How To Boost or Improve Your Bluetooth Signal Strength?

How To Improve Bluetooth Signal Strength

One day I connected my phone to a Bluetooth speaker and played songs on it, but for a while, I went into another room, and it got disconnected. Then I got the idea to improve the Bluetooth signal strength. If you are in the same situation, then you are reading the right article. Here, I will cover all the best methods to boost or improve your Bluetooth signal strength. Read below to learn the steps.
But before I tell you the method, I want to clear up the question of whether it is possible or not, so I will say it is possible by using three methods.

Methods to improve Bluetooth signal strength

1 # Amplification of Transmitter

This is actually a more technical process so I will explain it to you in simple language. This method is used to increase the output power of Bluetooth devices by extending their range. This may result in more power consumption than the S2 and S8 CODED PHY options. It also avoids the lack of repeaters, so we can save money.

I have found the best advantage of amplification to be that it can help achieve point-to-point connections, which offer better latency than a mesh network.

The point-to-point connection offers easy installation and the developing network is actually required for reliable and efficient communication between multiple Bluetooth devices.

In simple language, transmitter amplification can improve Bluetooth signal strength, and it is dependent on transmitter power, receiver sensitivity, and factors such as obstructions and interference.
There is a maximum power supply limit for different regions so it depends accordingly, and if you double the power output, your Bluetooth signal strength will improve so you can apply this method.

2 # Use a Repeater to improve Bluetooth signal strength

A repeater is actually a device that is used to increase the signal strength of Bluetooth by receiving and retransmitting the signals. But it is basically less considered due to various reasons, :

  • the fact that it increases cost because you have to buy this device.
  • It requires more power and installation expenses.
  • It is recommended for large areas where multiple devices are to be connected.
  • This device adds complexity to the process because it has to be managed separately and can be challenging.
  • This can also create vulnerabilities in the network.

But despite these reasons, you can consider this solution because you want to increase the signal range of Bluetooth.

3 # Using Bluetooth mesh

Bluetooth mesh network it itself defined as a group of Bluetooth devices connected together basically in a large area and it is made up of nodes You can enable it by understanding them below

  • Relay node: one that can pass on messages
  • Friend node: one that can store and forward messages
  • Low power node: one that has less power consumption.
  • Proxy node: one that can connect a device to the internet

So enable them, according to your needs. It is a good option for applications where communication is critical, such as in smart buildings or industrial automation

However, it can be a complex task to set it up because there are multiple devices connected with each other so it’s challenging because every device has its own requirements or power consumption capabilities it is a good option to increase the range of Bluetooth devices but it requires proper planning and technical knowledge.

If all the above didn’t help you, then try another method below.

Another method to increase the signal strength

Upgrade your Bluetooth version :

You can upgrade your Bluetooth version; if you are using 4.2, then upgrade it to the 5 version and check if it works well. This is a simple technique that everyone can use.

Contact Your device’s support :

If you are not satisfied with the above method and you are unable to improve the range, don’t worry. You can call your device’s customer support and ask for help. They will troubleshoot your problem and give you better advice.


In this article, I have tried to explain how you can improve the Bluetooth range. It may be a little bit of technical language but I gave the best solution and I hope this has worked for you. Simply follow any of the above methods and you will definitely get the result.

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Why is my Bluetooth signal so weak?

There may be reasons, like something blocking the signals between the paired devices so ensure to remove any obstruction or get in proper range. There should not be any walls or objects, and only then will it work smoothly.

What affects Bluetooth signal strength?

Materials like glass, wood, concrete, or some environmental factors like humidity can affect the Bluetooth signals.

Does a bad signal affect Bluetooth?

Yes, bad signals affect Bluetooth in dense areas where a large number of wifi or Bluetooth devices are installed because Bluetooth also uses frequencies to connect and other signals may affect your Bluetooth signals.

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