10 Best Apps To Turn Photos Into Cartoons And Sketches

Best Apps To Turn Photos Into Cartoon And Sketches (1)

If you are looking for the best apps that let you turn photos into cartoons or sketches then this post is for you. Transform yourself into Cartoons and editing your photos is much more fun.

Most users are looking for apps to turn photos into cartoons and sketches. Here I’ll guide you with the best and most amazing apps that help you to create your photos as cartoons, sketches, and anime stickers.

You can turn your photos into cartoon characters, anime characters, pencil art sketches, color art, and many more. You can even share your photos with your friend and on social media to have fun.

Let’s not waste any more time and read about the apps that help you to make yourself cartoon characters and edit your photos on excellent levels.

Best Apps To Turn Photos Into Cartoons And Sketches

There are several apps available on the internet to turn photos into cartoons and sketches. Some of them are really the best and easy for working, I have mentioned here:

1. Snapchat App

You are already familiar with the Snapchat app, most of you have already used this app and are using it on a daily basis.

It continuously updated its new features. You have known about its latest features that will allow users to transform their selfies into Disney or Pixar-like characters.

It will turn your face into a modern prince. Many Snapchat users have used this feature globally and it has been viewed more than 1.8 billion times.

Use of Snapchat app Filter

  • Open your Snapchat app.
  • Go to the camera screen and tap on the smiling face icon from the right side of the camera button.
  • Click on Explore and search for Cartoons.
  • Select Cartoon 3D style.
  • Now, long press the camera to make your video.

2. Cartoon Pictures App

With the help of this app, you will turn photos into cartoons and sketches. This app doesn’t allow you to convert your photos directly into cartoons and sketches, you need to edit the photos before uploading.

The app is easy to use, you need to upload a photo. Select the different filters that are already built, and apply them to your photo.

You can convert your photo into pencil art filters, drawings, and many more filters.

The size of the app is 13 MB and it is available for both Android and iOS platforms so you can download it to your preferred platform for free.

You don’t need to buy any filters and subscriptions. After downloading, you can start directly editing your photos.

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Features of Cartoon Pictures app

  • Easy to use Cartoon Picture editing app.
  • Powerful selfie camera.
  • Cartoon photo editor with many cartoon filters.
  • Cartoon photo maker with cartoon art filters, drawing and colored pencil sketch, and pencil art filters.
  • Excellent photo art filters, and powerful cartoon filters.
  • Photo painting, photo editing, cartoon animation filters, and cartoon effects.
  • Experience the art exhibition of filters, sketches, canvas painting, oil painting, artsy painting, and more.
  • Live photo editing.

3. Comics Cartoon Maker

This is the best app to turn photos into Comics Cartoon with a single tap. Just select your photo from the gallery or take a new one through the app camera.

Select the filters, even you can add speech balloons to show a more convincing comic effect.

This is the easiest way to cartoon yourself, which you will find online. The size of the app is 20 MB and it is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free.

Features of the Comic Cartoon Maker app

  • Easy to use and run smoothly on any phone.
  • Create your own memes.
  • The Comika app is free.
  • Real looks like a comic effect.

4. MomentCam Cartoons or Stickers

MomentCam is the most popular app that allows you to turn photos into Cartoons easily. The app is free to use and has over 50 Million users around the globe.

The size of the app is 77 MB and is available for free on both Android and iPhone devices.

Features of the MomentCam app

  • Create your own cartoons and animated characters.
  • Personalize your background with the latest MojiWorld feature.
  • Engage in activities to win prizes by sharing your creativity with the MomentCam community.

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5. Toonme App

Toonme is also the popular app after MomentCam to transform your photos into cartoons. You will get here the pre-built tools to edit your photos.

The size of the app is 16 MB and is available on Android and iOS platforms for free. This app is really simple to use.

Features of Toonme app

  • Full a body cartoon maker.
  • Vector portrait templates.
  • Lots of simple layout designs.

6. Reface

Refresh is a face-swapping app, you can swap your face with celebrities and animated Disney characters. You can download them and use them on any social media. This app is really fun and simple to use.

This app has free as well as premium versions. If you are using the free version then you will get the limited features, filters, and swap space in a day.

The size of app is 14 MB in size and is available for free on Google Play Store or App store. You can download it and start swapping your face.

Featured of Reface app

  • Swap your face with celebrities or any movie character.
  • Live face swaps and gender swaps.
  • You can also share your face-swapped short videos or funny memes as GIFs.
  • Use the photo animator to bring images to life and share them globally.

7. Avatoon

You can make your avatar and turn yourself into animated stickers. This app will turn your photos into stickers also.

You can share these stickers with your friends on any social media platform like WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.

This app size is 53 MB and is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free. You can download them to your preferred store and turn your photos into animated stickers.

Features of Avatoon app

  • You can create an avatar that looks exactly as good as the real one.
  • This app provides users with lots of editing tools.
  • You can modify your avatar expression, poses, and background.
  • You can win coins by sharing your avatar with your friends.
  • You will get various customization options, and change the clothes, hair, and color as you wish.

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8. Sketch Drawing Photo Editor

Pencil Photo Sketch is a color editing app to transform your photos into hand-drawing pencil art or sketches.

Select your photo from the gallery or take it with your camera to convert it into a pencil sketch.

The size of the app is 19 MB and is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

Features of Sketch Drawing Photo app

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Perfect sketch photo app that looks like a real pencil drawing.
  • Color pencil, cartoon art, pencil sketch, drawing, and many pencil effects for photos.
  • Crayon effects.
  • Best drawing photo editor app.

9. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma is the best app for photo editing. It provides you with the best features to convert them into cartoons easily. Here you will get a wide range of filters, styles, and other editing tools.

The size of the app is 64 MB. It is a well-rated app that is available on Android and iOS platforms for free.

Prisma has more than 110 Million users globally and the users are enjoying this app a lot. But for additional tools and filters, you need to take the subscription.

Features of the Prisma app

  • Amazing effects or tools for editing.
  • You will get a free trial before your Subscription.
  • Make your images unique styles.
  • Convert your photos into art, drawing, pencil, and color art.
  • Frames and backgrounds are available to change your style.

10. Paint Lab

Paint Lab has great features and filters for you to turn your photos into a cartoon characters easily. It has a lot of effects and tools for editing including those for the correction of imperfections.

This app is easy to use and gives a very fast result. This app is best for those who want to make a career in photo editing but don’t have any experience with how to start in this area.

The size of the app is 27 MB and is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

Features of the Paint Lab app

  • This app has a wide range of filters and tools.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can turn yourself into cartoon characters and edit your photo into a drawing.
  • Open a lot of tools by ads.
  • Tutorial available to understand.

You can also make your own memes or gifs and share them with your friends in messages or posts.

Creating your own avatar and cartoon character is trending nowadays. Most users globally are enjoying it a lot by creating a short clip.

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Summing Up:

These are the best apps that transform your photos into cartoon characters, anime characters, and pencil art.

These apps also help you to make your career in the art area so it is best for those who don’t have any experience in this field.

The best thing is all the apps are free and available on any platform so you don’t have to spend money to have fun.

I hope this information is useful for you, if you have any queries then reply in the comment section.

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