How To Change Background On Google Meet?

Change Background on Google Meet
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Changing background in video calls on Google meet with visual effects make your meetings less distructing and more fun. Here in the article you will leran how to change google meet background on google meet.

Whether you want to share your background with your coworkers in a next virtual meeting or look professional in an upcoming business call, the virtual background can help you improve the way you work from home in your next meeting with Google Meet.

The virtual background is available to use during meetings on Google meet. You can change the background and use virtual effects in Google meet to make your informal meetings more fun and formal meetings more professional.

Considering other popular apps like zoom and Microsoft teams provide customization features and background effects which people adopt and love, Google meet also came over with its new visual effects and background to make your office or home meetings more amiable among your peers or classmates.

Is it Possible to Use Visual Effects/Background on Google Meet? 

Yes, Now google meet provides an array of special effects natively from the app, ranging from replacing your background with any image or video to applying sunglasses effects. New visual effects for google meet are super fun when talking to friends or family. A bunch of visual effects and creative backgrounds by google meet are explained below.

Google Meet Background
Apply Visual Effects – Google Meet

Slightly Blur

Sometimes this happens during a meeting or a seminar that you don’t want to share the exact image of your background on call. At this moment, this effect comes to use where you can make your background a little blur and rest assured of the back image.

Blur Background

If you don’t have a proper workspace at your home and have to share your room with others while giving a presentation. Or maybe this is the time when you joined your meeting on an urgent note you have a messy background. This filter is perfect for you and will protect you from any unease.

Blue Background in Google Meet

In that situation, you never know who passes from your back and make you feel embarrassed during the time of presentation. You can use a blur background feature which will make your background blur and no one can see what’s there.

Add Photo/Video+

Add photo in Google Meet

This feature allows you to add different pictures or videos to your background from your device. If you don’t like any option from google meet’s Effects you can just put there your own filter for the background.

You can use some plain background or some office workspace view to make your meeting more professional. 


Filter - Google Meet

There are so many funny photos and animated video filters as well as smooth filters provided by Google meet to make your meetings star-studded.

Filters give life to boring meetings and make them interesting, just choose any filter and it will be applied instantly. 

No Effects

You are already in your best space if you do not want any effects and backgrounds as you are completely okay with real ones. Use the no effect feature for no filter and the real background. 

How to Change Background on Google Meet?

There are different steps to use visual effects to change google meet background for the different devices. We’ll discuss each of them in detail so you won’t face any problems.

1. For Desktop Users

Whenever giving any presentation or attending online classes you use your desktop or laptop for it and to avoid any distractions we usually change our background to enhance professionalism.

> Before the Meeting

  • Open the Google meet app on your phone and select the meeting. If you have a link provided then click on the link to directly begin the meeting.
  • After selecting the meeting, a “Ready to join” screen appears where you would be asked to turn on or off your microphone and camera.
  • Just before you join the meeting, On the lower right corner of your camera screen, there is an option for “Apply Visual Effects“.
  • From the bountiful effects, select which one you want and you will see the preview here.
  • After choosing any one, tap on Join Now

-> During a meeting

  • Whenever attending any video call if you wish to change your background, click on the three dots at the bottom.
  • Click “Apply Visual Effects” and choose your preferred background according to your needs and choice.
  • It will instantly applied on the call.

2. For Android and iOS Users

To use special effects or replace the actual background with images and videos on an Android or iOS device, go through the steps listed below.

-> Before the Meeting

  • Enter the google meet code or click on the link to join the meeting.
  • After selecting the meeting, a screen will appear where it confirms to join the meeting
  • On the camera screen, there is an option for “Apply Visual Effects“.
  • Click on that ‘profile look a like icon’ and all the options will appear below that.
  • From the bountiful effects, select which one you want and you will see the preview here.
  • After choosing any one, tap on Join

-> During a meeting

  • Start the meeting by either code or direct link as you will be change the background when call is ongoing.
  • On the self-view (where your photo is visiable), Click on that ‘profile look a like icon’.
  • Your options will apear on scrren, choose the effects according to your preference.
  • when you will choose any effect, it will instantly applied on the call.

Note: – Using any Background on Google Meet will drop your battery faster than usual. Also, it may slow down your device a bit.

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The guide covers every aspect of how you can change the background and add visual effects in google meet. There are other ways also by which you can use different visual backgrounds and special effects for your video using the google meet extension.

Hang on here and we’ll show you how you can bring new visual effects and creative backgrounds on a google video call using the google meet extension in the next blog. Till then, Use funny Visual effects in informal meets and make your world oyster.

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