Xbox Controller Keeps Turning Off | How to Fix

Xbox Controller Keeps Turning Off
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Many Xbox users are complaining that their Xbox One controller is connecting successfully but keeps turning off, while they are using it. If you are also facing the same issue with your Xbox controller, you don’t have to worry. In this article, you will learn to fix the Xbox controller that keeps turning off.

Here I am going to tell you the six best solutions that you can try. 

How to fix Xbox controller turning itself off? 

Basically, you don’t have to try all the ways. You can choose any of the ways that you think are perfect to fix the Xbox controller issues. 

  • Try to move your controller closer to the console
  • Replace the old batteries or recharge the battery back 
  • Power cycle your Xbox console
  • Try to reconnect with the Xbox controller
  • Update the firmware of your controller
  • If your controller is connected to a PC then you can update your Xbox One controller driver. 
  • Try another controller

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Moving your controller closer to the console to solve the issue of the Xbox controller turning

Your Xbox One controller may keep disconnecting because sometimes it is out of range If you are using a wireless Xbox one controller.

You can try to place your controller near the console and you can see that your problem is resolved. Also, make sure that your controller is facing the front side of the console. Otherwise, it will not catch the range of the console. 

Replace the old batteries or recharge the battery pack

Replacing Batteries

Sometimes the battery becomes an issue if your Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting. As the battery became old, the connection started fluctuating. You can see the battery indicator on the home screen. It will help you to verify how much your battery is. 

If you are unable to replace the battery you can also recharge the battery pack.

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Power cycle your Xbox console

Easily a power cycle can restart your Xbox One console which is helpful for fixing issues on your console and your controller. 

How can you power cycle your Xbox console? 

  • You have to hold the Xbox button on the front of your Xbox One console for about 10 seconds. It will turn off your Xbox console.
  • Now you have to press the Xbox button on the console this will help you to turn on the Xbox One. 
  • After you turn on your controller you can see it fixes your connection problem. 

Try to reconnect with the Xbox controller

You can also try to reconnect the Xbox controller to your console. This will help to rebuild the connection and also get rid of the problem of Xbox controllers disconnecting again and again. 

If you are using a wired controller. then unplug the cable and plug it back again. If the same problem is coming up, then you can also try another cable or USB port to check if the problem is resolved. 

Aur If you are using a wireless controller. Then, you can follow the steps which are given below. These steps will help you to reconnect your wireless controller with the console. 

  • You have to hold down the wireless connect button on the controller until the controller button starts flashing. 
  • Hold down the wireless connect button on the controller until the Xbox button stays on. 
  • Now you can check the controller and your problem is resolved.

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Update of controller firmware

Sometimes the Xbox one controller disconnects because of an outdated version of the controller. If you are controller firmware is not up to date. Then it is totally unusual and you need another controller to operate your Xbox One console. 

How to update your controller firmware? 

To update your controller firmware. You need to follow the given steps:

  • You can connect a USB cable between the controller and the console. 
  • Now silent to Xbox live on your Xbox One console. 
  • Then press the menu button on your controller. 
  • Select the settings option on your controller. 
  • After that, you have to select devices and accessories. 
  • Select the option of problem controller. 
  • Select the update option on your Xbox One wireless controller. 
  • Click on continue. 
  • During this process, if your system tells you that ‘no updates are needed. Then your controller firmware is up to date. It is not updated and then waits for the update to complete. 
  • Now you can check your controller to get back to normal.

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Update the Xbox one controller driver

If your connected controller keeps disconnecting then, it is possible that you are using the wrong controller driver or it is not updated. So if you update the Xbox one controller driver then you can easily fix your problem. 

If you don’t have enough time to update the Xbox one controller. Then you can do it automatically with the help of Driver Easy. 

Driver Easy will automatically recognize the problem in your system and find the correct drivers for it. Driver easy is an automatic way that can easily fix the problem on your Xbox One controller. 

How can you update your drivers automatically with either the free version or the provision of driver easy? The pro version app easy driver comes with full support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The steps to update the drivers automatically are as follows:

  • Download and install Driver Easy on your system. 
  • Run the driver easy and click on the ‘scan now’ button driver will then scan your computer and detect if any problem occurs. 
  • Then you have to click update all to automatically download the update whenever the update comes up. (It only happens in the pro version of driver easy). If you are doing this or free it can be manual for you. 
  • Now restart your computer and check the changes on your system.

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Try another controller for your system

If still you are facing the same problem of disconnection and you are unable to fix the issue. Then you can use another controller for your system as your controller needs to be replaced. And again the same issue comes with your controller then your console needs to be serviced. 

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Final words

I hope now you understand how to fix the Xbox controller turning off issue. In the above article, I have mentioned the seven best ways for you to fix your issues. 

I hope you like the content. If you are having any problems related to this content, ask them in the comment section. I will try to solve your queries as soon as possible. Thank you. 

Keep shining brighter. 

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