3 Best Ways To Activate PayPal Prepaid Card: [2023 update]

How To Activate PayPal Prepaid Card

If you just got your PayPal prepaid card and want to activate it but don’t know the exact way to do it, then don’t worry; you have come to the right place because this article is for you. Here you will learn the best way to activate Paypal prepaid card by yourself.

The PayPal Prepaid Card, also known as the PayPal Cash Card, is a convenient and secure way to access your PayPal balance and spend your money anywhere. But before you can start using it to make purchases, withdraw cash, or earn cashback rewards, you’ll need to activate a PayPal prepaid card.

Fortunately, the activation process is straightforward and can be done easily from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Things Required to Activate Your PayPal Prepaid Card:

  • Your 16-digit card number
  • Your CVC2 number
  • Your PIN number
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Social Security number (optional)

You only need to go to the PayPal website or app and follow the instructions under the “Activate Card” option to activate your PayPal prepaid card. Then you’ll need to provide your card’s security code, expiration date, and number, which can all be found on the back of your card.

Why do you need to activate my PayPal Prepaid Card?

Card activation and identity verification are required before you can use your PayPal Prepaid Card. This helps to protect your account and prevent fraud.

For those looking for a popularly used prepaid card without a monthly fee and without a credit check, the PayPal Cash Card is a great choice. It’s ideal for making in-person purchases, Internet transactions, and even bill payments. It’s a super easy process, and we’re here to guide you through it.

How to activate a PayPal prepaid card?

Your PayPal prepaid card can be purchased from any retail store, depending on the retail location.

Once you manage to get a PayPal Prepaid MasterCard, you need to add funds at the time you purchase the card.

The minimum initial value you need to add will be $10 or $20  and the maximum will be $500.

Here are some Quick steps to activate your PayPal debit card:

  • Open a Browser,
  • Log in to your PayPal account and go to Paypal.com/activatecard
  • Fill in the Required information
  • And then click on Activate Card

Or you can call 1-800-314-8298 (PayPal Activation Automated line) and follow the instructions given by the support staff to activate your PayPal Card.

Prepaid PayPal MasterCards can be activated in three ways. They are listed below:

  • The most preferable way is via the mobile app
  • The common way is via the official PayPal website 
  • The least used way is to call PayPal customer support.

You can choose any of the preferred ways you want. The detailed steps for the same are given below. Follow them to activate your Prepaid PayPal card.

1. Activate PayPal Cash card via the mobile app

This is the easiest way to activate your PayPal prepaid MasterCard account. Follow the given steps to continue

Activate paypal prepaid card by using mobile app

1. Launch the PayPal mobile app on your phone.

2. Tap on a wallet.

3. Select your PayPal cash card.

4. Then enter the required information, like your security number and your card number.

5. After that, click on the activate card tab below.

Once activation is complete, you can use your card with the cash balance you added initially.

2. Activate PayPal Cash card via the official website 

If you wish to activate your cash card through PC, There are two simple ways to activate your PayPal cash card. Here is the reference:


1. First thing first, go to https://paypal.com/activatecard and log in to your PayPal account.

Activate PayPal Cash card-1

2. Then, after logging in, a new window will open. After that, enter your card expiration date ( It will be mentioned on the back side of your card above your name).

Activate PayPal Cash card-2

3. Click on the Activate card button.

Login paypal

4. Now you will be redirected to a new window to create a PIN. Now create a 4-digit PIN for your cash card and then click on Create a PIN.

Activate PayPal Cash card-4


1. Open your web browser and go to paypal.com.

2. Log in to your PayPal account

(PayPal home page will appear on your screen.)

3. Scroll down, and on the right side, your bank names and cards will be shown. Click on Activate Your Card Account here.

4. Now enter your card number details correctly to continue. 

5. Enter the security pin at the back of your card. 

6. Click on the Continue tab. Once done, it will show your form to verify your identity.

7. After that, you need to create a 4-digit PIN. Hit the continue tab.

Follow the given guidelines on the screen to finish the activation process. After that, you could use your card for transaction purposes.

3. The least used way is to call PayPal customer support.  

This is the offline method you can use if you are a new user and don’t have access to a mobile device, PC, or internet.

(1-800-314-8298) Is the official customer executive contact number appointed just for this purpose? Dial the contact number and you can reach customer executive support and ask them to activate the card.

They will ask you some details regarding your name, date of birth, street number, changed addresses till now, and some personal questions to verify your identity. Just answer the questions honestly and you can activate your card.

How do I activate a PayPal prepaid card without an SSN?

No, You cannot activate a PayPal prepaid card without an SSN. It is mandatory to have a social security number (SSN) to activate your card. But, it also depends on for which purpose you are using the card. 

If you are using the card for continued transactions such as sending and receiving cash, you may need to use a social security number.

Moreover, if you are using a PayPal prepaid MasterCard just as a gift card (you do not deposit any cash again), it is not necessary to use an SSN. 

How much time does a PayPal prepaid card need to activate? 

PayPal prepaid cards can start instantly once you finish the activation process. If you have applied for a PayPal prepaid MasterCard through the mail, wait a week or a while until you get it. You need to activate your card to directly use the services.

What happens after I activate my PayPal Prepaid Card?

Once your card is activated, you can start using it to make purchases online, in stores, and over the phone. You can also use it to withdraw cash from ATMs.

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In this article, we have tried to provide you with the best methods to activate your Paypal prepaid card by yourself and we have provided you the correct and proven methods to fix the issue instantly

Remember, if you are using the PayPal prepaid card as a gift card, you do not need to provide your social security number, but if you intend to make transactions regularly, you will need it for activation.

If you do not receive a personalized card within 10 days, you can call customer service at the contact number mentioned above. After activating your card, you can now start using it immediately.

Safety Tip: Don’t forget to keep your card safe and secure to avoid unauthorized transactions. We hope you have a great experience using it.


Q: How do I apply for a PayPal prepaid card?

To apply for a PayPal prepaid card, you must first have a PayPal account. Once you have an account, you can order a card online through the PayPal website or mobile app. You will need to provide some personal information to complete the application process.

How much does it cost to get a PayPal prepaid card?

A: The PayPal prepaid card is free, but you might need to pay fees to use it. For example, there may be fees for ATM withdrawals, balance inquiries, or monthly maintenance. Be sure to check the fee schedule for your card to understand all of the associated costs.

Can I use a PayPal prepaid card without a PayPal account?

No, you must have a PayPal account in order to use a PayPal prepaid card. The card is linked to your PayPal account and is used to access the funds in your account.

Where can I use my PayPal prepaid card?

You can use your PayPal prepaid card anywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted. This includes in-store and online purchases, as well as cash withdrawals from ATMs.

What if I lose my PIN number?

You can reset your PIN number by calling the PayPal Prepaid Card customer service number at (866) 753-6440.

What if I have other questions about activating my PayPal Prepaid Card?

If you have other questions related to your prepaid card activation, then simply contact PayPal Prepaid Card customer service for help. I have already mentioned their customer care number above in this post. Or you can just Google it or check their official website to see the updated information.

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