How To Get Black Emojis On Android

How To Get Black Emojis On Android
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Are You looking for a way how to get black emojis on android? Then you are in the right place. Here you will get a detailed explanation to get the black emoji on android smartphones. You Can easily change your emojis’ color into black ones on your android gadget.

As you all know there are various emojis available in multiple colors. If you don’t like colorful emojis then you can easily change the skin color of the emojis by tapping and holding the specific emoji according to your preferred colors.

However, many android apps add black emojis on android devices so you can also download these apps from Google Play Store. I have listed some best apps that help you to get black emojis on android.

How to change the skin color of emojis on Android 

Changing the colors of emojis is so simple on android devices. All you need to select the People emoji category by pressing on the smiley face option on your keyboard. Now, press and hold again the emoji that you want to change into the black one and slide your finger smoothly to that particular tone.

Remove your finger now. You will get the colored emoji easily. But remember that the colored emoji that you are using will be the default emoji. If you wish to change the color again then repeat the same process.

How to use Black emojis on Android

Black color is always fascinating and nowadays, most people love to use them. There are might be a very rare individual who avoids the black color.

So to use black emojis on android, follow the given instructions.

1. Non-rooted Users

Basically, there is no method using non-rooted you can change emojis on your device’s operating system. All you can do is just modify how they appear. It means you are only able to change the specifications of how they look while you are using a specific application.

Thus you are only able to use colored emojis but can’t change the shapes according to you.

There are many third-party apps that will help you to change the color of your emoji from any color to black.

One of the most popular apps is Afromoji, which helps you to change the emoji color to black for Android. For using this app, follow the given instructions:

1. At first, download and install the app from the Google Play Store which is completely free.

2. After installing the app, tap on it to open. 

3. Now, just scroll down and look out for a category. There are categories from which you have to choose by scrolling horizontally. 

4. When you find an emoji that you like to use on your chat, press the emoji, and a pop-up screen will appear on your display.

5. Now, you will be able to share the emoji by pressing the share to share the emoji that shows up on all your screens.

You just have to pick the emoji that you like to use on the button that is in the lower right corner. 

6. To share the emoji ice cream will show up on all your apps you have to pick the app that you want to use and at last, you have to select the contact to whom you want to send the emoji.

2. Rooted Users

You can easily change the emojis on your Android operating system by just performing a root. this is one of the acquainted

But everyone does not feel the by routing the devices and sometimes it may not be helpful. 

If you are doing this then you should be well aware of the directories of root guides. 

Then, I will give you the guidelines for the emoji switcher you need to follow the given steps

1. At first thing you need to do is download and install the app from the Google Play Store. 

2. Then you open the app and get root access. 

3. Now you have to choose the emoji that you wish to share from the drop-down list. 

4. It will take some time to download the emojis that you choose and then it will ask for permission to reboot your device. 

5. Give permission and wait for the reboot to complete. 

6. Once the reboot procedure is complete then you will get the new emojis on your device. 

7. And if you want to go back to the old style of your emojis then you have to click on the menu icon that is lined with the three dots on the top right corner.

After that, you have to press restore the default.

How to get rid of Black emojis on Android phone

If you get bored or want to remove black emojis from your android smartphone for any reason then disable all the applications that come up with your device. All you need to do is:

  • Go to your setting app on your device.
  • Tap on the Apple notification option.
  • select the app that you wish to disable.
  • Tap on the disable option.

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Final Thoughts:

Different applications offer different colored emojis such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Slack, and more. If you wish to use your built-in keyboard to use this function then you have to do a few changes.

Hopefully, this information is helpful for you. If you have any quires then ask in the comment section, also please share your reviews with us on this article.

Thank you for spending quality time with us.

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