How To Rename Apps On Android Device?

Android device does not allow you to rename apps. Altering the name of the apps which you downloaded on your Android Device. It will be really fun if we can alter or rename apps on Android devices. Sometimes, I do this alteration to confuse my friends, I literally change the name and icon of the apps. 

Technically, we can not change the name of apps directly, as android devices will not allow you to do that. By default, it is not possible for you to change or rename any app. You can not find an official way to rename apps on Android devices, But you can use third-party apps. They will help you to change or alter the name of apps.

Through research I found some third-party apps to alter the name and the icon of the app. By using these third-party apps, you can easily change the name and app icon. So let’s see what apps will help you to change your name and app icon. 

Apex launcher to rename apps on Android

Apex launcher
Apex launcher

Install the apex launcher on your Android device’s device. It can also be called a Nova launcher. This is a free app and you can easily get this app from the Google Play store. These launchers will help you to rename the applications. Follow these given steps to rename the apps. 

  • You just have to click on the app which you want to be renamed. 
  • Then, click on the “edit” option to give a new and customized name to the app. 
  • Add a new name to the app. 
  • Click on the “Finish” option. 
  • And now you can see the name has changed. 

Use the xRenamer app to rename apps on Android


This app will help you to change or customize the name of any app on an Android device. You can modify your app and manage the apps as you want. xRenamer will give you overall control of the screen. Follow these easy steps to rename the other Android applications. 

  • Run the “Xposed framework” on your Android device. 
  • Then, you have to go to the download section. 
  • Go and find the xRenamer module from the download section. 
  • After that go to the download page to download and install the xRenamer module. 
  • Activate the xRenamer module. 
  • Then, you have to reboot the device, to save the changes 
  • You can see in the list of apps, the xRenamer app will start appearing in the app section. 

Now you can easily rename the applications. 

Rename apps on Android by using QuickShortcutMaker


You can get this application for free on Google Play Store. QuickShortcutMaker can also be used to change the names of the apps. Here are the steps below to rename the applications. 

  • Go and download and install the QuickShoetcutMaker from the Google play store. 
  • After that open the app and select the app which you want to rename. 
  • You are able to see the information regarding the shortcut. 
  • Then, you have to click on the “tap on change label” option. 
  • You will find the “rename shortcut” dialogue box appears in front of you. 
  • After that, you have to enter a new name that you want to have on that icon. 
  • Click on “Ok”.
  • You can able to see the changed name of that icon. 
  • Further, click on the “create” option which you are able to see at the bottom of the screen. 

After that, you can see the renamed app. 

APK Editor

APK Editor

APK Editor is also a renaming app. This app is a renaming app and can be downloadable. By following the given steps, you can rename any app. 

  • If you want to rename any app you should have both, an APK file and APK editor on your PC, which should be Vo. 4.
  • Install the APK file in your system. 
  • Only after that Edit.exe APK can be started. Enter the APK file to be edited. 
  • There you can see a new icon in the general tab containing the name “APK file”. You can also able to change Or edit the name of that file.
  • At last, when you complete the process of renaming, click on the “apply” option. 

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Wrapping up

To conclude: We also rename or customize apps just to hide from others. When you need privacy that no one can open your personal data which is on some apps. So, renaming or customizing the app icon is the best option. 

You can alternate the name of the apps like calculator, dictionary, scanner, etc. So that no one can understand what is in the app. I am one of them who usually renames the apps to keep privacy on my phone you can also use app lock. 

I am now done with my words. I hope you like this article and also hope that it will help you with what you want to do. After that, if you are facing any other queries or some issues come up that you can ask them in the comment section.

Here I am, to solve your queries as soon as possible. Thanking you!

Keep smiling and shining bright! 

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