Top 5 WhatsApp Replacements for Android and iOS in 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, instant messaging apps have become an essential part of our lives. One of the most popular apps in this category is WhatsApp, which offers seamless communication with family, friends, and colleagues. However, some users may want to explore alternatives to WhatsApp for various reasons, including privacy concerns or a desire for additional features. This is where this list of the 5 best apps like WhatsApp for Android and iOS comes in handy.

WhatsApp has recently rolled out an update saying that It will be merging your data with facebook’s (Now Meta) data tracking. That is the reason WhatsApp has been in controversy till now. Generally, it announces that now Facebook will have access to more of your data than it already has.

Not many people are happy with the new WhatsApp policy. The new policy is putting thought into many minds to finding WhatsApp’s alternatives.

In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each app to help you find the perfect alternative that suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for enhanced security, better group messaging, or more customization options, there’s an app on this list that’s sure to meet your needs. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and explore the top 5 best apps like WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

Generally, WhatsApp creates an account with your phone number to which you may send and receive messages. But, you can also use WhatsApp without a phone number or a SIM card. Moreover you make money using WhatsApp by selling products.

In fact, WhatsApp is a pretty open platform while most of the WhatsApp alternatives are more private and secure messaging apps. Let’s have a look at them:

Best and Free WhatsApp Alternatives

Here are some top Apps like Whatsapp you can use as an alternative to Whatsapp:

1. Telegram messaging app

Telegram messaging app

First one on this list is Telegram, which is quite obvious. Right? This is the best alternative to WhatsApp for a couple of years now. It has been improvised a lot after its introduction.

Like WhatsApp, this open-source messaging app is quite small. With about 6M monthly active users Telegram brings up a lot of features that have been heavily inspired by WhatsApp but are completely different. 


Telegram offers several unique features such as:

  • Can create channels and groups with up to 200,000 members.
  • Interchangeable Usernames
  • Ability to share files up to 1.5 GBS
  • Passcode lock
  • Self-destructing messages
  • End-to-end encryption and much more.

Furthermore, Telegram can also be used on multiple platforms which are so convenient for communication between family members.

The same functionality can be found as well on Google Drive or Dropbox and users can upload images, videos, and documents to the service with no effort.

2. Signal

If your basic concern is privacy and security, Signal messenger is your best bet. The signal private messenger comes from the house of open source systems.

The company that actually powers the end-to-end encryption technology is WhatsApp and Facebook.

Signal - WhatsApp Alternative

The signal app offers screen security which prevents Signal previews from appearing in the app tray of your phone. It has the usual WhatsApp features like sharing text, voice messages, photos, videos, GIFs, and files for free.

Your backup calls and every other data in the app including the files that you send using signal are all encrypted.

Basic Features –

  • Free for Everyone
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Available on all major platforms
  • No ads. No trackers.
  • Crystal-clear voice and video calls anywhere

Additional Features –

  • Create and share your own sticker packs.
  • Disappearing messages – Automatic deletion on already set time

3. Wire

Wire Messenger

Now, if the signal does not suit your needs and you went out looking for some better-looking application, then check out Wire. Wire comes with a beautiful interface covered with end-to-end encryption.

You have tons of features such as group videos, video calls, self-destructing messages, the ability to delete messages from recipes and devices, link reviews, and much more. Similar to telegram you can use it on multiple devices as well.

4. Threema

Threema Messenger

Another app that provides an amazing level of encryption is Threema. Once again, it is absolutely free app.

The app encrypts all the data including messages, shared files, and even your status updates. It’s not a full-fledged WhatsApp replacement since it does not have any sort of calling facilities as of yet, but it is focused more on privacy.

What’s more, the app is it is completely open-source so rest assured your data is quite safe because nothing could go wrong.

This app is also very versatile since it can also open files through any of the above-mentioned apps.

5. Bridgefy

Bridgefy Messenger

Now, if you are more of a risk-taker and want to try something new, how about trying something different such as Bridgfy?

All the apps that are mentioned are basically using the internet but Bridgefy is an offline messaging app. It uses peer to peer-to-peer Bluetooth mesh network or Wi-Fi direct best network on your phone and allows you to send messages to nearby friends.

Bridgefy offers three main types of messaging services like 

  •  Post-to-person mode
  •  Broadcast mode
  •  The Mesh mode.

This basically allows you to communicate with people without being affected by any sort of internet censorship. As such, it is a very useful tool for anyone who spends a lot of time on the messaging app and is more protective of their data loss.

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Q: How do these apps compare to WhatsApp?

A: These apps are similar to WhatsApp in terms of messaging and communication features, but they may offer additional features like video calls, voice messages, and group chats. They also prioritize privacy and security, and some offer end-to-end encryption.

Q: Are these apps free to use?

A: Yes, all of these apps are free to download and use. However, some may offer premium features that require a subscription or in-app purchase.

Q: Can I use these apps to make international calls?

A: Yes, most of these apps allow users to make international calls and send messages to other users around the world.

Q: Which app is the most popular alternative to WhatsApp?

A: Signal and Telegram have seen a surge in popularity as alternative messaging apps to WhatsApp.

Q: Are these apps available on both Android and iOS?

A: Yes, all of these apps are available for both Android and iOS devices.

The final thoughts

In conclusion, WhatsApp has been one of the most popular messaging apps for years, but there are plenty of alternatives available on both Android and iOS. These five apps, including Signal, Telegram, Threema, Wire, and Bridgefy, offer similar functionality to WhatsApp while also providing unique features that may be appealing to users.

Whether it’s a focus on privacy, the ability to make voice or video calls, or fun stickers and emojis, there’s an app out there for everyone. Ultimately, the best messaging app for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs, so take some time to explore these options and find the one that works best for you.

Besides if you are more into an open-source messaging app where you can make unlimited groups definitely go for telegram. And apart from this, all the apps are the best  WhatsApp alternative so go and check out once I am sure you will get to the WhatsApp vibe.

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