Student Discount for Microsoft

Student Discount for Microsoft
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Are you a student or a parent of one and looking for a Student discount for Microsoft? Microsoft sells devices like Surface and Surface Pro which are very useful to the students for keeping productivity while you’re on the go. In this post, I have discussed the discounts and eligibility you

But that depends on – if you’re an eligible student or a parent of one, you have the advantage and you can gain free access to Office 365 and can save a lot on computer devices. 

In this post, we’re going through the eligibility requirements and what sorts of discounts to expect along with how to avail free access to Microsoft Office 365.

Eligibility for Microsoft Student Discount

Students, faculty, and even parents are eligible for the student discount. You are eligible for a student discount for Microsoft and the requirements are as under:

  • If you’re enrolled as a K12 Student and at least 13 years of age.
  • A parent of a K12 student or college student.
  • If you’re enrolled at a four-year university, two-year in a college, or a vocational school.

You’ll need to show your student ID to verify your student status if you’re visiting Microsoft STore in person. But while shopping online, it doesn’t ask for the verification right away just like Apple Education Store does. 

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Student Discount for Office 365

Teachers and students also have the advantage of free web access to Office 365 which includes Excel, Word, Powerpoint, OneNote as well as Microsoft Team on Android or Windows. A valid school email address is all you need to sign up for. 

Office 365 is a cloud-based version of Microsoft 365 and doesn’t need a separate subscription. All the apps are automatically updated except the access is web-only. Microsoft also offers education for desktop access which includes management tools and additional security. 

For the web, access to outlook is included with a 50GB mailbox and unlimited personal cloud storage as a free option. 

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Student Discount for Word

No matter what you’re working on, be it a thesis, making an assignment, or writing a book – chances are everyone uses Microsoft word. Logically, because it remains the standard program used for writing. 

It helps you to create beautiful documents. And because Microsoft welcomes teachers and students, Microsoft Word discounts are also available for students.  

Microsoft programs have been around for a couple of years. Even if you don’t use it, all the programs get an update automatically.

The revolutionary changes now allow you to use the products on almost all devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops, of course.

You can have access to all your documents through all these devices efficiently. You will not regret this deal, especially with the students discount.  

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Student Discount for Surface and Surface Pro

Microsoft retains a prominent place in the field of hardware. It’s a tablet PC for students that works perfectly with products like the office. But You’re smart enough. I know, you’ve already checked it out else you wouldn’t be here. So, being a student, make the most of this opportunity. 

How to Get Microsoft Student Discount

College students can get a 10% discount at Microsoft with their student IDs. If you’re a current college student, you can submit your school’s valid email address to the Microsoft website and verify your student status. Student discount includes free office 365 which contains Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and more.

You can claim a student discount for Microsoft after submitting your student email address on the Microsoft website. In order to get the student discount, you need to go to the online Microsoft portal through the student and military discount option. Go ahead with the process as guided below:

  • Open Microsoft Student and Military Discount portal and log in using your Microsoft account, and click on Show Now.
  • When you reach the page, it’ll tell you that you’re eligible for a special price. Now, Click OK
  • From the list of store categories, select Student Deals.
  • Fetch the software or device you desire to buy and add it to the cart.
  • Proceed with the check-out process.

NOTE: Don’t forget to carry your ID along with you, but if you choose to pick up your order from a local Microsoft Store. The Microsoft website doesn’t verify enrollment for online purchases but asks for proof of enrollment during pickup.

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To conclude: Student Discount for Microsoft is a great way to support students and teachers. You can avail of some great offers on eligible products if you are a student or a parent of one. 

You are able to gain free access to Office 365 and can save a lot on computer devices Surface and Surface Pro with many other products.

If you’re eligible as per their requirements. You’ll need to show your student ID to verify your student status if you’re visiting the Microsoft store in person. 

This post has been researched thoroughly just to provide with true information. Hope this will help. Avail the discounts you deserve. After all you’re still a student. 

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