modules. 


  • Reviews are below 4 on play store
  • The clock and such are center-aligned, so whenever the time changes, everything jumps around a bit.

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8. Tropical Paradise Wallpaper

Tropical Paradise wallpaper is an awesome app for screensaver lovers. This app has the greatest live effects in the app.

You can choose live effects from various categories like Water surface, underwater, sea, sunrise, heels, and many more on the list. 

The quality of the wallpaper is simply awesome. you can download this app from the app store and it is completely free of cost. 


  • Graphics is amazing
  • Colorful pictures
  • HD Quality Background


  • Sometimes I can not watch the entire picture.
  • Lots of ads show on the screen
  • Special effects are a bit dizzying

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If you are planning to set the wallpaper then you should consider these 8 Best Free Screensaver apps for Android Phones and Tablets.

There are amazing features available on these apps. These are free apps you can download from the play store and set wallpaper or screensaver on the home screen or lock screen. 

I hope you liked the article, you can share this article with the loved one. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this you can leave me a comment below. 

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