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5 Best Free Karaoke Apps For Firestick [2022]

Amazon has literally developed so much like it has changed the face of home entertainment with all its highly successful products like the Amazon fire stick for TV and many more gadgets.

You can easily get access to these gadgets. In this article, you are going to get the Best 5 Karaoke Apps for FireStick.

As it is when it comes to house parties we all think that we need great quality karaoke. Karaoke can be organized in large cafes and lounges.

But now you can also do Karaoke parties at home. You just have to download simple karaoke apps and stream them on Amazon TV Firestick. Easily you can stream your favorite things on your smart TV with the help of a smartphone.

These apps can easily be bought from the app store of fire TV Sticks. Some apps are free to use and some are free for at least a trial so let’s see what we are going to see in the further article. Be choosy and choose the best Karaoke Apps for FireStick.

Best 5 karaoke apps for Amazon Fire TV stick

There are many apps that are available on the App Store of Amazon fire TV stick but when it’s come to us we always prefer the best so there are 5 apps for you that are best let’s see

1. Red Karaoke: Sing and Record (Karaoke App)

Red Karaoke

Red karaoke is one of the best karaoke apps which are available on Amazon for TV sticks. It provides a rich user-friendly experience to the users. This will also give the option to see the display and sing the song.

By using red karaoke you can show your rich singing skills to the Global community via the Internet. Now on Red karaoke you can also get the option of recording and storing your videos.

The effects of the red karaoke app will make it impossible to distinguish between professional camera videos and red karaoke videos.

Pricing: This app is usually free to use and also it is free to try.

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2. Smule: The Social Singing Application (Karaoke App)


This is the most downloaded and the most popular free Karaoke singing application which is also available for Firestick.

in this application, you can get various options. You can either upload your own song or you can also choose from the library which is regularly updated with new songs from different genres.

This app also allows you to make fun with your friends online. It can also be used professionally and personally. you can get this app easily from the amazon fire TV stick app store.

Pricing: You can use it for free and the subscription for this application is $7.99 per month or you can also get a yearly subscription of $39.99 per year.

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3. Karaoke For Kids

Kids For Karaoke

Nowadays children are literally very active. They love activities like singing, dancing, playing, drawing, painting, etc.

Some children also love singing so their parents also want that the development of their kids should be proper

The love of singing among children is very common now so they also have karaoke to practice for themselves.

You don’t have to buy any device, you can download these apps to develop your children’s skills.

In this application, kids get hundreds of nursery rhymes, and kids’ song poems it features both instrumental and also audio track versions to sing.

Pricing: kid’s karaoke application is free to use you don’t need to pay anything.

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4. Starmaker: Bring Out The Singer In You


I personally love this application so much that I also love to sing songs on various karaoke versions so the Amazon fire stick also allows us to download the Starmaker app.

The Starmaker application is also listed as the topmost-rated karaoke application on the Fire TV stick.

This application also allows you to make do it with your family and friends or you can also sing with people online.

This application works online and also contains a built-in editor which usually modified your recording with effects. In this application, you will also get to use a library of updated new songs and it also updates on a regular basis

Pricing: it’s a free-to-use application.

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5. Midfun Karaoke: Simplistic and free Karaoke app

Midfun Karaoke

If you also love those applications which are ad-free. So this application is perfect for you because this karaoke application is literally straightforward.

It does not contain any ads and it’s really simple to use. This is completely free and also available on the Fire TV stick and also on other Android TVs.

The output quality might not be that great but as it is cost-free I don’t think you can find a better application than Midfun karaoke.

Pricing: This is also a free-to-use application.

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Wrapping up

Who doesn’t love to sing even though I am one of those who love singing? When it comes to the end of this article.

So I have already told you the best 5 or you can also say the top 5 karaoke applications which are available or can be downloaded on the amazon fire TV stick.

Each of them has at least a free trial version or commonly these apps are free and also have the feature of a large library that contains millions of songs you can choose from.

I think this article has covered enough so that you can easily understand what I am trying to say.

I hope you like the content. If you are facing any queries ask them in the comment section I will try to solve your queries as soon as possible. Thank you and have a great day.

Keep smiling and keep growing!

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