CashCrate Review 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

CashCrate Review - Real or Fake

If you’re looking for an alternative to a full-time job that can help you earn an extra income online, CashCrate could be a good fit for you. In this article, we will let you discover, What is CashCrate? and how it works with its pros and cons, and User review.

What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is a GPT(get paid to) site from where its users can earn an income by doing activities like taking surveys and trying out new products.

Although this replaces the alternative to a full-time job, it could still be beneficial since it could help your finances while giving you the opportunity to gain valuable experiences or free products (It can also serve as another way to make some cash).

You’re probably wondering how you can make money with this site. All you have to do is complete some simple tasks such as taking surveys, and they will reward you. Let me now go into greater detail about it.

CashCrate is a rewards site that keeps its members up to date on recent developments in the earning of rewards. They also have regular promotions where they give away cash prizes! And by doing this simple task, you can earn some good money as a side income in a month.

CashCrate - Overview

Some CashCrate members earn thousands of dollars per month by participating on a regular basis. This is only possible because CashCrate distributes 70% of its profits directly to its members.

The CashCrate platform ensures that they keep a close eye on scams and illegal ways of making money, as well as third-party collaborations. Making money through this method, they claim, is completely legal and authentic.

But we want you to be cautious and take the risk on your own. Also, make sure you only work on CashCrate’s official website.

How do CashCrate members get paid?

CashCrate members earn money by shopping online, referring friends, participating in programs, watching videos, Getting paid to play games, and participating in other free and paid offers. All they have to do is create a free account in their profile and choose one of the opportunities listed to earn some extra money.

The amount that the CashCrate member will receive depends on the choice of program or work opportunity they choose to do.

People who are part of the CashCrate membership program get rewarded financially. But you must be at least 18 years old to be a member. PrestaShop experts can offer tips and advice on this issue. And have access to the internet with proper electronic devices. That’s it after time they will have earnings and profits.

How do CashCrate members get paid?

If you are an active user of CashCrate the amount of money that you can earn can easily be a few cents or dollars each hour. But it depends on your choice what kind of work or program you choose to do and invest your time and efforts in that. According to that only you will receive your reward.

How to use CashCrate?

If you are a newcomer and want to use CashCrate here is how you can start.

1. Create your account

The first step you need to do is sign up for the CashCrate website. Make sure you sign up on the official website. CashCrate does not ask you to pay any amount to become a member it is a completely free membership.

how to create CashCrate account

All you need to do is enter your name and email id and set a password for your account. You can also choose to register using your Facebook account.

2. Complete your profile and confirm the email address

Now you simply have to fill in some of your personal information to complete your profile. And then confirm the email address after entering the basic information. When you will receive a confirmation link on your email address.

3. Answer the welcome survey and explore your account.

After you successfully confirm your email address you can start answering the welcome survey which is offered by CashCrate. After you get a little bit familiar you can start exploring your account.

4. Participate more and earn more

Earn from CashCrate

That’s it now you can do the activity which you like to put the effort in and start earning some side cash. You can part in the various contest and enjoy the cool prices you get. After this, you can take cash out of the website and enjoy it.

How to make money on CashCrate?

On CashCrate you can find different ways to make some extra cash. Some of them are free offers, Prepaid offers, surveys, shopping, referral, and watching videos. A CashCrate member can receive around 8 surveys daily.

CashCrate - Surveys

These surveys take up a small amount of your time and pay you a good amount in exchange for that. It comes usually in the range of 50 cents to 2 dollars. You can find various kind of surveys which includes:

1. Market and product surveys

These surveys help to know what customers want and need. As the CashCrates client understands what consumers want and need they can produce it.

2. Human resource and employee surveys

With the help of these services employees’ engagement and satisfaction can be recorded which is important to be noted for successful work in any organization.

3. Events and conference surveys

These services are used to express how well a certain event or a conference was held and will is received by its audience. A proper review by the audience is very essential after any kind of conference or event.

4. Customer satisfaction survey

The service is held to know how exactly a client or a customer feels about a particular service, product, or business activity. That is the ultimate motive behind conducting any kind of survey.

There is a possibility that you can find any other kind of server on this platform. But it will be your choice to participate in one or not.

Pros and cons of CashCrate

It is a free-to-join and open platform for people to earn extra money during their free hours.
It has a good number of tasks and other activities to perform from which a member can choose.


  • The site is easy to navigate as well as clutter-free.
  • It has an excellent referral program.
  • Page member in chess at a fairly low payment threshold.
  • The amount of money a member gets depends on their time and efforts.
  • A good amount of cash can be earned with both references and surveys.


  • Complaints have been received related to payment methods, account managers, and other issues.
  • The paid surveys where you have to pay before taking part can include using your credit card information which could be risky.
  • It is very hard to qualify for higher-paying surveys.

How to withdraw your earnings from CashCrate?

If you want to withdraw your earnings from the CashCrate site then you must have at least 20 Dollars to withdraw. You cannot withdraw if you are earnings are less than $20. Us residents have the option to make a direct deposit.

Other than that CashCrate makes payments at the beginning of every month and mid-month via cheques. And it is also possible to make a Paypal deposit but only after receiving the first cheque.

CashCrate customer support

CashCrate also has a good customer support service for its members. If you are a member if you’re facing any problem on the site you can reach out to customer support through a couple of channels.

If you think your problem is quite common then you can find its answer easily without reaching out to the customer support service online.

But if you are not able to resolve your problem by yourself then you can also use the customer support phone number of CashCrate which is available on the site and talk to an agent for assistance.

You can also reach the customer support service via Email and find a solution to your problem. You do not need to worry as they reply soon.

User Reviews on CashCrate

According to other people’s reviews on CashCrate, some of them say that it is a completely legit and safe platform and does not have many complaints in negative reviews. And members can delete their CashCrate by sending an email to the company anytime they want.

Some of its happy customers claim that it is a platform where you can earn fast money in your free time. But there are other uses for you who have not given good ratings to the CashCrate website. So it is true that it has both kinds of customers happy as well as this dissatisfied.

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In the end, we would say CashCrate is a good site to earn some side money but it could also be risky if you share some sensitive information. So make sure you start it and do not pay a large amount of money or share your credit card details in beginning.

All these sites can give you some side income it cannot be an alternative to a full-time job. After earning some amount of money by taking part in the various activities and services which they offered, can earn some easy money. But it depends on how much time and effort you have put in.

All these kinds of sites on the internet include some risks but also give you rewards. Keep Earing rewards while staying safe.

We hope you enjoyed this review on If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. If you have any experience with this site, please leave a comment below and let us know! We love hearing from our readers!

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