Impact of Social Media on Student Life

Impact of Social Media on Student’s life
Impact of Social Media on Student’s life

Students’ life is increasingly influenced by social media. It can have a positive impact on a student’s life or it can have a negative impact if not managed properly.

Social media can help students with their studies and research by giving them access to information and resources. It can also be used to meet people who share your interests and form connections with them. However, if used improperly, it can also be a source of distraction and encourage procrastination.

Therefore, it is important for students to understand the positive and negative impacts of social media on their lives so that they can use it in an effective way that will help them achieve their goals.

Today we will tell you how Social Media leaves an impact on our young generation.

Consequences Of Social Media – Student Life Edition.

Most people who are affected by social media are students. From school going to college going student social platforms has become an intrinsic part of their life.

And there are only two roles that social media can play in student life is,

  • Positive Role/ Boons
  • Negative Role/ Bans

Let us read further to understand what I mean by it.

Social Media Positively Impacts Student Life.

As I have stated earlier each coin has its two sides first, we will be going through the positive impacts of school media on student life.

Some Positive impact of Social Media on Student’s life is as follows:

  • Free content to learn.
  • Encourages creativity.
  • Increment in Academic performance.
  • Easy to communicate.
  • Helps make friends with similar interests.
  • Easily earn money.

Free content to learn.

Not everyone has the means to learn and not everyone can effort going to a private tutor.

To solve this problem a lot of social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more.

These sites now have more free content available and even learning a new language has become much easier.

Just scroll or search for whatever field you are interested in and you would get results based on that.

Encourages Creativity

Social media is boosting creativity skills in students, through social media you get to know about your hidden talent, and it helps you to identify your skills and sharpen them and make you more active. You can professionally learn everything.

Nowadays, students usually post what they have done, what they are doing, or what they love to do. And they get likes and comments on the photos and videos so they do it again as people like these activities, and students get encouraged after doing that.

When a student did something new by using his skills himself, it already becomes creative. Creativity is an inborn feature of a person.

Increment in Academic performance

Social media is increasing knowledge and sharpening students’ minds, also encouraging students to learn something new in the field, in which they are interested. When students get any project from school, they usually research it on the internet.

For example: If the teacher has given a task to a student to write an essay on ‘Modern Technology’ and the student has no knowledge about the topic, then what will he do? He will definitely do research on that particular topic on the Internet and that is how he can complete his task and also get knowledge on that for the future.

Furthermore, if Students want to save their time for more research and study they can hire a professional essay writer at writing services to do their academic writing tasks.

The increment in academic reports is really progressive. Because of social media, students get updates on every new topic and get the information, and it is saved in their minds for a long time.

Easy in communication

Because of the impact of social media, communication has become as easy as pies. Just a few tabs you can now call your best friend or your family.

Even the borders of countries can stop you to talk to your beloved ones.

Helps make friends with similar interests.

Not everyone can be on the same wavelength as you. And it is not simple to find such people.

But through social media, this barrier has been broken. Now you can meet like-minded people without living in your house.

Easily earn money.

Have an amazing business plan? Then you, my friend sell it on social media. Without renting a shop sell your stuff just sitting at your home.

Be it singing, dancing, or drawing you all earn by all means if you have talent in the end.

Social Media Negatively Impact Student Life.

Now it is time for us to look at some Negative impacts of Social Media on Student life. These are as follows:

  • Distraction.
  • Reducing learning capacity.
  • Wrong impact on Health.
  • Influences by bad people.


Social media is also a source of distraction, because of it students usually don’t remember anything, they just search it on the Internet, as they can do custom searches. It distracts students from entertainment sources.

Students don’t properly pay attention to their studies, they love to browse social media and scroll on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

These social media sites know how to divert students’ minds from their studies.

Once a student starts paying attention to somewhere there is no comeback from that thing, you can not concentrate again on your studies. Think practically, once start watching reels on Instagram, you can spend more than 30 minutes at a time. It will be your loss.

Reducing learning capacity

Because of social media, students these days became very addicted to that. Instead of reading books and gaining knowledge, they use the internet to do research and get updates in seconds by just typing the queries.

As Social Media gives them a straightforward way to get any information, the student does not perform any task on their own. And the information is in front of them.

Wrong impact on Health.

Because of social media, people nowadays became very lazy and careless, as students are commonly at home and are not motivated to do any physical work, they just start scrolling on their social media accounts. As they can watch stories and reels on Facebook and Instagram.

And as you know students become very lazy because of this online trend. Students usually don’t take their breakfast or meals on time, they skip them, and that’s why they get ill.

Influences by bad people.

Sometimes students come across bad people who influence them. And at a such tender age, they think they would become cool if they do all of this stuff. Like drugs, partying, and smoking.


In this article, we told you the positive and negative impacts of social media on student life. As we said there are two sides to the same coin and the same thing applies to social media.

Social media can help you in many factors but if you don’t pay attention it can lead you in the wrong way.

I hope this article is helpful to you and you get the information which you want. If you have any queries related to this topic, feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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