4 Best Apps Like GamePigeon You Must Play in 2022

Apps Like Game Pigeon
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Apps Like Gamepigeon | Game Pigeon has earned a lot of popularity in recent times, and rightly so. It became popular due to the simplicity of its concept. The application is for iOS, and the concept of combining games with the iMessage application is what led to its success.

But, You know that most people in the world do not have an iPhone to use the application. But that doesn’t mean that you are not able to play the game pigeon on android. There are some ways that allow you to run iMessage games on android. But still, Some people would like to find an alternate application even though they might have an iPhone.

So, today, I will go ahead and provide you with some of the best alternatives for Game Pigeon available out there.

I will specifically mention the list of all the operating systems on which it is available. Be sure to check out all of them if you are looking for Game Pigeon alternatives. They are some of the alternatives out there which I was able to find and check out. I have used each of these applications and provided this article after that.

We all need more options to try on, so as a gamer I know, I love to play Gamepigeon games with my friends. But sometimes it’s quite boring even though I know some real game pigeon hacks to make these games more entertaining.

So, I had done some research and after playing dozens of games, I bring you this list of best alternatives apps like Gamepigeon you wanna try in 2022.

Best Apps Like GamePigeon To connect with Your Friends While playing

1. Facebook

Facebook app - Gamepigeon alternative

This should not come as a surprise for anyone. Facebook is the most popular social media platform out there. It has many other social media branches under its name.

But why is it under this list? The reason is simple, Facebook has a messenger application that you can install on your mobile, and it is available for all operating systems. And that messenger has the capability to run games that are available on Facebook.

So, now you can engage in conversations with your friends on Facebook while defeating them in the game at the same time. And it is always fun when you beat your friends, and then have an opportunity to brag about it to their face.

Facebook provides you with both, and there is hardly going to be any person in today’s world who does not own a Facebook account. So, convincing anyone to install the app is not something that you would have to do. The majority of the time, it is already going to be there on their mobile phone.

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2. Plato

Plato-App like gamepigeon

This is definitely one of the most popular social game applications available in the market. This application is dedicated to multiplayer games. It allows you to connect with your friends and people all over the world in real-time.

The application works seamlessly in connecting you with random people all over the world. It allows you to interact with them too. So, you can enjoy a friendly game with them and also, make new friends at the same time.

The application also provides full privacy to its users and the conversation that takes place between people is not stored anywhere. It also provides a lot of games which you can play. It offers more than 30 multiplayer games and has been updating its library of the games frequently.

This is definitely not as popular as Facebook but if you are someone who is looking for an application and interacting with people, this is certainly an application that the person who has installed it on their mobile phones.

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Hago app

This is one of the best alternatives out there in the market for Game Pigeon. It connects with people all over the world and lets you play a game with them. This also has one of the most unique features out there.

It allows you to have a voice chat with other players. It lets you host a voice party and interact with people all over the world. The game library of this application is also very large compared to Plato. It has over 80 games available, and you can connect with people all over the world, and enjoy a game with them.

And also, you can connect with players from your local area by just enabling your location setting, and the application will connect you with people who are close to your location, and you would be able to meet new people and make friends with people who live close to you.

This feature along with the voice chat feature gives this application a huge boost, and it certainly goes a long way in making this one of the best applications out there to provide you with an alternate solution to Game Pigeon.

And in some ways, it goes even beyond Game Pigeon, and most people would prefer to use this application.

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Poko is the last good application I could find out there which works pretty well as an alternative to Game Pigeon.

This is a social gaming platform, and it has plenty of good games to offer and allows you the opportunity to interact with the people you are playing with, and also have a voice chat with them. Like the remaining applications on this list, this also allows you to connect with random people and enjoy a game with them.

You will end up making tons of new friends, and have a voice chat with them. But if you are not interested in meeting new people, well you can always invite your friends to join you on this application and enjoy a game with them, and earn yourself the bragging rights when you defeat them in any game, which we all love to do when up against a friend.

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I would recommend trying using any of the above-mentioned apps like Gamepigeon and you will get an awesome experience.

Even for people who are using Game Pigeon on your iOS, I would recommend that you try these Above mentioned applications, and there is a very high possibility that the applications might end up as your favorite new social gaming application. Do make sure to check them all out, and choose your own favorite application.

For me, it was HAGO that was the best, and it was merely due to the application feature allowing me to connect with people who are near me. It’s definitely one of the best features out there.

But then, it is possible that the other application might go ahead and enroll this feature in their application with new updates which they frequently roll out.

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