10 Best Putlocker Alternatives To Stream Free Movies

Putlocker Alternatives To stream Free Movies
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Watch streaming through the best Putlocker alternatives to stream free movies and shows. Numerous streaming sites have legal issues because of copyright content. Putlocker is one of them.

That’s the reason users are searching for a streaming website that works as a Plutlocker alternative and stays away from legal trouble. So they could enjoy their free streaming of movies and shows.

So let’s not waste any more time and look for the best Putlocker alternatives to stream free movies and shows.

What is Putlocker

Putlocker is a kind of website that offers you updated links to streaming content like movies, series, and TV shows.

Although the site’s features have the best content, still it has landed into various controversies including copyright content, security, and other issues.

That’s why in 2016, the High court of the UK strongly forced it to shut down because of a legal process.

After a year, the Australian Federal Court ordered for blocking the site and the other controversial sites.

But these legal issues can’t bring Putlocker down globally. The site quickly resumed using different URLs.

Although it experiences discontinuously because it hides behind its other domains to avoid blocking.

Many similar websites have come up that provide all kinds of streaming. Even if your country doesn’t block the Putlocker site or you are enjoying it without any disturbance, things may change at any time.

So for the sake of web streaming, you should have an option to watch using Putlocker alternatives that offer the same services.

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Best Putlocker Alternatives To Stream Free Movies

Here you will get the best Putlocker alternatives to stream free movies, shows, and series with every detail about the site.

1. 123Movies


On this, you can get whatever you wish because this site has a huge catalog and lets you search for anything you desire as it is one of the largest link referral sites on the internet.

You don’t have to register yourself on this site. You can access the site by searching for countries, genres, and types of content. Since this is a free streaming site so ads are present while Streaming.

The streaming of this site is good and doesn’t take a lot of time to load. You can access the site by typing the alternative URLs 123-movies.com, 123movies-i.net, and www.123movie.date.

2. Tubi


This website runs for both computer and mobile devices fluently. The site has a wide range of high-definition quality content to watch.

Tubi is a popular streaming app, that had been around since 2014. It offers users to watch thousands of free movies and TV shows. It is known for its extended catalog.

You don’t have to register an account on this app. But this is not friendly with VPN service. You can use VPN split tunneling to stream.

Remember that Tubi TV is an American service that is limited to US users only because of licensing rights. None of you, outside the USA, can watch Tubi TV using a VPN.

3. Fmovies


You will get a lot of international content on the Fmovies site including a capacious catalog of close-captioned TV shows, dramas, and movies.

1.8 Million users are currently active on Fmovies. It is the favorite site of most users because the latest content becomes available much faster than any other site.

You can even ask the site for a movie or TV show that you want to wish and make available. There are many alternative URLs that give you direct access to the main site.

Yet, you may be irritated because of the high advertising rate. You don’t need to register your account and it works well with VPNs.

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4. Peacock TV

Peocock TV

Peacock TV has smooth, clean, and excellent designs including incredible out-searching functions that create navigation pleasure. It is now streaming and NBC’s free streaming platform.

It provides thousands of free content, live channels, and more. You won’t have to deal with all the copyright legal issues like other Pulocker alternatives have. Millions of subscribers are using Peacock TV.

It has an extended catalog and has the quality of its free plan. You can install an app on your Android, iOS, Roku, Chromecast, and other platforms. The advertisement is also low while streaming.

5. Crackle

Crackle (1)

The design of the Crackle site is good and has a vast selection of movies, dramas, and TV shows. You will also get the option here to register your account to get the additional benefit or you can watch your streaming without registering.

Almost 145K users are using this service. You will get thousands of pieces of content to watch. This is an app that you can install as well.

It is also not friendly with VPN because it is aggressive VPN blocking. But quality providers such as ExpressVPN or Surfshark will give you Crackle unblocked outside of the US.

6. Vudu

Vudu (1)

Vudu is a video-on-demand service that provides thousands of users with movies and TV shows. It has an outstanding user interface and comfortable navigation.

Although it’s not VPN friendly, quality VPNs allow you to unlock Vudu faster if you find the site blocked in your region. Almost 500K visitors are active and require a free sign-up. It shows only 3 ads while streaming.

7. SolarMovie


SolarMovie has a great search function among all the Putlocker alternatives in the whole list. It also accepts the request for content that is unavailable currently but you wish to watch.

The international concept is very interesting since it includes a lot of Asian content. You don’t have to register an account. It completely works with VPNs. You can reach this site by URLs www.solarmovie.one and www2.solarmovie.to.

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8. IMDb TV


IMDb TV provides movies, TV shows, documentaries, and IMDb original shows. Amazon runs this site from time to time. Because of its annoying ads nature, it has only 60K people monthly.

You have to need an Amazon account to run this site. Also, you need a VPN to access IMDb TV if you are outside of the USA. You can enjoy your streaming as Putlocker did.

9. Xumo


Xumo is a good option to watch streaming since it offers thousands of VOD content and an overall a hundred live channels for you to watch. But this site is not VPN compatible.

However, it is only available for USA people. But you can still watch by getting the IP address of the USA to unblock the streaming from anywhere. It supports ads that don’t prevent the streaming of movies and shows within a single click and have them played well.

10. AZMovies

AZ Movies

AZMovies has HD quality streaming so it is the go-site for some movies. The portal features various mirror links for each content. So this helps with content Accessibility properly.

If the one link doesn’t work you can try another for sure. The additional features of AZMovies have numerous rare movies in the catalog. You don’t need to register yourself.

It is completely compatible with a VPN. If you like cult classics, and fan favorites from the 70s, 80s, and 90s then this site is a good choice for you.

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Wrapping Up:

Since these, all are free sites for streaming so safety risks are common. If you use a good VPN service then you don’t have to worry about security and privacy risks.

Hopefully, you understand all the sites and their work, now you can choose the sites to watch free streaming movies, dramas, and shows.

If you are using one of the sites for watching shows and movies then please share your experiences with us. I’ll reply to you quickly with a great answer.
Thank you for reading this article.

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