Best Video Downloader Apps For Android Phone

video downloader apps for android
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Hey Techies we are back with a new blog about the best video downloader apps for Android phones. With the growing enthusiasm for social media, people are very busy with smartphones. Social media has a lot of content to stay engaged rather than bored.

One of the most popular and interesting content is video content. People have been watching this content for hours without getting bored. Young people, adults, and the elderly are too busy watching these videos.

There may be family groups in the social media messaging application Whatsapp. Have you ever noticed who is sending the most video? The answer may be your father or your uncle.

Smile, Isn’t it strange that they too love this content at this age? Some social media sites do not allow you to download these videos directly.

You can’t download videos on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. We understand this frustration. You may have used the screen recording app to save these videos. The video and audio quality are much lower and even the video looks blurry. If so, what can you do?

Now, the whole blog is dedicated to the free video download app for Android phones. After reading this post, I promise you will know how to download these videos to your local storage. Now jump to the list of video downloader apps for Android phones without wasting time.

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Best Video Downloader Apps For Android

Here I’m going to mention the best downloader app for video download in detail:

1. Snaptube – Video Downloader Apps For Android

The first application is Snaptube. Well, this is the perfect solution if you are looking for a YouTube video download app for Android phones.

One of the best video downloader apps for Android phones. Apart from downloading YouTube videos, Snaptube can download videos from almost any social media application. It comes with a nice and easy-to-use interface.

You can download videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other special media websites. All downloaded videos are automatically saved to your local storage along with properly organized files and folders.

You can easily find and download the app from the Play Store. The application is completely protected and easy to use.

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2. Android Video Downloader (AVD)

This is one of the best video downloader apps for Android phones. This application has a very simple and interactive interface. Just copy the URL of the video and paste it into the search area of ​​your app.

This app offers the possibility to download videos from almost any social media platform. Several videos are downloaded daily from this app. Feel free to try this amazing app.

3. VidMate App

Well, Widmate is a very popular application. If you were looking for a YouTube video download app for Android phones, this is your perfect solution.

In addition to downloading the video. With this application, you can share your video with millions of people. This app offers various options for categories such as movies and TV shows. Built-in music and video player.

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4. TubeMate

Tubemate is a very popular YouTube video downloader app for Android phones. The simple user interface makes it very easy to use. You have the option to download the video in the format you want.

It has a built-in search bar that you can use to search videos directly in the app. Downloaded videos are automatically saved to your local storage.

You may also download MP3 versions of YouTube videos. The only problem with this app is advertising, which keeps displaying these exciting ads.

Therefore, if you agree to these ads, this app could be your favorite YouTube video download app. And that’s why it’s included in this list of the best video downloader apps for Android phones

5. InsTube

Well, it’s one of the best YouTube video downloader apps for Android phones. Apart from these Youtube videos, you can also download videos from popular social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The interface of this app is also very simple and easy to use. The app also allows you to manage the quality of your videos to your liking. Just save the video to your local storage.

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6. Dentex YouTube Downloader 

Dentex is another youtube video downloader app for android phones. The best part of this app is that you don’t need to deal with those irritating ads. 

The application comes with a very simple and interactive interface. Simply search the videos and select the format and you are all done. It allows you to download the mp3 audio versions of any particular youtube video.

7. Videoder

Unlike other apps, some Pro versions need to be purchased to access the app’s Pro features.

This app is not available on the Play Store but can be downloaded from the official website. The app is safe and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about security.

This app is bundled with many features that make it different from other video download apps. Built-in player, night mode,

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If you just need to download those YouTube videos and don’t want to download those mass apps. In this case, is the best solution.

Simply paste the URL of the video into the search area and a popup will appear. Please select a video format. That’s all. The video will be downloaded to your local storage.     


1. Which are the best Video Downloader Apps For Android Phones?

The answer might vary from person to person but according to us, the best video downloader app for android phones is InsTube.

2. How can I download videos on my Android phone?

Well, you can download the videos from the above-given apps, but for the sake of your convenience, we will be sharing the list again. So make sure you check out the list, and if you want to know more about the given apps then read the details given above:

  • Snaptube
  • Android Video Downloader (AVD)
  • VidMate App
  • TubeMate
  • InsTube
  • Dentex YouTube Downloader
  • Videoder

3. Is there any other way to download videos on an android phone?

Well, you can use any of the above apps and if you don’t want to install the apps then you can choose to download your videos from

4. Which is the best free video downloader for android?

In my opinion, the best video downloader app for android phones is Snaptube.

5. Is there a way to download YouTube videos for free?

Well, the answer is yes there are free apps and websites that let you download the videos for free. Below is the list

  • Snaptube
  • VidMate App
  • TubeMate
  • InsTube

6. Which is the safest YouTube downloader? 

Well, all the above-given apps are pretty safe. Just keep care of downloading the app from an authorized store.

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Gone are the days when you use to install those chrome extensions. We know the struggle as most of the extensions doesn`t work that properly.

So stop wasting that much time on those useless tricks. Just use the apps we listed above and enjoy your videos. So far we think we have covered almost everything related to the video downloader app for android phones. I hope this knowledge helps you.

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