10 Best Auto-Tune Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

Best Auto-Tune Apps for Android and iOS
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Auto Tunes play a very significant role in singing. Do you like to sing, and searching the web for finding the best auto tune apps whether they have android or iOS? Then you will end the search here.

With the advancement of technology, there are many auto tune apps that are introduced that give excellent support to the singers. Especially those people who are beginners or want to make singing their passion. Autotunes apps are the best tool to assist their singing.

In this article we discuss about the 10 best auto tune apps for android and iOS in 2021

10 Best Auto Tune Apps for Smartphone (iOS/ Android) In 2021

Here is the list of top 10 Auto Tune Apps for iOS and Android:

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1. Rapchat – Rap Music Studio with Auto Vocal Tune (For iPad and iPhone)

Rapchat is one of the great autotune apps for hip-hop artists who are at the beginning level and who like to make and have fun with it.

It includes thousands of beats in it. Moreover, the auto-vocal tune feature makes you sound like the superhit rappers. It’s a great app for creating content. It enables you to record your voice in the way you would like to record.

Also, if you don’t have your own lyrics, you can use the existing lyrics and practice to sing like your favorite rappers. Rapchat has a wonderful interface with great functionality. I hope you can like this app, so download this now and check it yourself.

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2. Voloco: Auto Tune + Harmony (For Android and iPhone)

Voloco is great and interesting music and comes with over 8 solid vocal effects preset packs. It enables you to sing over the music and a great app for singers. It consists of the features of autotune, vocoding, and harmonization.

It gives you real-time voice processing with automatic tuning, harmony, and vocoding. It offers you to select any track of your choice as it has a large music collection or Voloco’s music library.

When you sing or rap over the app this will automatically detect the track key and tune your voice to that key. Also enables the option to share your music. Thus, a great app with a lot of features.

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3. Karaoke (For Android and iPhone)

Karaoke is presented by Yokee and considered one of the best tuning apps. It offers you to sing with millions of songs combined with their music and lyrics. Karaoke is the number one app for singing at no cost.

Moreover, you can use the special audio and video effects in your creation and share them with the supportive singers’ community. This app enables you to sing from an unlimited selection of karaoke songs from various classes and themes.

This app additionally provides you to record, and karaoke will record your musical track as you sing along the lyrics. Further, you can also combine some unique voice effects like echo and reverb.

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4. Smule (For iPhone and Android)

Smule is the most significant music app for auto-tuning in 2021. This app enables you to sing songs mutually with someone who’s far away as well as with the best artists from all over the world. Smule has a feature of pitch correction for real-time singing.

The program will automatically fine-tune your song so that it appears right and smooth. If you want to have any useful features, you should go for this. As it has been used by millions of people all over the world and because of this it has become popular.

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5. AutoRap by Smule (For Android and iPhone)

AutoRap by Smule will help you to convert your speech into rap and also correct the bad rapping. This app enables you to listen to your voice which has changed into rap or lyrical masterpiece.

This app will have a function to auto-tune your freestyle by its rap mode feature. It also offers you a Rap contest feature in which you can show your rapping skills and take challenges from other rappers.

It also grants you the option to explore top rappers. Moreover, this app enables you to share your rap with your friends, relatives, and family via SMS, email, Facebook, and Twitter.

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6. StarMaker (For Android and iPhone)

Starmaker is a fast-rising app with more than 50 Million users. It is an auto-tune app that also grows up as a huge catalog for streaming songs on both Android as well as iOS devices.

For beginners, StarMaker ‘take the mic’ feature which enhances your vocal recording experience up by a notch. You can easily sing along with songs running on lyrics cards (a Karaoke style) and twitch the pitch of your vocals in real-time.

Moreover, it provides a specialized songbook based on your favorite songs or music tastes. You can call this songbook your personalized collection of songs.

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7. AutoTune Mobile (For iPhone and Android)

AutoTune Mobile is professional audio recording software for tone correcting vocals with many features. It is one of the best apps for auto-tuning.

When you open the AutoTune Mobile app and start singing, it automatically detects the notes and tweaks or pitch adjusts them according to the correct key of the song. It offers you to save your vocal cords and listen to the saved effects after you have completed singing.

Moreover, beginners will be in wonder of this app because it uses a chromatic scale to change the tonality to the desired range. AutoTune Mobile works with other Android music apps also.

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8. Tune Me (For Android and iOS)

Tune Me app will record all your tracks by its pitch sift feature. It also comes with the feature of auto pitch effects which has over500 free beats.

This app has many features including fast processing, effects in the background while recording, automatically sync your vocals with the beats, and many more.

Additionally, it has the feature of a mixer which will set the volume of your vocals and beats distinctly. This app will also give you a waveform display, and visualization of audio will keep you able to stay on track while recording.

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9. VocaLive (For iPhone)

This app provides a world-class experience to iPhone users, especially to those who are dealing with vocals, and look for auto-tune apps.

It offers a broad range of features including combining multiple effects, echo, frequency control, and reverb addition, modification of key, joining voices, chorus, and so more.

You can also follow up to 20 various types of modern and classic studio amplifiers and mix and store them for future usage. Additionally, this app has an inbuilt audio editor that enhances your recordings and furnishes them with a professional look.

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10. MicDroid (For Android)

MicDroid is a popular app for autotune recording and is specially designed for android. This auto-tune app has many inbuilt features such as recording, auto pitch correction, set your recording as a ringtone, and many more.

One of the best features is it doesn’t contain any ads. The size of this application is only 36KB which is just unbelievable, it’s a super-light app to run on all devices. So, go to the play store, download it and see how it was.

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For the love of singing, we came with the list of the top 10 best Auto-Tune apps for android and iOS in 2021. These apps will help you a lot to improve your singing. For beginners, it’s absolutely good for them to try these apps.

This app not only improves the singing, it also helps the users to know how they sing. Many of the apps also have the option to share with others as well. I hope you love this article and try this app to auto-tune your vocals.

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