Does Walmart Accept PayPal?

Does Walmart Accept PayPal
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We all know that Paypal is a renowned payment service in the market. But does Walmart accept Paypal? PayPal makes it easy to shop and offers access to great features.

Yes, you can use Paypal prepaid, MasterCard, and PayPal cash cards to shop easily at Walmart stores, website, and Walmart pickup and delivery. 

All you need is to get a PayPal cash card, allowing you to withdraw and deposit cash into your Paypal account through a few other options at Walmart. Many people asked whether they could use Paypal at Walmart?

Unfortunately, you can use other methods to pay using your PayPal except at the register. 

So If you’re withdrawing cash at the Walmart store through your PayPal account, you get charged $3 as a service fee.

Allow you to withdraw up to $500 per day and $3500 in a month. This cap resets automatically at the start of every month and this indicates that Walmart accept Paypal. 

But The company has no solid reason for how that fee is being charged. So, a few years ago, Paypal Partnered with retailers like Home Depot where PayPal mobile app users will be able to withdraw cash out of their PayPal balance.

The same is the case with Walmart +, PayPal app allows you to load and withdraw money exclusively at Walmart with the same charges of $3. You need to have a PayPal cash plus account to add or withdraw cash at Walmart locations.

Where limits are applied to load and withdraw cash. Does Walmart accept PayPal? So the question still remains a mystery to many people.

Does Walmart Accept PayPal on its Different Entities? | Walmart Accept PayPal?

There are 3 different types of entities that Walmart has:

  • Physical Walmart stores
  • (Website)
  • Walmart Pick Up and Delivery

Each one of them has different policies as to what payment services they accept. Walmart isn’t a single entity when talking about the acceptance policy of payment at Walmart. 

Walmart Stores

Here you can shop for products and services at these brick-and-mortar Walmart stores. You can use their store locator to find a Walmart store near you.

An online store that offers you to buy non-perishable items that are exclusively shipped by Walmart distribution centers. One of the best features I like about it is you can ask them to ship your order at a local Walmart store and pick it up from there. 

Walmart App allows you to select options related to your delivery and pick up. 

Walmart Pickup & Delivery

With this online web store, you can order items from your local Walmart store for curbside pickups or home deliveries. It allows you to buy perishable items like milk, meat, and vegetables, etc. 

And You can buy non-perishable items such as tech, toys, pet supplies, household essentials, beauty, personal care, and more. But your cart value has to be $35 minimum. 

All these entities have different payment acceptance policies and its seems like walmart accept PayPal. Let’s have a look at these.

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Payment Options That Walmart Accepts

You can use google pay at stores that support Near Field Communication (NFC) using contactless payment. You can also integrate your PayPal account with your google pay wallet and set it as a default payment option. 

Only Android users can link their PayPal account with google pay and not on their iPhone. So, as the iPhone doesn’t allow this feature, but the iPhone users might wait until the iPhone allows them to do so. 

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Paypal QR Code – Walmart Accept PayPal

With PayPal QR code scan you will be able to pay in a store that supports the Paypal QR code using the Scan/pay option because very few stores currently have this payment method.

So It’s advised to check whether your store accepts such payment options.

As we discovered, most of the Walmart stores don’t accept either of the payment options. This means you can’t use PayPal directly to pay for your purchase.

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Paypal Cash Card – Walmart Accept PayPal

It is a debit card that is offered by PayPal. And there are two variants of Paypal Cash Card – one with a MasterCard logo and another one with a Visa logo. So the Paypal cash cards work anywhere that accepts Mastercard or Visa. 

So, now if you use a Paypal Cash Card at any Walmart store, your PayPal account balance will be debited. But it’s free to use and you won’t be charged any monthly or annual fee and doesn’t require any credit check.

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Paypal prepaid MasterCard – Walmart Accept PayPal

Paypal Prepaid Mastercard is a debit card much like a PayPal cash card. You can use this MasterCard at all those places that accept MasterCard including Walmart brick and mortar stores. 

The payment scenario is much different from that of Paypal cash card, but you already need to have a cash balance or preload money onto it in advance before using it.

It is integrated so well with your PayPal account that it transacts instantly and saves you a lot of time.

Paypal prepaid MasterCard is also free to use and there is no monthly or annual fee and no credit check is required.

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Withdraw Cash from Paypal

I like this feature the most because if you’re using the PayPal mobile app. You can withdraw or deposit cash from your PayPal account with over 4700 Walmart stores nationwide.

This has helped many in need of cash. But if you’re purchasing inside the Walmart store, you can pay using your PayPal account. And with this, we can make out that Walmart accept paypal.

So, as I mentioned above, it has a fee of $3 per transaction, and you are restricted to transact in cash for $500 for a day, $3500 per week, and $5000 per month. These limits get reset at the beginning of every calendar month.


To conclude: So the answer to our title is, Yes, Walmart does accept PayPal but there are limited stores that accept PayPal. Please check your local Walmart store for more.

You can use the different payment methods mentioned above through which you can complete your MasterCardMasterCard MasterCardpurchase easily.

All these methods are easy to use. However, if you’re withdrawing cash at the Walmart store through your PayPal account, you are charged $3 as a service fee.

And allow you to withdraw up to $500 per day and $3500 in a month. This cap resets automatically at the start of every month. Hope this will help. 

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