How To Install Black Panther Kodi Build On Amazon firestick/fire tv?

If you are also fascinated by the attractive black panther Kodi build and want to install it? Well, you are at the right place. We will show you how to install Black Panther Kodi build on Amazon firestick/ fire TV.

But before diving deep into the process of how to install the Black Panther Kodi build we should have some information about what it is. So let’s start.

What are Kodi and Kodi build?

Kodi is a free open-source home theatre software that allows users to manage their local collection of movies, television shows, music, photos, etc. It is one of the most designed and great-looking media centers for big-screen TVs.

The best thing is that it is user-friendly which means it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS. As it is an open-source software users can use many add-ons with it.

Now you must be thinking what is the difference between Kodi build and Kodi addons? If that is the question in your mind, simply think of Kodi build as a collection of the best add-ons, repositories, and customized skin that you can install with a single tap.

Anybody can use Kodi on firestick simply by installing it and choosing from the different categories which include movies, TV shows, live TV, fitness, kids, and many more.

About: Black panther Kodi build

Black Panther is the best free app to watch movies and TV series online. It is a choice of many as a lot of content is available to watch and enjoy free of cost. This application is useful as it can be easily downloaded on a firestick or a fire TV.

Black Panther is a new addition to Kodi build which is located in the cMaN repository that contains other great builds like movie time and the cMaN build.

It comes with impressive user-interface features, solid add-ons, great categories, and much more. But it works best when integrated with Real-Debrid.

You will be able to enjoy your favorite content free of cost by locating links and downloading your content online by using the black panther Kodi build.

Note: Before you start to install Black Panther Kodi build on Amazon fire stick/fire TV, make sure to reset Kodi to default settings.

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How to install Black panther Kodi build on Amazon firestick/fire tv?

To install Black Panther Kodi build follow the step shown below:

  • Open Kodi settings on your device by launching Kodi.
install black panther kodi-1
  • Tap on the system and go to the add-ons menu on the left of the screen. Enable unknown sources if they are not enabled.
go to the add-ons
  • Tap on yes if a warning shows by.
  • Now go back to the system page and Tap on file manager.
Tap on file manager
  • Choose add sources and click on.
  • And type this URL letter by letter and hit ok.
  • Enter a name for this media source from which you can identify this source. For eg-“cman”. Now click on ok.
  • Go back to the system screen and click on add-ons.
 click on add-ons again
  • Tap on install from the zip file.
Tap on install from zip file
  • Click on “cman” or the name you assigned to the source in the previous step.
Click on "cman"
  • Now Tab on the zip file URL which is visible on the screen.
  • This will show the cMaN’s Wizard Repository add-on installed message.
  • Now click on install from the repository. And choose cMaN’s Wizard Repository.
choose cMaN Wizard
  • Now click on program add-ons. And choose cMaN Wizard.
  • Now I hit the install button and wait for the installed message to appear.
  • Hit ‘continue’ and click ‘not used’ when prompted to build man.
  • Now return to the main menu and click on addon-on. Choose program Add-ons.
  • Tap on cMaN Wizard.
  • Tap on Builds and scroll down to choose Black Panther.
choose Black Panther
  • Finally, click on fresh install and tap, yes to erase your current build.
  • After some time a message will appear to show that the installation is complete.
  • When the installation process is completed, reopen Kodi from the home menu.
  • And you will be successfully able to launch and install the black Panther Kodi build on Amazon firestick/ fire TV.

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Integration with Real-Debri

As we have already discussed earlier, the Black Panther Kodi build works better with Real-Debrid integration. And if you want it to work better follow these steps to integrate Black Panther Kodi build with Real-Debrid:

  • Open the menu and choose ‘System’.
  • Scroll down with the help of the down button on your remote and locate Resolve URL. And click on it.
  • Under the Universal resolver menu on the left choose to (Re)Authorize my account under Real-Debrid.
  • A code will be provided to you which will expire in 120 seconds, note it down.
  • Use another device and go to
  • Here you will be able to enter the code which you received earlier.
  • After entering the code correctly click on continue.
  • This will approve your Real-Debrid application.
  • You are done, now you will be able to see a message that says Real-Debrid resolver authorized.

Are Kodi builds legal to use?

Yes, Kodi builds are completely legal to install and use. But everything which is available on build may not be completely legal. If your privacy is your priority while streaming, make sure that you always enable a VPN with Kodi.

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In the end:

We hope that you have found this article useful while trying to install Black Panther Kodi build on Amazon firestick/ fire TV.

We have also discussed how to integrate the Black Panther Kodi build with Real-Debrid for better performance. Hope you have all the information you need now.

Keep reading, keep growing.

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