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How To Sell Domain Name Online

So, you have purchased the domain name to start any website you need to first purchase the domain name. But, now you are thinking to sell your domain name. Instead of keeping a domain just sitting there.

There is always a way to make some extra money for cash from your unused domain. In this article, you will get to know how can you sell domain names online.

As we all known not every domain going to sell at a very high range but might be your domain is unexpectedly a valuable domain. And for how much you can sell the domain name.

What are the domain auctions?

Literally, domains are more than a web address there is often the value that extends well beyond their registration price. It totally depends on your domain name and how memorable it is and how well it ranks on Google.

A domain name costs a few bucks and can be worth according to the value of the domain name. According to the value. A seller can sell a domain at whatever price he wants to sell the domain name.

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How can you sell your domain?

Selling your domain can be a lengthy process and you might not get any bedspread away. Basically depending upon the existing value of your domain name and you need to know how well your market is. The process of a feeling domain is different from selling websites.

So here in this article, you will be going to know the process of selling your domain I hope it will work for you.

1. Determine the original value of your domain

The very first thing you will need to do is determine the proper value or proper price of your domain. Maybe your domain is more valuable than you think.

Sometimes, a lot of people end up overpricing the domains, and also things why they never have any interest because they have owned a domain for a while doesn’t mean that it has any inherent value.

Instead of spending more and more time researching what is the price of your domain you can also use the tool which is the name bio to determine what other similar domains are pricing for.

There is much variety of online estimation tools which you can use but they don’t give you an accurate quote so you need to use many other tools which are trustworthy so that you can get to know the perfect selling price of your domain.

2. Make a decision about how would you like to sell your domain

You need a better understanding of your domain when it’s time for you to look for the buyers who are going to buy your domain so you can have many different ways to find buyers for your domain.

There are some most popular sites to sell your domain online are as follows:

3. Make sure that your contact information should be public on the WHOIS directory

Usually, people don’t want that their contact information is publicly listed online. Whenever you are ready to sell a domain. Then, this time you need to make sure that your contact information is public. Otherwise, there is no way to sell your domain.

Imagine that if someone is searching for a domain name to purchase but you already bought it before. If they are not getting your contact information in the WHOIS directory. Then, they can’t make any contact with you. You will also not also get any offer on selling your domain.

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4. Prepare a domain listing for yourself

Once you have chosen where you have to sell your domain name. So, it’s time for you to optimize your listing. Many sell us just upload their URLs and think that they are done. But it’s not satisfactory.

You can easily maximize your chances of selling the domain by making it more informative and attractive

For example, you can also add the existing traffic of your website, your domain age, your existing domain authority, and many more. There are more chances of your domain name being sold at a good price by just highlighting it.

5. Use of Escrow service to receive the payment from the buyer

When you decide on the customer to whom you are selling your domain name. Then, it’s time for you to receive the payment from the buyer so, you can use any payment method.

You want also you can use an Escrow service, which acts like a third party and it’s the simplest way to transfer or Hold the funds.

Basically, most of the selling platforms have a built-in Escrow process. so, every transaction can be done through a site. This is used to take out a percentage of a final price to safeguard your domain rate.

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6. Transferring of domain

So now it’s the final time to transfer your domain to the new owner to whom you sold your domain name. As I told you before that this process of transferring a domain is totally different from transferring a site.

The general process of transferring is in the following steps:

  • The Seller will have to share the authorization code to start the transfer process.
  • Once the escrow process has been completed the Seller can transfer the funds
  • Maybe there are restrictions on the amount of time so double chat before doing any kind of transfer

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Final words

As I told you before selling a name can be a lengthy process because it contains everything in it like from owning a domain to selling a domain.

The most important thing is to know the actual value of your domain name maybe you don’t know but you are domain name can be very valuable.

Afternoon the actual value of your domain then you can sell your domain at a price at which you and the buyer both are comfortable selling and buying it.

You also keep many things in mind before selling a domain on an online platform so make sure that your payment is secure and on time.

If you are having any issues related to this content ask them in the comment section I will try to solve your queries as soon as possible.

Thank you and enjoy your day.

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