How Does Walmart Grocery Pickup Work?

Don’t have time to go to the grocery store or just don’t feel like going. Is it really easy and convenient as they make it sound? Well, Walmart pickup lets their customers place their order through the website or Walmart app (Minumum order $35). And let them select a pick up time between (8 am-8 pm) from their nearby store.

Because I think it would be a great way for anyone with a busy schedule to get that grocery shopping done without having to navigate a hectic store or wait for long check-out lines.

With Walmart pick-up service, you can go to your selected store on your 1-hour pick-up time and park your vehicle in the curbside pickup area. And they will deliver your order to the curbside pickup area and place it in your vehicle.

Another plus for parents with small children is that you don’t have to get kids out of your car seats or worry about tempting treats in the store.

You can access Walmart grocery pickup online or via the Walmart grocery app. The Walmart grocery app is different from the regular Walmart app but just look for the orange Walmart icon in the App Store or the Play Store.

Before you start shopping you need to choose your preferred store and a one-hour pick-up window to get your groceries.

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How Does Walmart Pickup Work?

So, here is a little experiment I did. Now before you start shopping you’ll need to choose your preferred store and a one-hour pick-up window to get your groceries.

So, my store lets me choose any time between 8 am and 8 pm. I chose the afternoon from 4 am to 5 pm. 

When it is relatively busy to see how the service works during evening rush hour traffic when a lot of people are likely getting groceries. I had 3 hours from the time I chose my reservation to complete my check out.

And if I don’t complete my check-out, they’ll cancel my reservation. You have to order $35 worth of groceries to take advantage of free pick-up otherwise you can’t use the service.

Walmart guarantees on their site that you’ll pay the same low prices using this service as you do in-store.

Another promise they make is that if the item’s price changes between the time you place your order and the day it’s packed.

You’ll pay the lower price. Substitution can work in your favor too if Walmart doesn’t have the exact item you ordered. 

They’ll substitute it, tell you and charge you for the lower-priced item but if there is an individual item in your order that you don’t want to be substituted. You can uncheck that item as you review your order. This is a brief on how the Walmart Grocery pickup work

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Payment They Accept

Walmart grocery accepts credit and debit when you check out. Some Walmart stores also accept EBT as a form of payment.

When your order is ready and you get the text, email, or notification that your order is ready.

I recommend that you check with the app so that they know that you’re on your way to pick it up. So, if you order it in the right time frame you can even do same-day pickup.

Follow The Sign (Orange)

So you need to be cautious while searching for the pickup area and don’t get lost. That’s good if you already know the pick-up place.

Although, in spite of visiting my local Walmart store a dozen times. I never paid attention to the orange signs until I opted for the Pick-up option. 

Fortunately, when I went for the pick-up, orange signs were everywhere and that led me to the special parking lot for pickup orders. 

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Call The Number

Now, after you get into the parking lot for grocery pickup. Look for the number on the orange signboards and wait for your order. 

A Walmart associate will bring your groceries to your car in a few minutes. He will tell you if there has been any substitution made for your order.

And then you need to sign the order that you have received it. He will then put the groceries into your trunk. 

Note: Walmart associates don’t accept tips, but a “Thank You” is appreciated. Says their website. As nobody is willing to visit the store during the pandemic. Grocery pick-up can be a great option.

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My Overall Experience With Walmart Pickup

I used to always go to the supermarket myself and buy everything I need there and I would end up with like six to eight very heavy bags of grocery items that I would bring home.

I would do that whether it was summer or winter, but after a while, I was thinking. Is it really the most efficient way to shop for groceries? Because there are items that are really heavy like – a bag of rice or a canned tomato or juice etc.

So, I thought why not try and make use of the pickup service and order my groceries online? But first I was a bit skeptical about it. 

Long story short, I found out about Walmart pick up and I have ordered 10x more with them. I really had a great experience.

And once they sent me the wrong flavors for which I contacted them and said that this is wrong. And it really didn’t take them long to check and refund me. So with support, I didn’t hesitate to order with them because I knew that the complaint and refund process is very quick and easy.

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Above is the comprehensive post that tells you how the Walmart pickup work including the experiment I did.

It’s really easy and a great way for anyone with a busy schedule to get that grocery shopping done without having to navigate a hectic store or wait for long check-out lines.

So while you are opting for curbside pick-up, all you need to do is keep a check on orange signs that lead you to the spot where you can take the delivery. You’ll pay the same low prices using this service as you do in-store. 

Although I have tried Walmart’s curbside pick-up delivery it’s really quick and easy. Try it out if you haven’t tried it yet and you can save valuable time. Hope this will help. 

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