Get DirecTV Stream on Firestick [Updated]

Unable to Install DirecTV App on Firestick & Fire TV? Learn here to watch DirectTV on firestick, fire tv, and all other Amazon Streaming devices.

I am sure you have heard about it but if in case you didn’t know about it then no worries in this article I will share each and everything bout it. 

Amazon has a popular device called Amazon Fire TV Stick. The best thing about this device is, if you plug this device into your normal LED tv, then it may convert into a WiFi LED tv. You can watch Youtube, Listen to Music, Watch Movies, and many more things you can watch with this Fire Stick. 

Along with that, you get a voice remote as well with this stick, only you have to do it, simply hold the mic button and speak any movie name you can simply watch it by voice command. 

You buy this device or not but as I am a technical person so my duty is to tell you about all the upcoming devices. And you should have knowledge too about these kinds of devices. 

Because maybe you are not using Firestick but your relatives’ friends use this device and they don’t know the proper function of this but I am sure you will know all the functions of this device after reading this article. 

So below I will share full details in depth about this device.

Things To Be Required To Use DirecTV App on Firestick

How to connect a Fire TV stick with your LED TV. 

  • First of all, connect the power cable with a firestick and turn it on. 
  • Then you can connect your LED Tv With a firestick via HDMI Port.
  • Once you are done turn on both devices your LED TV and firestick 
  • When you install it the very first time you have to configure it, later you can use it plug and play. 
  • Choose Language then it will scan for all available internet networks.  
  • Now you can access the network on your screen, choose which is your network. 

If your device is not set up with a password then it will automatically connect with the network but in case if you are using a password in your network then it will ask for a wifi password. 

  • Simply type the right password and click Ok. 
  • Now enter your user name password then click continue.

How To Install DirecTV App on Firestick & Fire TV?

You can get DirecTv App from the Amazon App store. Simply follow the steps to download DirecTV App On Firestick. 

  • Turn on your firestick device and open it.
  • Connect with an available internet connection and click on the search option. 
  • Now, Select the DirecTV app once you click download it will automatically start downloading the app into your firestick device. 
  • Now the main thing, you don’t need to install the downloaded apps, because they will automatically install. 
  • Once the app is installed simply launch the app in login with your id password. 
  • In case You don’t have an id password then you can create from this page.

Install DirectTV App using ES File Explorer 

You may face some issues sometimes when you download the DirecTV app from the store or in fact, you are unable to download it. Here is the second option I provide with help of this you can download it. 

  • Search for ES FIle explorer. 
  • Select on ES File Explorer
  • Click get it
  • After Installation it will automatically install
  • Click open and boom you are done

Once ES file explorer is downloaded follow these simple steps to install the Directv app on firestick. 

  • From the Home screen of the ES file explorer, click on add and paste the below link there.
  • Link: https://bit.y/2XGsHoz 
  • For downloading the DirecTV app. 
  • Once you click the download option it will start downloading.
  • Now install the download app click install. 
  • Directv app will install. 
  • When it finished, I opened the DirecTV app.

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So, I hope in this article I shared how you can simply set up and Install DirecTV App on Firestick & Fire TV?

Have any questions regarding this, simply scroll down and type your question, I will try to reply as soon as possible. 

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