How To Stop Ads on YouTube

You are playing a mind-blowing playlist and eventually, in the middle of your all-the-time favorite song, YouTube ads come in between. What a not-so-nice way to enjoy. How we stop this annoying ad to kill your mood? Let us learn how you can stop ads on YouTube.

Here is how can you do it you can enjoy your videos without ads.

Now no more waiting for that deary ads to end. With this article, by the time you have reached the end, you will be able to know the different ways in which you could block those ads.

Reasons Why Youtube Has A Plethora Of Ads


Ads on YouTube

With everything moving digitally. Ads have now moved away from their traditional way of advertising.

And YouTube has now emerged as one of the predominant ways to reach out to the audience.

Many big brands are in collab with YouTube to play their advertising. Almost half of the income of YouTube is generated by ads.

That’s the reason why YouTube put so many breaks in between.

Ways To Block Ads On Youtube

Just because there are ads in between your video that doesn’t mean that you have to watch those boring ads until the option to skip appears.

Today we will be looking at the various ways in which you can skip YouTube ads.

Ad blocker

The best way in which you could halt those tedious ads to play is by using an ad blocker.

Simply using any ad blocker application app blocks your ads from being played on your streaming. Especially youtube.

How to block ads using an ad blocker

  • Select an ad blocker that suits your device. The reason is that some ad blockers might work for your model some might not.
  • Create the account for the respective blocker sites.
  • Select the relevant plan.
  • Then activate your ad blocker on your device before you binge-watch.

Some of the best ad blockers are:-

  1. AdBlock Plus (free)
  2. AdBlock (free)
  3. Poper Blocker (free)
  4. Stands Fair AdBlocker (free)
  5. uBlock Origin (free)
  6. Opera Browser (free)

Watch Downloaded Videos

The next best way to watch YouTube videos is to download your videos. This way all the ads are skipped and you could enjoy an uninterrupted free video.

Download your video on youtube.

  • Open your Youtube app.
  • Play the video you want to download.
  • Just down below the video a whole bunch of options is given.
  • Swipe right and click on the download option when you spot it.
  • Once downloaded go and watch your video from the download option on YouTube.

And if you think that downloading videos on YouTube exhaust your data much. Fair enough you could use third-party apps to download.

This way your data consumption would be low. And you get to enjoy your video ads for free.

YouTube Vanced

YouTube vanced is an app that allows you to watch youtube videos ad-free.

  • Open up your browser.
  • Search for YouTube vanced.
  • Click on the first link given at the top.
  • Download it and allow the settings.
  • Once done. Now you can enjoy watching youtube ad-free videos.

Opting Youtube Premium

The next thing you could do is opt for YouTube own as a free plan.

That is YouTube premium. With YouTube Premium, it allows its user to experience it and have an ad-free experience.

There are three plans you could go with:-

  1. Family membership (17.99$) per month
  2. Student membership (6.99$) per month
  3. Individual membership (11.99$) per month

How to block Ads on Youtube premium

  • Log in to YouTube.
  • From your Youtube Profile icon click on YouTube studio.
  • Click Continue and select the video on which you want to remove ads from the left side.
  • Select the Monetization option.
  • Click on the Off.
  • Now click on Update Video from the upper right corner.

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Final Thoughts:

In this article, I have clarified how you can block ads on YouTube using various types of methods.

Using your ads blocker to using the YouTube setting I have explained all in detail. By now I hope you have now become a master of blocking ads.

If you still have any doubts feel free to reach out in the comment section we will be happy to assist you.

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