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What Does Quick Add Mean on Snapchat?

The Quick Add option in Snapchat means similar to people you may know on Facebook. In this article, we are explaining the process of adding friends on Snapchat, what does Quick Add feature is, and what it means on Snapchat.

I love to use Snapchat when it’s about to get connected or to make new connections. Commonly people use Snapchat just to click pictures. But if you are an active social media user then you will love to make streaks on Snapchat. I am one of them who loves to make streaks. I usually send a snap to my friends to maintain the streaks.

The Snapchat quick add feature works like Facebook’s suggestion feature. Like you can add people by suggestions on Facebook. As it is you can also add someone through quick add. I literally use this feature to add someone by suggestions. If you are using this quick add feature then the other person will get the tag “by quick add”.

Snapchat is a popular social media app mostly used by the younger generation. Functions and features are something interesting in this app that attract younger generation kids. But the common question of the users of Snapchat is what does Quick Add Mean?

If you are under 30 years of age, then there are high chances that you must be using Snapchat. Snapchat is an app that we can also call a social media app like Instagram, or Facebook.

What Is Snapchat?

The Snapchat app was created by an American company that launched the app in September 2011, it is available for Android and iOS. 

Three friends (Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown) from Stanford University built this app. There are some special features to it that have made it so popular in no time. You can add your selfie or any photo to your stories, you can also talk with your friends through this app.

Well, Snapchat is a social app that is most liked by Young kids. You can add your selfie and photos with tons of customization on your stories to show people around the globe. 

And you also see the Snapchat stories of people who are connected to you in this app. Stories will vanish automatically after 24 hours.

You also get the option of video calling but the biggest question that remains in the mind of most people is that there is an option inside this app called Quick Add.

What is the use of Quick Add? In this article, I will convey this feature.

What Does Quick Add Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat Quick Add Feature

Inside Facebook, you have often seen that you get the option of People You May Know, which means that there are profiles that match your profile or their profile is connected to your mutual friend’s profile. 

The Snapchat Quick Add option also works on the same algorithm. It shows you the mutual profiles. If you have a friend called David in your Snapchat profile and David has a friend John in his profile. 

Then there are high chances you will be suggested to John or John will be suggested to you as a Quick Add feature, because David is a mutual friend of both of you. 

Sometimes Snapchat also shows you in Quick Add the profiles of newly joined users on Snapchat.

How does Snapchat Quick Add work?

There are a few things to understand to know how the Quick Add function Works on Snapchat. Below I will share some major reasons for showing people on Quick Add.

1. Location-Based Quick Add Mean on Snapchat

If you are living in a new location, or you visit for some time and your GPS location is turned on, on your phone, then the Snapchat algorithm will identify you and find your location and it will suggest people nearby you. Which you can see in your Quick Add list.

2. By Mobile Number Quick Add Mean In Snapchat

How often you have seen on Facebook that your phone contacts show in “People You May Know” I know your answer is very often. 

That is how social media works. Social media platforms don’t leave a chance to suggest your profile to others. 

If you have registered your account on Snapchat with your mobile number and you clicked on allow to your contact list. Then the profile will show on Quick Add. All your contacts who have joined the same phone number as you did then profiles will be shown. Of course, you can turn it off manually. Which I will tell you below in this article.

3. Recently Joined Members

Snapchat also suggests recently joined users. But this works in some cases. For example, if a new user just joined Snapchat and he/she added some of your friends then Snapchat will understand that the new user also knows you.

So there is a high chance Snapchat will also suggest your profile to him/her, and you also will be suggested. 

4. From Social Account:

When you link your Snapchat account with social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others 

Then all the members from other social media accounts will also get suggestions to add you. Because you were connected on social media and it will understand that you both are connected on other social platforms Snapchat will want you to connect here too. 

Can I Remove Users Who Are Showing In Quick Add?

Yes, you can remove the user who is showing a suggestion and you don’t want to add. Simply click on the “X” sign which is next to the Add button on the user’s profile picture. 

Click on it and the user will disappear from the quick add list. Once you do this. It means you are sending a hint to Snapchat that you don’t know the person, and are not interested either. So Snapchat will stop showing the user’s profile.

How To Remove Yourself From Quick Add?

If unwanted and unnecessary friend requests make you irritate on Snapchat and don’t want your profile should not be shown on others’ profiles in the suggestion or quick add then you have to turn off this feature from the settings. 

Snapchat provides you with this option also with the help of these settings you tell Snapchat that it doesn’t show my profile to others in suggestions. 

Simply follow the given steps to turn off the Quick Add option.

  1. Login to Your Snapchat account with the credentials 
  2. Go to the Account Option
  3. Click on Settings (Top of the right side corner)
  4. Now you can see several options there, just scroll down until you find the option “See Me In Quick Add”
  5. Simply tap on “SEE ME IN QUICK ADD”
  6. You can see if this option is checked, click on the box to uncheck it. 
  7. Once you are done with it. Your profile will not show to others in suggestions.

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Snapchat is a very popular app all around the globe. This app gives you the option to share your selfie or any photos via stories which discard after 24 hours automatically. You can chat and video calls on Snapchat.

But the annoying thing is there is an option “Quick Add” where unnecessary people show and most people don’t know the exact meaning of it.

So here in this article, I shared What Does Quick Add Mean In Snapchat and how does it work?

If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave me a comment below. 


Q. Can I Sign Up for Snapchat With a Social Media Account?

Yes, you can sign up with the help of social media accounts like Facebook, and Gmail.

Q. Why does Snapchat Show Me, Unknown Person, In Quick Add?

All social media platforms want their users to connect with all the known users. If they found anything related between you and the users and if you are not connected on Snapchat, it will start showing in Quick Add. 

Q.: If I mistakenly click on the X sign next to the “Add” option, will I be able to join them again?

Yes, you can add them again by searching their name or user ID in the search bar.

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