How Do You Sell On Poshmark? Beginner’s Guide To Use Poshmark

In this article, I will cover everything you need to know that helps you to decide to sell on Poshmark.

A bunch of people is currently trying to figure out how to make more money and I’m going to show you how you can monetize what you have by selling it on Poshmark that you no longer use.

So stay tuned and keep reading as I will be sharing all the tips and tricks for selling on Poshmark with you.

So start selling your fashion clothes and accessories on Poshmark. There are plenty of posh sellers out there just doing it for extra tips or to cover groceries and clean out the closet at the same time.

While others are very keen on selling Poshmark to turn it into a full-time job, like Regina Barbour and Aleah Mazyck.

You have to be hard on yourself to do this work. If you also want to improve your profile, list the content of this social media marketplace, then put yourself in your shoes, because here are some general tips that top sellers use.

The above suggestions to upgrade and become the best seller. But let’s understand Poshmark first.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a popular social media marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to share a common platform, buy and earn in a fun way. It allows shoppers to shop a wide variety of fashion accessories from other boutiques and clothing stores.

Plus, if you’ve used fashion accessories in your wardrobe that you no longer use, then Poshmark’s selling tools will help you reach millions more easily and earn some cash. Enough.

Over the past few years, Poshmark has become the leading platform valued at over $625 million and posted phenomenal growth of 70% in three years.

It is a used online retail market with great demand for fashion clothing and an excellent store network. It is limited to people from the United States, Canada, and Australia only.

Sellers on Poshmark

sellers on Poshmark

Working with Poshmark is very easy. You don’t have to be a blogger or Instagram expert to work with Poshmark. From the seller’s point of view, all you have to do is sell on the Poshmark platform by taking a picture of the item you have on your phone.

You can upload up to 16 images and enter a product description to set the price of your product. You can now share your list with the network for other shoppers.

The main motto after that is sharing. Share, share, share! The more you share, the more sales you will get.

When you make a sale, after packaging, send it to the USPS for pre-labeled delivery. It makes transportation even more interesting. There are also fees for how easy and fun it is to sell on Poshmark. Poshmark charges 20% of the retail price for sales over $15.

A flat rate of $2.95 applies to items under $15. If the purchased item is accepted by the recipient, the funds will be credited to your bank account.

When it comes to apps, the Poshmark app dashboard is user-friendly and interesting. Signing up for the app is as easy as 123, and you can even sign up from the app on your smartphone or computer.

After logging in, you can follow the prompts to complete your profile and start listing items today.

Poshmark for buyers

Poshmark for buyers

When it comes to online shopping, everyone is a little afraid of security and privacy. You don’t have to worry about it on Poshmark.

The entire process from product purchase to delivery is simple and safe. If you want to scroll through the items and buy something, just tap the blue Buy Now button at the bottom of each list.

If you have a lot, you can also negotiate with the seller. Add a payment method and review the information and billing details in the list. Submit your order and wait for it to arrive!!

Poshmark also offers various categories of women’s fashion wear, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry, and makeup. There are also accessories, bags, clothing, and shoes for men and children.

Poshmark has expanded its categories to bedroom decorating, storage and organizing, bathroom products, weddings, dining, vacations, kitchens, offices, party supplies, and wall decorating. There are hundreds of brands in each category.

Poshmark: Boon or Bane

Why choose Poshmark?

Poshmark is perfect for casual wear, boutique creation, shopping in your friend’s closet, or making a bathroom vanity. This is the best option for users with countless benefits.

Easy listing process 

The list creation process in Poshmark is smooth and easy. The alternative clothing market can offer 5 items per day. Also, if you don’t want your product to stagnate for a long time, listings are essential.

Smooth shipping process

The shipping process is optimized. When your item is sold, the buyer will be charged a flat rate for the item, which will be emailed to you for sale. All you have to do is print the shipping label, put it in a package, and give it to the post office.

Ever and anon returns

What sellers like about Poshmark is that they come back in moderation. The purchaser must prove the defect with a photo and will not receive a refund under fraudulent circumstances.

Stimulate bargaining

Now, you can price to your liking and give big deals to others who may like your product. Unlike other online platforms, Poshmark greatly encourages negotiations.

For example, if someone likes your product, you can immediately send a message about offers, services, and descriptions. In most cases, it works because it evokes the buyer’s shopping sentiment.

Large active platform with lots of buyers

Poshmark provides buyers with a rose bed. You appeal to millions of buyers.

Poshmark drives people by promoting its website. Sellers also get an incentive to share their products. In other words, the more people see your product, the more likely it is to end the sale.

Social built-in community

Poshmark hosts a virtual luxury party through the app. There, all seller communities get together and share offers.

In this way, you connect and promote your community by valuing and sharing your posts. It’s a kind of blessing or curse because if they share a new list and people like it, people expect you to do the same. It’s a kind of nipple or nipple situation for the seller.

Drawbacks of using Poshmark

You can’t make lemonade without getting the taste of lemon. if Poshmark provides you different perks of selling, it also gives some snags.

Costs you an arm and a leg

It costs you 20% of all sales. Given platforms like eBay and Mercari that cost 10% and 13% respectively, their convenience comes with uncompetitive high costs everywhere.

Limited selling items

One of the biggest drawbacks of the platform is that only fashion and decorations are allowed to be sold. This is only discouraging if you are looking for different items for both sale and purchase.

If you are looking for diversification and articles, this is not the place for you.

Like, comment and share

Poshmark is a social media platform and must be active to be listed on the platform. You need to spend all your time and effort getting in touch with your followers and always send messages and replies.

Poshmark needs to be shared. The more you share it, the more it will appear in the app.

How to sell on Poshmark? (a beginners guide)

beginner's guide to sell on Poshmark

Are you ready to start a Poshmark selling for full-time or part-time work? Here are the steps to sell on Poshmark.

1. Download the app

Start by downloading the app on your smartphone or iPhone.

  • Go to the google play store or app store.
  • Search for the Poshmark app. It is easily available on the app store.
  • Install the app and open it.

2. Set up your profile

This is a crucial step for the future. Fill in all the details that the window is asking regarding personal information.

3. Take pictures

Notice here that the image you upload covers every aspect of your phone. No one wants to buy a product without examining all the parts, so the picture should be taken in the right light.

There are up to 16 photos, and posting at least 8 photos will be magical.

4. Write a detailed description.

In the place, write the correct description of the product regarding how you feel, what you like the most about it, and every minor detail.

5. Check appropriate boxes

Ensure the appropriate boxes for each category, color, and size.

6. Set your price

Here you have to fill in the list price, the discount price, and the original price of the item. It will automatically calculate how much you will get for that price.

7. List the item

When you click on the list item button, this will make your item visible to other Shoppers and make it live in the Marketplace. 

8. Share as much as you can 

Sharing your listing with the network will increase the probability of getting inquiries and purchases of your item.

10. Accept and counter different offers

When your item is live on the listing you will get inquiries if the buyer likes your product or if someone likes you can counter-offers to them or if they are giving you the office to accept it.

10. Print shipping label

After the sale is made, you will get the mail with the shipping label after accepting the offer. You can print the shipping label.

11. Mail sold item

Once everything is done, now it’s time to parcel the item. Get the package and drop it at the post office.

12. Hold back until the item is received

The buyer will mark the purchase as received, generally after 3 days.

13. It’s time to get the money

After the buyer receives the goods, you can request the money to deposit or check. It will automatically transfer into your account in almost a week.

How to get prepared for Poshmark?

get prepared for selling

Once you step into the store, you cannot walk with your bare hands. It’s always good to keep inventory before shipping.

So while you’re cleaning up your closet, be sure to draw an item that someone can buy. Also, don’t forget your profit margin when buying items for resale at Poshmark.

You can keep an Excel spreadsheet or a Google spreadsheet for this. Alternatively, it works well with hand journals.

How to prepare to list items on Poshmark?

Before selling your wardrobe or items from your closet, make sure they are fresh before shipping. No one likes odorous clothes, dirty clothes, or wrinkled clothes. Be sure to wash and iron before sending it to the purchaser.

1. How to clean? (tips and tools)

The products and tools you need on hand to wash dirty or stinky clothes can be the following;

  • Remove the decal if you want to blow dry for about 5 seconds
  • Dr. Martens Balm Balm for cleaning leather
  • OxiClean Smell Blaster to Whiten and Remove Strange Smell
  • Clean the white soles with a magic eraser

2. Scan the damage

If you click on the photo, first check for all damage. Make sure there are no stains, zippers, pockets or armpit holes, or loose seams that could damage the product.

You cannot sell these items at Poshmark. Even if you sell it, you must disclose all the items in the description.

3. Know your competitors /the comps

With Poshmark, you can set the price you like, but it’s not always possible to set a price for something that isn’t worth the product.

Always check for equivalent products on the market, also known as comps. Whenever you need to set a price for something, check the selling price of other products.

You can also further refine the details by item size, color, or tag. Every seller has his pricing strategy, which can only be developed after the experience.

Once you are experienced enough you can be Pro in pricing. Pricing is important because no one wants to buy a product that is not worth the money.

Always maintain a wiggle room between the listing and the price that you expect. I always set my price at $15 or $20 higher so that when a buyer asks for an offer, I can easily accept it.

Tips to list items on Poshmark

list items on Poshmark

Before directly jumping into the Poshmark, it is good to be on the safe side by doing some research. Indiscriminately falling in Poshmark can never be a good idea.

Hear some great tips from us and start selling on Poshmark like a pro.

1. Taking pictures

Your pictures would look professional when you post. Professional pictures attract customers more than taking pictures with their phone’s camera.

Editing the pictures before uploading them might be a good idea. Moreover, your pictures should be square so keep in mind that when posing your items. Always edit your picture before handing it on the cover photo frame.

You can always lay the item on the floor or table or hang it on a hanger but for a professional, you always must wear it and pose.

Your photos must be captured in light and also could be natural sunlight. If you have a lighting ring available, use it otherwise a daylight window will be perfect. 

Poshmark allows you to post 12 photos of the item. Fill all of them with different angles and different highlights live from the front, back, sides, top, and bottom. 

Always take pictures of the label and size tag, and if there is any flaw get them also. Try to make the customer informed as much as possible so there would be less possibility of the item returning.

2. Titles and descriptions

Be sure to use the correct keywords when writing titles and descriptions. It will help you rank higher in search engines.

Most online shoppers are looking for something unique to this platform. The title must include the brand name and style name. The title should include what you are selling, without the abbreviation to list the item as a “bold dress.”

The list of Poshmark will appear in Google Search, so use SEO accordingly. If the description and title are used correctly, you can also attract customers from Google search engines.

3. Use correct measurements

Be sure to have a tape measure ready before setting the object. Please measure it well and post a photo. This saves time.

You don’t have to include the measurements in the description, but if you do, your customer may be familiar with and interested in your product.

Many sellers don’t seem to care about measurements, but they often face returns. Not detailed, but common measurements such as waist, chest circumference, thigh circumference, and length are appropriate.

4. What about the offers?

Offers play a crucial part in selling on Poshmark. Not only at Poshmark other online selling platforms use like or watch later gaining access to sellers about the preference of consumers.

If they like the item you will instantly be informed and you can use offers to like (OTL) to seduce the customers. It includes a 24 hours limited offer to use without informing the general public about it.

For instance, if a buyer likes one of my items from the listing I will immediately mail him saying “Still interested in the stuff? Buy the same offer within 24 hours and get a 20% discount.

Poshmark must offer a discount of at least 10% on the price and a shipping discount of $2.12 and/or $7.99. This means that shipping to customers is $4.99 or free.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to leave room for wiggles when pricing. The best thing about selling at Poshmark is to facilitate negotiations.

Additional buyers will also create friend offers for items of interest. You can accept either a rejected offer or a counteroffer. This is the best way to get your investment on track, and you can make informed and informative decisions without technical support.

In addition, Poshmark will hold a closet clearance or CCO markdown event to allow sellers to offer items to buyers without shipping. If the purchase is made within 6 hours of the official price cut, Poshmark will pay the shipping gap price.

5. Follow up

Always provide quality customer service, stay in touch with customers, and respond promptly to all feedback and questions.

Scroll through the feedback to see both positive and negative ratings. If you ignore negative reviews, take this opportunity to improve your service and turn dissatisfied customers into loyal customers.

How to use Poshmark for money?

Make Money on Poshmark

Those who are selling on Poshmark for making serious money, need to pay attention to supply and demand at the time of the year and so on. There are few Business models to use while on the platform.

Use the details given below for making stackin’ loot:

Top brands to sell on Poshmark

You can find everything at Poshmark, including fashion accessories, carefully selected household items, and personal care products. You can sell second-hand products in good condition, but cosmetics and personal care products must be new and alcohol-free.

Many brands sold quickly at Poshmark. Some of the best brands to focus on

  • Nike
  • Mother 
  • Kate spade 
  • levy’s 
  • Rothy’s 
  • Marc Jacobs 
  • Polo 
  • torrid 
  • Ralph Lauren 
  • Ray-Ban 
  • Golden Goose 
  • off white
  • Tiffany & co.
  • Coach
  • Lacoste
  • Gucci
  • True Religion

Carefully inspect the items before purchasing them. If you think it’s a fake one, don’t fall for the trap. If the price is over a certain amount, Poshmark may have sent you the item to authenticate it first. 

Moreover, use an effective marketing strategy to sell the best brands. As long as you have trendy items to sell at a great price it doesn’t matter where they are from or what they are.

Tips to increase sales on Poshmark

Tips to increase sales

Offers and markdowns do not always prove to be effective while selling. You also need to practice some other tactics to generate more sales.

Try some of these given below;

1. Share as you can

Share offers from different categories, themes, and brands on the platform during Poshmark-sponsored events.

Sharing listings is one of the best ways to generate more sales on your platform. That way, people will learn more about you and you will become a famous brand.

2. Maintain a consistent and unique style

It’s important to be consistent in everything you do, including style colors, inventory photos, titles, and how to show off your description.

Everything needs to explain who you are. It helps build trust with your customers and show them what they expect when they visit your closet.

3. Best at the top

Putting the best articles on top of where people see them as soon as they arrive on the page is only possible if you are active.

Customers who only come for a few minutes will probably have the opportunity to share the item at the top instead of scrolling down to find the best product.

4. Take time for description

Think before writing the description. Describe each little detail about the item. Research what buyers want from you. Include every detail but not irrelevant ones. This will make your listing go down.

5. Offer Bundle discounts

It happens often !! If you enjoy using the brand, choose the same brand over and over until you get tired of it.

Poshmark offers bundle discounts to buyers who buy many items from the same seller. In this way, the seller can save time and additional shipping costs.

6. Be creative

This does not mean that you can make changes to the item, but the packaging adds some surprises to the buyer.

For example, if someone buys from you at Poshmark, leave a handwritten note for a happy purchase or give them a gift card for your next purchase discount.

Add colorful tapes and bows to make your product look beautiful and give consumers a smile on their faces.

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If you haven’t signed up for Poshmark yet, get yours, register now and start selling at Poshmark. With experience, you can learn a lot about selling at Poshmark. It’s a great way to sell your stuff and also make good money. Remember that it takes time to become a top posh seller.

Please do not stand silently. Good things take time. 🙂


If you are still not clear about How to sell on Poshmark, take a look at the most interesting, frequent, and commonly asked questions;

How much does Poshmark cost you?

Poshmark is free to list the items for sale, but once the sale is made, a $2.95 collection fee will be deducted from the sale if it is less than $15. Also, for the $15 sale above, 20% of the total price will be deducted, leaving 80% of the final sale price of the listed items.

How much does Poshmark pay you? 

The price of Poshmark is easy. There is a small fee for each sale, which provides prepaid shipping labels, free credit card processing, customer support, and buyer protection.

When it comes to taxes, sales tax is automatically calculated and collected and sent to the state on your behalf. For example, if you earn $2000, you will only earn $1800. The remaining $200 will be charged by Poshmark, including fees and fees.

What about the Poshmark return policy? 

Poshmark doesn’t encourage returning products. Whenever a customer makes a purchase and payment is not released to the seller, until it is received by the buyer.

Items that are refundable include;

  • Those that don’t match the description
  • Items that are damaged in transit
  • Those which are not Shipped

Buyers can use support photos to report issues on their website. Once this is confirmed, the return order label will be sent to the seller and the payment will be refunded.

This is only done in moderate circumstances and the seller sometimes disagrees and is dissatisfied with the service. Otherwise, Poshmark customer service can be very helpful in these issues.

Is there any possibility of getting scammed?

Yeah, there is! Buyers often fall into the trap of receiving counterfeit products rather than branded products.

When communicating by phone or email, it applies to both buyers and sellers. Offline transactions should be avoided and you can reduce the chance of fraud by making and receiving payments in your app.

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