7 Tips To Fix If Youtube not working on iPhone

Fix Youtube not working on iPhone
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I have seen many queries on the Apple website that youtube isn’t working properly on their iPhone and experiencing issues with it. Well, scan the guide and find out what are the reasons and why Apple has this kind of problem. This is actually a guide on getting the most basic solutions you can use to fix the problem when youtube not working properly on your iPhone.

Here is, Why YouTube Not Working and how to Fix It

Yes, there are some fixes to be used for this problem. So, if you are having any of these problems, the main reasons could be

  • Outdated software,
  • High Streaming quality,
  • Cache memory,
  • Network issue or Internet Problem,
  • Or software glitch.

Continue reading about them right away below. It will help you get over the issue pretty easily.

Also, make sure to read our article about how to resolve video streaming issues on YouTube for iOS devices.

1. Something about video quality

Sometimes, YouTube might not work because of the quality settings. So, to get high-quality videos on Youtube, you will need to check the settings on your iPhone. 

If you are unable to play videos with a high-quality setting, you can change quality settings to auto mode for a few seconds and then change it again for high quality.

2. Streaming issues on different networks/internet connections

If you are having this problem, maybe the culprit in the situation is your network connection. when streaming video on YouTube from your iPhone, try reset network settings first. Many of you know how to do that, but still, I will mention the steps in case of confusion.

reset iPhone network settings

Don’t worry! This will only erase your network preference details, you can enter them again to retrieve the data settings.

3. Check for updates

One of the reasons Youtube is not working o your iPhone is because of the outdated app. Check if any updates for youtube are available on iPhone and update the app asap to make it work again. In order to Update YouTube,

  • Navigate to the app store and check for updates.
  • (If a YouTube update is available), click on it. it will start downloading the updated version.
Update Youtupe App On iPhone

4. Check  for iOS update

Software update for iOS

Update your phone to the latest version. presently IOS 15 is the latest version available in the market. Sometimes, the outdated version creates bugs in the app and makes your phone slow and Low in performance. so as a permanent solution to the issue you can update the iOS version.

5. Clear cache memory

If you have a lot of apps on your iPhone, the Cache might be the problem.

  • Hold the power button down until the iPhone slider to turn it off appears.
  • After that, hit and hold the Home button for 5 seconds to clear your cache.
  • Maybe your safari browser is causing the trouble. Read How Do You Clear Cache On Safari?

6. Turn wifi off and airplane mode on

airplane icon on iPhone

If all these fixes are still not able to solve your issue, check the network connection once again.

  • Turn off the wifi and internet connectivity and hold your phone to airplane mode.
  • Check WiFi quality by using the “Network Status” option in the Network info screen.
  • Tap on “ Check if the network is good.
  • You just need to check your SSID.
  • Your network was changed. 

7. Uninstall and reinstall Youtube

You might need to uninstall youtube if it is not working on your iPhone. All the major software issues and settings will be removed from the mobile system. And when you reinstall afterward, it will automatically be restored with the settings of your iPhone device.

If you’re using a premium YouTube software like ProTube, you may reinstall it for free if you’re logged in with the same Apple ID you used when you first purchased it. When you uninstall an app, it removes all of the app’s software and settings from your iPhone.

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As we have seen, most of the problems commonly occur due to the settings and the internet connection. If you are having problems, then follow up with the article and it will help. if nothing else helps then we might need an external source to get over this issue. But this is a very rare case and you can check it out if you like.

This is all about how to fix when youtube not working on iPhone. I hope that now you can find that solution for yourself as well as those who are facing issues like those mentioned above.

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