Best 4×6 Photo Printers For Home & Office

Best 4x6 Photo Printers
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Want to know the Best 4×6 size photo printers? Read more to know more!!!!

4×6 is the normal size for your photos. For instance, those memories you capture in your phone or camera at the time you develop your picture are usually in 4×6 size.

From photo album to photo frame, the ideal size has always been 4×6.

Maybe you are someone you likes to make new memories more often. And the photographer is charging too money for a single piece.

So, what to do in such a scenario? Well, you have other alternatives you could buy your printer.

Now you might be thinking, that printers are too cost-effective. Don’t worry my Friend, the ones which I will be stated down below are cheaper yet best in quality.

Let us look at the printers which are best not only for home purchase but also for office use.

The latest, Best 4×6 Photo Printers in trend.


With more things being done on your phone, photo printing is no exception.

Nowadays, printers have become so efficient that you can now connect them wirelessly just using your mobile and print your pictures in one go.

You can print your desired snapshots while sitting anywhere no matter whether you are in the office or at home.

To share this joy we have tested and reviewed the top 4×6 photo printers that are best for you.

And we were able to curate a list of the best printers for size.

From movie connection to Bluetooth, these printers have it all. Providing you with high-quality pictures.

Spoiler Alert!!

In this article, we have covered the basic features and merits, and demerits of all printers.

So without further ado let us dive into the list of the best 4×6 size printers.

List Of Best 4×6 Photo Printers: You Might Like!!

  1. HP Tango
  2. Kodak Dock PD-450
  3. Canon Pixma iP110
  4. Epson PictureMate PM-400
  5. Canon Selphy CP1300

1. HP Tango – 4×6 Photo Printers For Home Use

HP Tango
HP Tango

HP Tango is considered as world’s first smart printer. It is not shocking for us to include HP Tango in our list of the best 4×6 size printer.

Its tremendous arrangement and sleek design make people to fell in love with it instantly.

On top of that, you can print your 4×6 size photo in your room or from the office wirelessly just using your smartphone.

HP Tango has voice commands. With the help of Google Home or maybe Siri or Alexa navigate your HP Tango with your voice.

More or less the HP tango photo printer is going to improve your productivity. 

In addition, HP Tango has inbuilt cloud-based services. For instance, google cloud print, one drive, and so on.

Now with the help of HP Tango you can now scan your documents just using your phone and with your phone you can even print out your stuffs.

All of these can be conquered with the help of the HP smart app.


  • Up to 5×7 inches of photos
  • Borderless and bordered photos
  • Supports printing from the cloud-based services
  • Get professional-quality print.
  • Easily get connected to smartphones.
  • Voice Activation
4×6’’ photo size  Big
Supports Alexa and google homeNo battery support 
Wireless connectivity Scanning only through smartphones

Should buy or not: Advice

If you are someone who would be using it for your home or office use only then be my guest and buy it.

But, If you are thinking about the purpose to buy the HP Tango and take with you on your traveling trip.

Then I would recommend no. Because it is too heavy to carry your HP Tango around.

2. Kodak Dock PD-450 – Compact and Lightweight

Kodak Dock PD-450
Kodak Dock PD-450

The second on our list of best 4×6 Photo Printers is Kodak Dock PD-450.

This printer is one of the products of Kodak.

People who are interested in photography or have a keen interest in stuff related to the same may be well aware of this printer.

The Kodak photo printer 4×6 comes with an incredible and compact design.

The photo printer can be navigated skillfully using your phone.

You can also download the Kodak Photo Printer app so that you can get many stickers, filters, and many more features.

Moreover, the Kodak printer can be operated through your Android and iOS phones.

The awesome color detailing and thermal transfer technology provide you with a great detailed picture with better quality.

Also, with USB cable connection you can now print out your pictures easily.

Kodak is the perfect paradigm for a small and easy-to-use printer. For home, office and small rental shops purpose.

Now doing your college and school projects is much handier when you have Kodak in hand.


  • Supports android and IOS
  • One-touch printing
  • Air print compatible with IOS device
  • Thermal Transfer Technology
  • Power up your smartphones
  • Compatible with maximum devices.
  • Fast charging.
Lightweight and portable Only 4×6 photo support
Can power up smartphonesNo battery support 
Awesome connectivity option The mobile app does not work properly

Should buy or not: Advice

Compared to the previous printer this one is a bit costly. Up to 4×6 size can be printed.

But, the good thing is that you can care about this with you. When you are out for outdoor activities.

If this is something that you want then you are most welcome to buy it.

3. CANON PIXMA iP110 – 4×6 Photo Printers


If we are talking about the best 4×6 Photo Printers. Then CANON PIXMA iP110 is a must in this list.

CANON PIXMA iP110 is a small and easy-to-handle printer that you can use.

The printer is portable and is a perfect fit to include in your traveling gadget.

With that, you can print documents as well as images instantly. As well as the battery option makes this printer manageable and simple to operate.

One good thing about this printer is that you can print your documents in sizes like A4, A5, and even B5.

With a weight of about less than 2kg, you would feel a pinch if you put it in your bag.


  • Lightweight
  • USB support
  • Portable battery charges in about 3 hours
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Access point mode   
  • Compatible with Operating system
Inbuilt editorComplicated setup
Battery Quite expensive
Small and awesome wireless connectivity 

Should buy or not: Advice

If you are an armature then this might be not for you. But, you know your way in terms of technical terminology in photography.

If you want really good photo quality and speed this will give you an amazing experience – Go for it.

4. Epson PictureMate PM-400 – 4×6 Photo Printers

Epson PictureMate PM-400
Epson PictureMate PM-40

Best 4×6 size printers list Epson PictureMate PM-40 is an unforgettable name.

It has a compact portable design, in which you can print pictures without halting.

At the time you purchase this printer it comes with five photo printing sheets in the box.

One thing that is noteworthy to note is that this printer is more on the bulky side when we compare it to other printers on the list.

Printing time per photo is about 36 seconds.


  • Built-in automatic photo correction
  • Fade-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Print borderless photos
  • Compact design 
  • Wireless connectivity
  • High-quality photos 
  • Portable
  • Smudge, water, and fade Proof
LCD screen panel Little bulky in size
One-touch printNo battery support 
Awesome connectivity option 

Should buy or not: Advice

If you ignore the bulkiness part overall, the function is much greater than another printer.

And the price range is quite affordable.    

5. Canon SELPHY CP1300

Canon SELPHY CP1300 4x6 photo printer.
Canon SELPHY CP1300

List of Best 4×6 Photo Printers is another Canon-based product, which is Canon SELPHY cp1300.

With small and compact-size photo printer and LED gives you a very promising experience.

Now printing with the Canon print app makes the painting more efficient.

In addition, this small Canon Selphy comes with battery option.

In a single go, you can print up to 54 photos.     


  • 3.2 inch LCD
  • Comes with an optional battery 
  • Wireless connectivity
  • USB support
  • Water-resistant 
  • Can print 2×6 photos        
LCD screen panel Only 4×6’’ photo support
Battery supportCan’t scan and copy
Awesome connectivity option 
Great printing speed

Should buy or not: Advice

If you are specifically looking for a printer that is best for pictures then this is for you.

6. Liene 4 x 6 photo printer DHP513

The last printer but not least is Liene 4 x 6 photo printer which operates with dye sublimation printing technology to print photos.

With 20 sheets that come with the printer, it makes it much easier to operate from your smartphone.

In addition to that photo quality if Liene if compared to traditional printers Liene photo printer prints photos.

You get a 4×6 size instantly with thermal dye-sublimation by which the device can deeply penetrate the photos and make some photos vibrant. 

Moreover, with wifi connectivity, the paper jamming would be very tiny as compared with other printers.

Another point is that you could even corner your printer using the USB cable.

Awesome quality of the printPer print, the cost is too high
Colour accuracy is 99.9% in Photo printLiene App is difficult to use ( Not in printing btw)

Comparisons of 4×6 Photo Printers

ProductPriceWeight (lbs)Battery4×6
HP Tango$2253.17NoYes
Kodak Dock PD-450$119.991.45NoYes
CANON PIXMA iP110$249.994.41YesYes
Epson PictureMate PM-400$240.005.99YesYes
Canon SELPHY CP1300$129.991.89YesYes
Liene 4 x 6 photo printer DHP513 $114.190.75Yes Yes
The above table is showing you the comparison of the best 5 4×6 photo printers.

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In this guide, we have explained the best 4×6 size photo printer.

More than five options have been given to you in this list. Each printer is unique in its way.

We have taken and reviewed them in detail and explained their pros and cons for you to see.

From HP to Conon we have provided detailed reviews on them.

And I hope with the help of this article you can determine the 4×6 size photo printers.

According to your need, you could go with the one which is best suitable for your need.

Now don’t limit your memories to your phone’s storage make their print picture with the help of 4×6 size photo printers.

If you still have any doubts feel free to leave your query in the comment section we will be happy to help you out.

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