How To Geotag Photos | Android And iOS Devices

As a famous adage said, ” A picture is worth a thousand words”. Every photo tells a different story, they bring back memories of people, places, emotions, and stories. Geotags help you to remember where you took that photos by adding location data, it can be in the form of GPS coordinates or manually entered location information.

So, How to Geotag Photos? In this article, we will discuss how can you geotag your photos on your android and ios devices.

It is easy to forget where you took the particular photo bus Geotagging your photos helps you remember the exact location, which can be helpful when you want to revisit that spot or share the photo with others.

First, let’s read about what is geotags, why we need them, and how it works.

What is Geotagging?

Geotag comes from the word geographical location. In laymen term when someone Geotag their photos or even videos, they are sharing their location so that search engine would so up your post when someone searches for that Geotag location that you have entered.

Using the location coordinates you provide the identification of the pictures or video from which area they are posted from. Geotagging can be used in any photos, website, SMS messages, QR codes, Videos, and many more.

We all know that our smartphones constantly track us via GPS, but did you know that our smartphones can also track us using images? Yes, this is called geotagging.

For those who still are unable to understand what Geotagging is about, in simple words you can take it as just as hashtag in any social media which you use in your post and that and that same hashtag would show other people what you have posted even if they follow you or not.

It is more or the same as how you follow the same hashtags on Instagram and that allows you to view the pictures of other people who have posted the picture using the same hashtag which you are following, this would not be affect whether their Instagram account is private or not.

So, instead of using the hashtag Geotagging use the location which enables other people to view your post when they search for the same Geotag location which you have entered.

In this article, you will learn how you can geotag your photos or other media files on android and iOS devices.

Why Geotagging?


Geotagging benefits both consumers and organizations that use consumer data in their activities.

Provide useful insights into customer activity. Knowing where your customers are interacting, what brands they use, and where they visit can help you gain useful insights and plan your feed accordingly.

By geotagging a photo, customers reveal where the photo was taken. Geotags show when and where users interacted with her website, which aids in subsequent analysis.

What is the use of geotagging?

Geotagging can be useful for various purposes. Nowadays it is very popular and everyone uses it. It helps its users to identify a wide variety of images through the location.

For example, you can find images of a particular location by entering longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates on a suitable search engine. You can find news, websites, photographs, and other media files of a particular location.

It is most popular on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Geotag

Facebook users geotag photos when they post them, so you can easily find your friends by searching for specific locations. The geotagging feature also allows users to find nearby friends.

Instagram users can pin a location when posting to the world map and search for locations or content related to that location.

When you use Twitter‘s Compose New Tweet option, you’ll see a drop-down list for pinning a specific location.

How to Geotag photos with Android?

If you want to geotag your photos on your Android device, follow these simple steps to geotag your photos before taking them.

  1. Tap the camera app on your smartphone to launch the camera.
  2. Three lines appear in the upper right corner. Move there.
  3. Click and tap the Settings icon
  4. You will see the options there. Enable storage location information. You’ll know it’s on when the switch turns blue.
  5. Clicking on an image will activate that location and allow you to see more details at that location.
Steps to geotag photos with Android

How to Geotag photos with iOS?

If you’re an iOS user, you can also tag media files with locations, but it’s done a little differently. To enable these services, follow these steps:

  • To enable the Geotagging service for the Camera app, first launch the Settings app by tapping the Settings icon on your iPhone’s home screen.
geotag photos with iOS-1
  • Move your finger to the privacy option.
geotag photos with iOS-2
  • And then tap location services
geotag photos with iOS-3
  • Enable the services and it will let you know by turning switches green.
geotag photos with iOS-4

How to Geotag already captured photos

We’ve shown above how to add a location to a photo before taking it, but you can also assign a location to photos already saved on your device.

If you want to tag images already stored on your device with location information, follow these simple steps:

Filling Position data manually

Add location manually

Every phone or tablet you’ve ever used already has a GPS system installed. You can also enable GPS on all devices, whether Android or iOS.

By using the GPS, you will be able to determine the direction and determine distance while driving.

By manually recording your location, you can add your location to previously taken photos.

To do this, download an app that tracks your location or enter your latitude and longitude on your phone.

Use your address

If you have an address near where you live, you can use it to get GPS coordinates from that address.

If you use your computer to geotag your photos, you can enter the location into the software or use a mapping program to get the GPS coordinates from the address.

Handheld GPS

 handheld GPS

Yes, handheld GPS is a portable, easy-to-use device that uses the Global Positioning System.

This little system is useful for some practical tasks and sometimes even fun. If you are a wanderer or traveler, this could be your daily routine.

Whenever you take a photo somewhere else, make a note of the location and enter it in the photo details.

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Final words

Geotags make your photos more discoverable: By adding location data to your photos, you can make them more discoverable on social media platforms like Instagram or Flickr. Many people searching for photos of a particular location they want to visit or exploring and that’s where they can easily find your photos if they are geotagged.

Now, you know how to geotag your photos on your android and ios device. If you still have any quarry let us know.