How To Geotag Photos On Android And iOS Devices?

How To Geotag Photos On Android And iOS Devices
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These days people do geotag their photos to make their photos discoverable by search engines on a geographical basis. We all know that our smartphones constantly track us via GPS, but did you know that our smartphones can also track us using images? Yes, this is called geotagging.

Geotagging is a process of adding geographical identification to any photograph, website, SMS message, QR code, and many more.

GPS is a global positioning system that reveals your current location by satellites. It is a satellite-based navigation system owned by the U.S. government. With the help of a digital signal, it sends data to the receiver.

It refers to attaching geographic coordinate information to images and other media of smartphones. Geotagging helps its users to find a variety of location-specific information on a single device. It contains geospatial metadata of media file like latitude and longitude coordinates.

In this article, you will learn how you can geotag your photos or other media files on android and iOS devices.

Why Geotagging?

Geotagging is useful for both the consumer and the organizations that use consumer data for their activities. It provides useful insights into customer activity. It helps to know where customers are interacting, which brands they are using, what places they visit so that they are able to get useful insights and plan their feed accordingly.

While geotagging photographs the customers reveal their location, where the picture has been taken. Geotag reveals where and when individuals are interacting with their website and helps to analyze it thereafter.

What is the use of geotagging?

Geotagging can be useful for various purposes. Nowadays it is very popular and everyone uses it. It helps its users to identify a wide variety of images through the location.

For example, you can find images of a particular location by entering longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates on a suitable search engine. You can find news, websites, photographs, and other media files of a particular location.

It is most popular on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook users geotag their photos while posting their pictures, so their friends may easily find their friends by searching a particular place. Using the geotag feature, users can also find their friends who are nearby them.

Instagram users pin their location on a world map while posting and can search for any place or content regarding that place.

The compose new tweet option on Twitter gives you a drop-down list to pin a particular location.

How to geotag photos with Android?

If you want to Photos on an Android device geotagged, you can follow these simple steps and geotag your photographs even before capturing them;

  • Launch your camera by tapping on the camera app of your smartphone.
  • In the top right corner, you will find three lines,go there.
  • Tap on settings icon by clicking it
  • There you will get options. Enable save location info. You’ll know the switches are turned on while they turn blue.
  • Now if you click any picture you have its location turned on and you can find its details right there.
Steps to geotag photos with Android

How to geotag photos with iOS?

Assuming you are an iOS user, you can tag location to your media files too but in a slightly different manner. To enable these services, follow these steps;

  • To enable geotagging services for the camera app, start by tapping the settings icon on the iPhone’s home screen to launch the settings app.
geotag photos with iOS-1
  • Move your finger to the privacy option.
geotag photos with iOS-2
  • And then tap location services
geotag photos with iOS-3
  • Enable the services and it will let you know by turning switches green.
geotag photos with iOS-4

How to geotag already captured photos

I have told you above how you can add a location to pictures before capturing it but You can also tag location to your images that are already saved on your device. If you want to tag your location to the images saved on your device already, you can follow these easy steps below;

Filling Position data manually

Every mobile or tablet we went through now has a GPS system already installed in it. Either Android or iOS the GPS is enabled in each and every device. The GPS we use is for finding direction while driving or to find the distance.

You can add your location to the photos you captured before by recording your position manually. For this, you can download the app which tracks your position or put latitude and longitude degrees on your phone.

Use your address

If any mailing address is available near your residence, you can use it to pull GPS coordinates from that address. When you are using the computer in order to geotag your image, enter that location into your software, or you may use a map program to pull GPS coordinates from that address.

Handheld GPS

Yes, handheld GPS is a portable and user-friendly device that uses Global Positioning System. This little system can help you in some practical tasks and at times it is fun too. If you are a wanderer, a traveler then this might be your daily thing.

Whenever you are capturing any picture elsewhere just take note of your location and enter it into your picture details.

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Final words

Geotagging photos might be very useful for you if you are a traveler or blogger and you organize your images by the place. But sometimes it is dangerous to share location on social media.

I hope now you are able to geotag your pictures on android or iOS devices. Keep Reading, keep clicking, and Keep Tagging.

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